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  1. So fired up'd to watch the waskom wildcats turn that program into a district champion. Congratulations fellas you're a team nobody wants to play!
  2. I couldn't agree more. This is a football state!
  3. Waskom by however much they want
  4. Should an athletic director/Head football coach be ran off if he or she is winning football games but the other sports are failing? Just a hot topic in my household tonight.
  5. I want Ray Lewis and Suggs walking with me in any dark alley.
  6. Waskom in a very close game. The wildcat offense is good, but what's more impressive is that salty D! Say what you want but I believe the hate will be rekindled this week. Go get em Cats.
  7. Texas Atm is an overated program this just proves you cant win games by jayquaning it up baylor. Hook em
  8. Its going to be a very bumpy ride for the BCS this season
  9. Not shocked at all by the win. I would be more shocked if they would have went undefeated in the SEC again. We have no plain out GREAT team playing at the moment. And with that being said I have to say the best team in the Nation is Boise. I say this because nobody can plain out beat them around, and if you let Chris Peterson hang around long enough he tends to believe he can beat you. Bring on the hate mail about how they play nobody, ill just remind you that they have never played "anybody" and they have been doing it pretty well. Espn asked the star running back of the vikings what coach he would never wanta play against again he simply said... Anyone on that Boise staff. Quote from Star Tribune. 2008
  10. You guys have one of the best in that man. Good coach, good guy and great family.
  11. Hats off to JB. Hope to see you again in the playoffs. :notworthy:
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