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  1. Would be hard to imagine anyone who truly loves coaching football and great athletes, would want to move to West Texas to coach FB....
  2. http://aattp.org/texas-principal-bible-school-announcements/
  3. Liberty Hill in 2007 would be my guess
  4. Pullen just this week, Rowe is done for 6-10 weeks with an ankle fracture
  5. I'll take crow on this. Tatum is always more dangerous with chaston running the QB position IMO.
  6. Should be a great game! Could go either way but I'll take newton 23-21
  7. JV went 8-2 with losses to Tatum and Jefferson
  8. 2nd ever high school game experience against one of the best D-Lines in the state, cut the kid some slack lol
  9. I'll have white oaks number tomorrow.
  10. SmithPalmer I also heard the potential of Zach Rowe at QB.
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