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  1. No excuses is right. Big lead up and momentum for WC in Russia. No way Messi is retiring. Can't see a player like him hanging it up after an off night.
  2. Was a great tourney!
  3. Just hope USA shows up Saturday to play.
  4. Didn't think Mexico would win, but I def didn't see that happening. Not sure why all games were on SF1 or Sf2, but yesterdsys weren't.
  5. Agreed. I thought going into it Mexico would handle them. Very surprised of how the game went. Venz gets Argentina right?
  6. If he starts the same lineup again for the 3rd time I'll be shocked. He's always been known to change it, and I think that doesn't allow the back line or any of them to get comfortable with each other. Just glad to see Jones play like he did. Old #### need to understand that they must play like him to get oUT of group stage.
  7. Us vs Paraguay is an interesting match. Paraguay looked very flat and slow against CR. Then they come out and play Colombia like they did. I'd like to say that US will win 4-0 (they should), but I have no clue what Paraguay team will show up. So my guess is US 2-1
  8. Shout out to the blue devils for taking the 1st game from the defending Champs. Central Heights 1 West 0
  9. Was very nervous about the Sharks, but I was pleased how well the Penguins played. Can't let the Sharks back in it thought like they did in the second period. Going to be a great series!
  10. Not sure the details, but all games are in Nac.
  11. No dog in the fight. Def going for the underdogs.
  12. Central Heights vs West @ SFA 7:00 Thur, Fri and Sat
  13. 11-0 Central Heights over WO. Grayson: 3 hitter with 8ks.
  14. Group stage will be tougher than most people think. Just not sure what to expect from USMNT.
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