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  1. The RB will not, not sure about the QB.
  2. WR / DB with talent....He would have helped them. He never should have transferred for his senior year. The odds of the UIL overturning the district superintendents was very slim.
  3. Ok. Celina has a great reputation and pedigree. If you watch the stream, you will form your own opinion. I am not as young as you may think.
  4. I am not sure if you are being facetious, but your comments can be misconstrued.. Maybe it is just your writing style...if so I would change it up somewhat. This is a message board to express opinions. My opinion is that Argyle has overall better athletes than Celina and will execute their offense better. The Celina OL is not near as good as Argyle's. Even though the Argyle defense can give up some plays, it will not give up enough for Celina to win the game. The Argyle offense is too potent with the Rogers kid at QB. I could be wrong because these are HS kids playing, but I do not think
  5. After seeing Argyle in person and watching the Celina / Paris stream, Argyle will roll in this game.
  6. It is nice having that kind of size. I will add that you better have good feet and technique. That is why Argyle’s OL neutralized the PG DL line.
  7. Really surprised about this game considering Henderson is supposed to be really down this year. PG won’t see anyone in district like Argyle.
  8. Argyle has overall better athletes top to bottom. Even if Burris was healthy and played, PG is not beating this Argyle team. The big 3 are great athletes but people tend to forget that PG lost several quality athletes to graduation. This PG team will be fine and should make another deep run in the playoffs.
  9. AR only counts grades 9 through 11. They should be in the 550 range for all 4 grades which would make them 4A D2 in Texas.
  10. It is the home opener for PG. Argyle got around 400 tickets. There will be no visiting bands or drill team. There will probably be less then 1,800 for the game. PG has a grass berm that will be for overflow once the stands reach capacity.
  11. Go back and look at how they played Carthage in 2018....PG was in control of the game and burned the play / game clock during that game. Even though PG lost, it was a very successful strategy...it limited the number of "touches" for Carthage. PG's rhythm has never been like a spread team. They can change their tempo throughout the game when needed. I could be wrong but I suspect we will see that same strategy Friday night. The quick to the line will happen and the ball will snap within 2 to 3 seconds of the play clock.
  12. To limit those quick scoring capabilities, look for PG to slow the game down. I suspect the PG offense will snap the ball with around 2 to 3 seconds remaining on the play clock. PG had it down to perfection against Carthage in 2018. My concerns for PG in this game are....PG has a new QB and this will be his first big test in a game of this magnitude. He has the physical tools...it now comes down to the mental aspect of the game. PG wide receivers are talented but not having the 7 on 7 this summer to build the connection with the QB is a concern. PG secondary is new and was not tested agai
  13. I agree. They cannot have the season ending injuries this upcoming season, like last season. Argyle will be a home and home, not sure about Silsbee. That game needs to be played at a neutral site.
  14. PG Non District Nashville, AR Argyle Paris Silsbee Open Carthage
  15. PG Non District Nashville, AR Argyle Paris Silsbee Open Carthage
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