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  1. They don’t want him. Takes too many days off.
  2. That could run faster backwards than a lot of other teams starters could run forward.
  3. Negative. Saw him as a senior. He was a man among boys.
  4. Sounds like a winning combination. Is Joe Tom Schillings gonna be the AD?
  5. I think a large part of it is their inability to hire great assistant coaches. It’s hard to keep up with the big offensive changes in the conference when your OC (Jim Cheyney) appears to be stuck in 1994. That’s just one example of second rate coordinator hires. They’ve broken the bank trying to hire the “next big thing” at HC, so they don’t have the budget for a top notch staff.
  6. They just had a Shelby County native that had a ring as a HC. It appears that that guy got fed up with the politics and left. From 2011-2013 they had a very energetic Center native that connected with the kids, he won a lot of games, and he put a product on the field that was “fun to watch”, because that matters in Center. That guy got fed up and left. Maybe the problem isn’t the coaches.
  7. They had been pretty effective with the spread during that season until they lost QB Jordan Boykins. They pretty much fell apart when he went down. IMHO, they haven’t been strong enough in the trenches to win big games. They got dominated at the LOS by Timpson, Joaquin, and Beckville in 2020. Athletes don’t matter until you at least equalize things up front.
  8. Yeah between the “we are one” patch (is that the social justice movement?, the Big12 logo, the swoosh, the captain C, and the Longhorn logo, its way too busy.
  9. I heard he was seen enjoying a BIG MAC with Jeremy Pruitt.
  10. That’s exactly what this is sounding like. Whether they kept him, fired him and paid him, or did what they did, they still aren’t winning much over the next three years.
  11. The new coach, whoever he is, is gonna have to hit the transfer portal hard and heavy. Looks like some more lean years on Rocky Top: https://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/tennessee-football/mass-exodus-2-more-top-tennessee-players-enter-the-transfer-portal/?fbclid=IwAR0uPQ-7CNpFFXkataRZ6n7LFEKGc-izsclMWnnEX1uDSoUN2pkladSVIzI
  12. And here’s a nice wrap on the 2020 season:
  13. And considering what a train wreck Tennessee is right now, he might be of the mindset that his dream job would be more of a nightmare. With a potential mass exodus of the best remaining players through the transfer portal and the possibility of sanctions, be they self-imposed or ncaa, the customary 3 years might not be long enough to turn things around.
  14. I saw one article that claims to have inside information (don’t they all?) saying that Bill O’Brien will pass on the BAMA OC job to take the Tennessee HC gig.
  15. If Texas takes Pete Golding off our hands we can put Pruitt back at the DC gig.
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