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  1. Tenaha has a D1 athlete on the roster that has had a great season, but they have been able to spread the ball around without forcing JJ Patton to carry the whole load. As a result, he’s fresh and healthy headed deep into the playoffs where they may need to lean on him more. Expect to see him have bigger games this week and next.
  2. Yeah I heard Governor Abbot pulled all the game wardens off of patrolling the forests to have extra manpower to be sure no one has more than 5 guests at Thanksgiving dinner.
  3. Pretty sure there’s gonna be more than one Bear on the field Friday night. Tru storie
  4. Do you make a habit of poking sleeping bears? How did that work out for you?
  5. Sounds expensive. My neighbor hit a monster buck with a little car that looked just like I saw a softball coach and her girlfriend driving on a TV show. Caused him more trouble than a pack of coyotes at a sheepherder’s convention.
  6. I think the bulldog would fight dirty and try to run under the bear and clamp those jaws down on his nad-sack. Then the bear would swat him with a bear claw. And not the sweet pastry kind neither. You know what I mean Doomy?
  7. Nope. I’m sitting in a pine thicket with a slingshot. Can’t find no ammo for my fancy rifles. But there’s a bunch of big old bucks hitting the ground around here. If them boys ain’t having better luck than me with finding ammo, they must be doing like them Tenneehaw folks do and talking them to death.
  8. I don’t believe they did. I think they made that move prior to their game with Shelbyville.
  9. Turf field as opposed to Garrison grass, which gets kinda soft when it’s wet. Advantage goes to the speedier team. I do think Garrison is a better team than when they first met. I’m pretty sure Timpson has improved since then too.
  10. You can build up a pretty nice nest egg making $800K/ year. Let’s say next year he gets UTSA to 7-4. Who’s to say bigger jobs don’t come calling. I doubt TRS compares to what a guy can build up making 7 figures.
  11. Correct. I understand nailing down a proven winner. It makes zero sense to lock a first time head coach (Pruitt) or a guy who’s moving up from the mid-majors (Herman) these massive buyout clauses. Make them prove themselves first. South Carolina should have known Muschamp was a risky hire. What about his tenure at Florida made them think he was going to take them to glory days? They still set themselves up to look stupid by giving him a big buyout. Now they’re paying him $13 million to leave.
  12. Considering funding shortfalls that make the massive buyouts built into Gus’s and Pruitt’s contracts, I have serious doubts about either of those jobs opening up this year. But I could be wrong.
  13. FWIW, Freeze has said he’s not interested. I think Billy Napier is a top prospect for USC.
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