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  1. trueblue82

    Ore City AD/HFC

    Is the turf being done this year? We play there in week 2.
  2. trueblue82


    They giving one of them girls a tryout at punter. Doomer says the VB skills will translate.
  3. When it comes to work boots, I’m less concerned with where they’re made than I am with how they feel on my feet. I’ve been wearing the same brand for about eight years because they’re comfortable. That’s about all I’m concerned with.
  4. Epic fail. Made in Vietnam. Who woulda thunk you could be wrong this many times in one thread? Well, considering you’re always on the wrong side of history, I’m not surprised.
  5. trueblue82

    ❗ 'Hate Hoaxes' more common than Hate Crimes?

    One would be wise to treat everything that comes out of Washington as a lie until it’s proven to be the truth.
  6. trueblue82

    ❗ 'Hate Hoaxes' more common than Hate Crimes?

    Anyone who thinks that hate and racism are dead can look around anywhere and see evidence to the contrary. I’ve been saying for years that there are powerful people on both sides of the political spectrum who have a vested interest in keeping us divided along trivial lines like race. Incidents like the one perpetrated by Mr. Smollet only set us back.
  7. I wear Ariats. Screamer said tell you to put a package of frozen peas on it to help with the pain.
  8. Pretty sure any team you’re on is one I want nothing to do with. Did you get the bleeding stopped yet?
  9. Ol’ Stubby, I mean CENTEX, wants male cheerleaders.
  10. trueblue82

    ❗ 'Hate Hoaxes' more common than Hate Crimes?

    I lol’d today when I heard him say that if he was white his false story would have been given more credibility.
  11. Yeah I do pray a lot. Since you make fun of Christians, we’re only left to imagine one thing YOU do on your knees.
  12. If everyone on Smoaky.com starts calling you Stubby, I guess that means you’re Stubby!
  13. Hey, now! Ol’ Stubby, I mean Centex, might actually run for Congress from California. And knowing the idiocy of the voters in the Land of Fruits and 🥜🥜, he stands a pretty good shot at getting elected.
  14. trueblue82

    ✝️ The persecution of Christianity

    Shhhhh! You’re gonna hurt ol’ Stubby’s feelings. He/ she/ it (got to keep it gender neutral, these folks are sensitive) is convinced that socialism is the way to go. AOC is their hero!