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  1. Having seen film of Trinity vs Groveton, I’ve gotta say, if they’re a playoff team, the jump from 2A D1 to 3A D1 ain’t near what it’s cracked up to be. Or maybe this district is just weak overall, idk.
  2. Truthfully, the Alto game is meaningless in the grand scheme. Y’all could start your JV and beat West Hardin.
  3. Week 5 games: Clarksville Tigers @ Joaquin Rams James Bowie Pirates @ Timpson Bears High Island Cardinals @ West Hardin Oilers Garrison Bulldogs @ Groveton Indians Alto Yellowjackets @ San Augustine Wolves.
  4. Waskom wins going away. OC will need a year to get the slot-t working well enough to get them competitive with teams like Waskom.
  5. I would think that picking up games would be increasingly difficult as district play starts for everyone. If you happen to pick up a forfeit win in district, you just take it and use the week off to heal bumps and bruises and move on to the next one. I doubt any coach (much less one that’s gonna be contending for a district title and a deep playoff run) wants to take a chance on getting players exposed during district play. I may be wrong, but I would think most coaches would look at it that way.
  6. I’m more concerned about us getting out of this one with no injuries. We got some Bulldogs coming next week that look kinda hungry. We need to take care of business Friday night and not fall into our HOCO trap.
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