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  1. Harleton runs the wing-t. Their short passing game is very effective. I can see them moving the ball at will. Deweyville runs the slot-t. Think Joaquin without the speed or well coached linemen. Harleton wins going away.
  2. I’m easy to find. I’m the goofy looking guy wearing mossy oak camo. Well, come to think of it, that will probably be the whole home side. Visitors too. We need a new plan.
  3. I hope Alto is the visiting team. Otherwise, Rule #9 is gonna get splattered like a raw egg dropped from the Eiffel Tower. Tru storie!
  4. Just make a road trip out of it. Spend the night in Lufkin and go see the...... wait no, spend the night in Livingston and go see the.... tell you what, just bring mama and a tent and go snuggle up on the banks of Sam Rayburn. If mama ain’t a skinny gal she might be able to keep you warm.
  5. You’re totally missing the point. Nothing the UIL does is about enhancing the experience for the kids or improving the quality of the competition. It’s all about one thing: $$$$$$$$. You keep asking for a bye for the district champions and they will give you a fifth playoff team.
  6. Gotta give the edge to Groveton in this one, but Timpson will keep things interesting.
  7. I seriously doubt they’ve ever met. This game won’t be close. Harleton rolls.
  8. Ray Ray’s Food Court in Lufkin. All you can eat buffet and it’s like $7.50.
  9. I thought PP had gone back to the slot-T. If so, they should look a lot like Joaquin, although I would think they would be bigger all the way around.
  10. Maybe JT should schedule Iran, Scarbrough, and Texas School for the Deaf Blind and Stupid to get their win total up and make people like Nightstar feel better.
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