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  1. I will agree with you on the winners writing history. The American left both won and lost Vietnam. And the history of it was largely written by them. They totally lied about the reasons for getting involved in Southeast Asia. They lied about how the war was lost in Washington and not in Vietnam. They totally ignored the atrocities committed by leftists against returning American soldiers. They left out the heinous betrayal of the trust of American POWs by Jane Fonda. They painted people like her and John Kerry (who served in Vietnam) as heroes when they were actually traitors. They lied about Vietnam just like they lied about The War of Northern Aggression. Thanks for proving my point.
  2. If we’re not going to honor Americans who fought bravely in a war they didn’t win, why is there a wall with names of 50,000 soldiers who died in Vietnam in Washington D.C? Explain the difference.
  3. You do realize that you’re talking about a nation who employs a population control initiative that, in some provinces, limits families to one child, and employs forced abortions to keep it that way? Example: Jack and Jill are happily married with one child. Jill discovers she is pregnant with a second child. When the government finds out, they take Jill to a state run medical facility, where she has an abortion performed, willingly or not. So you think cooking up a virus that would reduce the population of China, as well as the rest of the world that they see as overpopulated as well, is a stretch? C’MON MAN!
  4. Correct. What about bowl games? Playoff games? Will the NCAA consider moving a semifinal or national championship game if the host city is dealing with a COVID outbreak? Will bowl season and the CFP be victims similar to March madness?
  5. ACC is very likely to follow the Big10 and PAC-12 in going conference only. The SEC, since they will, by process of elimination, be forced into a conference only schedule, is discussing adding one or two conference games to its schedule. That would put everyone playing their 6 division games, plus the two previously scheduled cross division games, as well as two more cross-division games. For example, BAMA already has their 6 SEC West games, plus hosting UGA in week 3 and the traditional Third Saturday in October at Tennessee. They could also wind up with Florida and South Carolina. That would put Florida playing BAMA and LSU.
  6. The visitors stands were replaced about 2005. EF will definitely fill it up. The sideline will be a new experience for yalls kids and coaches. We were scheduled to get turf for this year, but circumstances killed that. I will say this: the grass looks better than I’ve ever seen it from the road. We are getting new lights. Try the chicken strips and Ram Sauce from the concession stand. You’ll thank me later.
  7. I married a Louisiana girl. Gotta tell ya, the food is outstanding!
  8. You went to Nebraska in search of one of them corn-fed gals, didn’t you?
  9. When it comes to flinging at people talking down on the band, I’m like a monkey on crack!
  10. HEY! HEY! HEY! I’m a band parent! Watch it there blondie, before I have to channel my inner Shawn Michaels and kick the dye out of your roots!
  11. Hey it’s all good. Truth be known, part of the Aggies problem with irrelevance over the years is related to their inability to keep Joaquin kids in state. Tru storie!
  12. Football players all wear a face mask so they should be good.
  13. Yeah we go to Groveton and ore city the two weeks before that. Then we have West Hardin coming to visit in Week 8.
  14. I hope not. They are our hoco game this year.
  15. Well if she’s NOT re-elected, she will wind up as a lobbyist, so she will still be getting filthy rich off the taxpayers.
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