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  1. #2, Jacoby Williams is a game changer for sure. But if you don’t know who Ryan Harris is, you’re missing out. That kid is as good a football player as I’ve seen in quite some time, on both sides of the ball. Go ahead and load up to stop #2. #9 will have you asking yourself “What was I thinking?”
  2. Not so sure about that one either. Timpson band has won sweepstakes a couple of times over the past few years.
  3. Consider this the public ridicule. Frankston has been a dumpster fire for several years. My. Enterprise does well to field a team lately. Bowie hasn’t beaten anyone of note in like, ever. None of them have any business playing a state title contender in their division or the one above them.
  4. I’m curious about that game. I know Beckville had a couple of turnovers in the first half that probably kept WS in the game. Was WS running some stuff that Beckville maybe wasn’t prepared for and they adjusted at halftime? That’s kinda what it looks like to me based on them getting three first half scores and then shut out in the second half.
  5. Everyone gets a pass for one cupcake. Two gets you a look of utter disdain. Three subjects you to public ridicule.
  6. Hate to hear that. Prayers for him.
  7. I counted 20. One left in a ambulance early 1st quarter. They did play us a JV game.
  8. Well to be honest, the Shelbyville game is really the only one that isn’t an easy pick, and that’s only because none of us know beans about Trinity.
  9. Honestly I’m willing to bet Clarksville is more athletic than either of our last two opponents. I still expect us to have a big advantage in the trenches.
  10. Come on, put your money where your mouth is and show some confidence in that defense yall are hanging your hat on. Truth is, I’m pushing this bet because it guarantees that you or DB will be gone for a month.
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