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  1. You forgot the part about forcing women to turn their uteruses over to the government.
  2. I attend a very typical small East Texas Baptist Church. After Sutherland Springs we moved to create a church security team. We are very discreet, yet well organized and have developed plans for just about any scenario. I can’t promise that a shooter wouldn’t harm anyone, but he better make his first 10-12 rounds count. After the first 1-2 he’s gonna have lead flying back at him from several different directions. I’ve also noticed several East Texas school districts with signs notifying potential evil doers that members of their staff are “armed and authorized to take whatever steps necessary to protect their students.” The number of these districts using this policy continues to climb, to the extent that there are now 25-30 such schools in East Texas. I have yet to hear of an incident involving a teacher carrying a firearm, and as far as I know there haven’t been any school shootings in East Texas either.
  3. I know nothing about this woman. I haven’t read the article, and probably won’t. My stance on the 2nd Amendment isn’t going to change. My wife says I’m quite stubborn. I say she’s being unreasonable.
  4. I’m not arguing your point. My point is that by trying to “protect one group of people, you wind up infringing on another. We’ve given up enough of our rights, and we have to draw a line somewhere.
  5. Just to clear the muddy waters a little: I have NEVER fought “for the mentally ill or convicted felons to have the right to buy a gun.” All I’ve said is that background checks ARE an infringement on the 2nd Amendment, because they require law-abiding citizens to PROVE that they’re NOT a criminal or mentally ill before THEY can buy a gun. I also said that I’m not fighting to change that at this point because that battle has already been fought and lost. I’m fighting to maintain MY 2nd Amendment rights, which means not allowing ANY MORE infringement. So, your constant drumbeat that anyone (namely ME) is “fighting to give guns to felons and the mentally ill” is growing quite stale. Furthermore, we have tons of proof that background checks are ineffective. Remember, the Sutherland Springs shooter passed a background check and purchased a semi-automatic rifle, despite the fact that he had been convicted of a felony in a FEDERAL COURT. The result was basically an entire church congregation wiped out. So, the very same government that you so steadfastly believe in to protect you from these people FAILED to stop someone that THEY convicted from violating a law that THEY passed. The federal government’s negligence allowed the cold-blooded murder of 26 innocent people, yet the left wants to blame the NRA. That’s why I have no faith in government and prefer to provide my own protection for myself and my family, regardless of what laws are passed.
  6. trueblue82

    Release of the Mueller Report

    The goppers and dims both see value in this for one reason and one reason only. The dims see where they can continue pounding the idea that the ‘16 election was bogus. The goppers want to continue their “deep state” narrative, and use that as a vote getter. Neither is interested in a solution. Furthermore, I don’t think the dims in Congress really think they have anything to impeach Trump on. They just want to keep beating that drum because it’s red meat for the unhinged liberals in their party. The goppers, if they truly believe in the deep state, aren’t interested in doing anything about it because it likely includes friends and family. I also think the dims are fully aware that they lost in ‘16 because Hillary was a terrible candidate.
  7. trueblue82

    Release of the Mueller Report

    So he stole your job?
  8. #1. I consulted my wife. She concurs. #2. The Constitution needs no interpretation. It says what it says. It was written to limit the power of government, and should continue to do just that. Sadly, many politicians see it as an obstacle to their ambitions.
  9. trueblue82

    Release of the Mueller Report

    Explains where btex and Screamer are this morning.
  10. #1. Trueblue82: regarded by moderates and liberals alike as off-his-rockers crazy, ol’ Blue believes the Constitution should be interpreted as written, with nothing added or taken away. If it doesn’t fit your lifestyle, you need to get a new life. #2. Dr. Hardin West: although he bears a striking resemblance to Karl Rove, Dr. West is a Constitutionalist through and through. #3. Hagar: his Viking fetish non withstanding, he can always be counted on to take the fight to the commies on the left.
  11. I said long before he was elected that Trump was not a conservative. Anyone who thinks Romney is a conservative doesn’t understand a thing about conservatism.
  12. True conservatives don’t hire illegals. Republicans do, but a republican isn’t necessarily a conservative.
  13. trueblue82

    New Tax plan.....

    Still waiting on you to show me where the framers made exceptions to “Shall not be infringed.”
  14. trueblue82

    New Tax plan.....

    He lost my vote with his 2nd Amendment position.
  15. Links? I asked you to back up your claims. You may as well have stated that Hagar frequents back alley fights without a link to the Evadale Tribune.