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  1. trueblue82

    District 12-2A D1

    For the record, in 2018 this district finished: 1. San Augustine 2. Shelbyville 3. West Sabine 4. Groveton 5. Hull-Daisetta 6. Deweyville SA went to state semifinals where they lost to eventual state champions Mason. The other three were blown out in the first round by Tenaha, Joaquin, and Garrison, respectively. SA graduated two starters, and are the odds-on favorite to win Region 3 again. Shelbyville was very young as well. WS graduated the QB who carried the load for them.
  2. trueblue82

    Ted Cruz on KKK

    That’s all cool, but I’m more interested in the modern market. 2A 4 life!
  3. trueblue82

    Ted Cruz on KKK

    Hey, you can buy anything on the inner webs. (Googling “grape shot”)
  4. trueblue82

    Ted Cruz on KKK

    You got a link to a online cannon store? I think I know how I’m going to spend my bonus this year!
  5. trueblue82

    Ted Cruz on KKK

    C’mon man! You must be slipping. Show me proof of where Trump has ever assaulted a woman, or advocated assaulting women. And by voting for a candidate who advocated something, you supported such. So by voting for Hillary, you voted for infringing on the 2nd Amendment.
  6. trueblue82

    District 11AA D1 Football

    What kind of offense are they going to run?
  7. trueblue82

    Ted Cruz on KKK

    You just made my point. Had the colonists not had access to military grade weapons (in this case, cannons) they would have been crushed by the British in short order. Your reference to cost grossly misses the point. We constantly hear about the need for an “assault weapons ban” from politicians you support. Even though what they term an assault rifle is simply a semi-automatic that LOOKS like a military grade weapon because of it’s cosmetics, people you have admitted to voting for favor banning them.
  8. trueblue82

    Ted Cruz on KKK

    I believe that the federalist papers contain a lot of conservative principles. I believe a strong military is necessary to defend our nation against the evils of the world. Much of the world hates us because of the freedom we enjoy. Keep in mind that most nations don’t have the individual liberties we are afforded under the Constitution, which was written to limit the power of government. The fact that a strong military is necessary also makes the 2nd Amendment imperative to keeping government power in check. Restrictions on gun ownership are problematic because the bigger the difference in military and civilian weapons grows, the more helpless the people become against the government. Remember, the revolutionary war was won only because civilians (the colonists) had weapons equal to those of the military that was being used to oppress them (the British army).
  9. trueblue82

    Ted Cruz on KKK

    You are correct in saying they favored smaller government. They believed in small government because they believed in individual liberty. The bigger government gets the more personal freedom the governed lose. You can’t have big government and all the pie-in-the-sky, cradle-to-the-grave nanny state programs that come with it (universal healthcare, welfare, etc.) and keep the personal freedoms that made this country great. The time period you live in is irrelevant.
  10. trueblue82

    Ted Cruz on KKK

    Jefferson was a primary author of the Constitution. He believed in limiting the powers of government., which would get him labeled a far right extremist by liberals today. Keep in mind, he likely had significant influence on the writing of many of the amendments, including the second, which didn’t make exceptions on “the right to keep and beat arms” for any reason.
  11. trueblue82

    Ted Cruz on KKK

    You would call Thomas Jefferson a far right extremist if he were here today, so I’ll consider that label a compliment coming from you.
  12. trueblue82

    Ted Cruz on KKK

    #1. You are putting SCOTUS’s opinion ahead of the actual Constitution. I’m simply pointing out that SCOTUS is wrong in many of their decisions, and using the legalization of infanticide as an example. #2. Who is the primary target of the increased scrutiny? You can’t put the POTUS under a microscope without shining a lot of light on Washington as a whole. And turning on the lights has caused a lot of cockroaches outside of the woodwork. #3. Free markets, which give the consumer ultimate choice, will lower costs. It worked in this country for almost 200 years before the insurance companies and the government screwed it up. They didn’t think it would take this long to dupe people into accepting socialized medicine. Toot your own horn for defending the KKK all you want. I have a consistent track record of saying that the Constitution provides a clear blueprint for how this country should be run. You have half-truths and hatred for a sitting president.
  13. trueblue82

    Conference Realignment?

    So, instead of being UT’s little brother, he’s like their redheaded step brother?
  14. trueblue82

    Conference Realignment?

    Spoken like a true orangeblood.
  15. trueblue82

    Ted Cruz on KKK

    #1. In 1973, SCOTUS legalized murder of the unborn, so forgive me for not feeling their decisions are infallible. Regardless of who appointed them, SCOTUS judges have been found to be corrupt as well. #2. He may very well be corrupt, but at least he is exposing the corruption in Washington, something we would have never seen under Hillary. #3. The insurance companies have helped to eliminate the free market from healthcare. They help the government make you pay for your healthcare before you need your healthcare. You might as well just send your doctor $250/ month whether you need him or not. Free markets means reducing the influence of government and the insurance companies in the healthcare system. What’s wrong with paying your doctor when you actually use him? It works with my auto mechanic. I don’t see you defending the rights of anyone. All I see is constant criticism of one guy who is turning the political establishment on its ear. I don’t hate anyone. I tend to agree with the late civil rights leader Medgar Evers “Half the people you hate don’t know it, and the other half don’t care.” Protest all you want. Just take a piece of friendly advice: avoid those idiots that stage their protests in the middle of highways when they come to Texas. Spoiled oilfield wives driving their husbands’ big jacked up trucks will not even notice when they run over you on their way to the nail salon. As far as your last point, I follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, meaning I don’t care for religion. It gets in the way of a personal relationship with Him. If you want to discuss this point further, move to the “religious forum” and I’ll go in depth on it.