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  1. Lol you said “presidential BALLS” while describing Hillary.
  2. One thing is for certain: the democrats are going to continue ratcheting up their attacks on President Trump. It’s all they’ve got. Their candidate can’t run on his record, because he doesn’t have any accomplishments on it. He will literally have to end his campaign ads with: “I’m Joe Biden, I was in the Senate for 600 years and accomplished nothing. I rode President Obama’s coattails for 8 years and helped him accomplish nothing. I approve this message.”
  3. Are gun stores being allowed to stay open? I figure when I get the corona checks for me, the wife and kids, I’m gonna go buy me a new AR-15.
  4. Barry, you are correct. Obama was dragged through the mud daily on right wing websites, much like Trump is vilified now on left wing sites. However, I don’t believe Obama was ever dragged through a partisan, cockamamie, made up impeachment manufactured from false evidence. That is the difference.
  5. That’s a load of . I rarely, if ever, fling . And if I ever do fling , it will be fantastic . And it will be flung in the most beautiful way has ever been flung.
  6. Democrats are kinda like chimpanzees. They get mad when they don’t get their way so they just start flinging everywhere. Although I have to say, chimps are probably a lot smarter than your average democrat. Tru storie
  7. I hope you’re right. I think it will, but if i had said at the beginning of the month that we’d be canceling the state basketball tournament as well as all spring sports, not to mention the rest of the school year, I would’ve been laughed off of SDC.
  8. As far as high school goes, I’m hoping football practice starts in August as usual. That’s the earliest I see high school athletics returning.
  9. IMHO, thongs fall in the same category as yoga pants and tube tops. They should only be sold in certain sizes, and there should be an application process before you can purchase one.
  10. CarthDawg never argues about thongs. Mrs. CarthDawg tells him what to wear, and he does as he’s told!
  11. You gonna be doing a lot of scratching. Just sayin
  12. Most late night tv has been garbage since Leno retired.
  13. Explains why Mavgrad and AKA have been MIA.
  14. Hard to see one being better than Rusk getting Sitton.
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