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  1. Yeah that double wing offense was a nightmare to stop once they got some momentum going. It beat some really good teams.
  2. For Joaquin, there are 4 that stand out, so I’ll do them chronologically. The ‘05 team was probably the most complete of the Gandy era. They had the bad draw of getting Big Sandy in the first round due to BS finishing 2nd in their district after forfeiting a win over Maud. The ‘07 team was good, but I didn’t think they had all the tools of the ‘05 team. We got a much more favorable playoff draw that year due to the added division in Class A. We ran into Alto in regional finals, and no one in Class A was beating Alto that year. The ‘09 team got the closest, and they were really, really good, especially on defense. We also benefited from a favorable draw, not facing a team that finished higher than third in their district until we met Goldthwaite in semifinals. Hearing the words “Ennis, Texas” still makes me feel cold. That brings us to the ‘19 team. I think this team was probably better than the other three, and definitely the best of the Lawson era. I’m not saying any of these teams SHOULD have won state. In ‘07 and ‘09 we were dominated by the eventual state champions, and in ‘05 by a runner-up. Here in 2020, a team from our region hasn’t made it to the finals in 9 years, so I won’t try to debate that one either. I do like the direction our program is headed.
  3. Agreed. It’s hard to say Nac/ Lufkin or Marshall/ Longview are good rivalries when they are so lopsided. Although I think Nac has a long way to go before they’re going to be competitive with Marshall on a regular basis. If like to see the new coaching staff get them turned around.
  4. BAMA is going to look very similar to the 2012 or 2015 version, with probably a better passing game. I don’t know if Najee Harris will get enough carries to put up Derrick Henry stats, because he will be sharing carries with at least two other backs, and BAMA will throw more than they did when Henry won in ‘15. But Henry didn’t get any Heisman love in the ‘15 preseason.
  5. Maryland HC Mike Locksley was OC at BAMA in ‘18 when Tua was lighting it up. He was one of Taulia’s main recruiters. I’m guessing they had a good relationship. Nick also has a reputation of giving advice to players that ask him on where they should transfer too. I have no idea if that’s the case here. He did tell Jalen Hurts that OU was probably the best fit for him because they had the best players for him to work with, as opposed to others he was considering.
  6. Only if he wants his stud RB to turn into a tackle.
  7. So my question is this: let’s say one of the PAC-12 teams finishes 11-0 and the committee has them at #4 after the CCGs. That means they get an invite to a semi-final playoff, perhaps somewhere like Atlanta, DFW, or Miami. That puts them in quite a pickle, no? Do they stick to their COVID guns and decline to play? Or do they wink at their own rules and send their student-athletes into one of those dangerous cities? What to do, what to do?
  8. I didn’t say it would be a good game, just passing along what was reported. I would like to see BAMA actually challenged in one of these openers. Games being scheduled 4-5 years out makes it hard to get good games. USC appeared to be on the upswing when this year’s game was scheduled. Missing spring practice throws a kink in things, but based on what we have coming back, I can see 2020 BAMA looking a lot like the ‘11-12 teams. More ball-control offense with a strong run game and play action pass, and a really stout defense.
  9. PAC-12 is looking at an11-game conference schedule with no OOC games. That puts the September 5th BAMA/ USC and TCU/ Cal games in doubt. Very possible we could see BAMA play TCU at Jerryworld in a season opener.
  10. Now that Garrison looks to be 2A for the foreseeable future, it does Center no good to play any of their.neighbors. They could beat Garrison, Timpson, Tenaha, Joaquin, Shelbyville or SA by 40. So what? You beat a school with less than 1/3 of your enrollment. What happens in a year that one of those teams is loaded and they pull the upset? Center’s coaching staff would be tarred and feathered on the courthouse square. It’s literally a nothing to gain, everything to lose scenario.
  11. The way the Logansport coach explained it to me, it hurts the 1A schools the most. The difference in realignment years is the biggest hurdle.
  12. 1) How close do you follow the rest of the playoffs if your team loses? I usually keep up with 2A and 3A. 2) What would you consider a deep playoff run? At least 3rd round. 3) If a team beats you in the 1st or 2nd round but wins state, does that lessen the heartache of the early loss? Yes 4) Who is your team and what are your programs expectations going into each year? ex: (make the playoffs) (win a playoff game or two) (play Thanksgiving) (win region) (state or bust) Joaquin Rams. After two years of playing on Thanksgiving weekend, I think people would be disappointed if we didn’t get there again. But the goal is much higher. 5) Is there anything you would like to do to the playoff format? ex: (reduce teams) (not allow anyone to play where the state game is played) (no one gets home field) I’d like to see the 1 and 2 seeds get to host the first round games. 6) What is your programs longest consecutive playoff streak? 8 years (‘02-‘09). 7) What is your programs overall playoff record? 12-16-1 Do you just follow your classification in the playoffs or do you pay attention to other classes? I’ll keep up with 4A as long as Carthage 9) Which stadium during the playoffs seems lucky to your program? After knocking off Alto at Abe Martin last year, I gotta say I like it pretty good. 10) Do you watch playoff games at your home field between other teams? We don’t host. (Yet)
  13. We stopped playing games against them after ‘03. I’m not real clear on the reasons why. I know both current coaches well, and they would love to resume the series, but there are several things across the state line that make it difficult. To start with, their new realignment starts in odd years, ours in even. So one team would either have to settle for a nine game season or find someone willing to play only once. Also, Louisiana playoff seeding is based on power points, and they get no points for playing out of state teams. With them being 1A, it would be extremely difficult to make up for a week where they get no points. They could beat a Texas state champion by 50 and it would cost them 2-3 playoff seeds, which would mean the difference in hosting 4 playoff games or having to travel. So I guess we’ll stick to the current scrimmage format for now.
  14. Joaquin vs Logansport, LA. We’ve scrimmaged them the last several years, but a game would be much better. Not playing Tenaha for two years is gonna be lame. Shelbyville vs Tenaha deserves another look. Timpson vs Shelbyville will happen this year for the first time in years. Because Center has almost 4x the enrollment of any of the other four Shelby county schools, they don’t have a natural rival. SA is the same size as those, and for some reason, Center has never developed a rivalry with Nacogdoches. I think they’ve beaten Carthage once in the past 20 years.
  15. Stoney is this some of your family?
  16. The democrat argument in favor of voting by mail might carry more weight if it weren’t coming from the same people who refuse to allow remote voting by congress.
  17. One problem with your little fantasy there Barry. We’re not gonna let all the illegal aliens from Mexico and California vote.
  18. For some reason, the headline on this thread had me thinking I was gonna read about a bunch of good old boys rushing the capital and dragging politicians out to be tarred and feathered. Good job on the click bait Barry. Have you ever considered the possibility of a job with foxnews?
  19. I’ll even volunteer to go to D.C., PPE up, and spend a day shoving a 4’ Q-tip up their noses. And in the interest of saving money, we can just use one Q-tip for all of them.
  20. Let me throw in a BAMA fan’s 2 cents: the loss to the Aggies HELPED BAMA win the national championship. Follow me here. The week prior to the loss to A&M, BAMA was outplayed at LSU in the second half in a game that Les Miles and Barney Chavous served up on a silver platter. We pulled a rabbit out of our butt and won a game we should have lost. A week later, A&M came to Bryant-Denny and outplayed us as well, only they finished the job. If Desheazor Everett doesn’t make the interception that killed a potential scoring drive in the final minutes and we win that one, I don’t think there’s any way we beat Georgia in the SEC Championship Game. That would have sent UGA to maul the Irish instead of BAMA. The loss to A&M proved to our players that they could be beat if they didn’t give 100% effort. I said after we donkey stomped the Irish into the swamp in Miami that we owed the Aggies big time. I stand by that.
  21. I’ll have to take your word for it, but that sounds accurate to me. I hate it. 2 senior classes from each school will miss out on the rivalry their last two years.
  22. I remember that now. I saw Abram play high school ball. Kid caught everything thrown at him. I can’t remember the QB’s name but he wound up going to North Carolina. ILB went to A&M. Those Evangel teams were loaded.
  23. Article says this is John David Booty’s nephew. I wonder if he is Josh or Abram’s son? Josh playedQB at LSU and made a run at Major League Baseball. Abram was a stud WR at LSU. Both were great athletes.
  24. Joaquin had two freshmen start last year. One started 11 games at corner, and the only ones he missed were due to a broken wrist. He also started one game at QB before the injury. Another started 13 games at safety, and 10 games at TE. He will likely be the starting halfback this year, and the other kid will start somewhere in the backfield as well. Our ‘20 senior class is very small, so the incoming freshman class may have some kids getting a chance to make an impact.
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