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  1. Is it safe to come out of my safe room? Did trump survive the inauguration? Has the world's end begun?
  2. Ain't a damn thing free but the regular tv baby. Somebody's getting paid. So who's getting paid? Every time another little girl or woman gets raped in Okinawa, I wonder if to them it seems mutual...but I guess their ARE other ways of raping.
  3. Where I used to work, you could report any unsafe act that you saw without repercussion. Whistle blowers are honorable people imho, they tend to save lives. If you ain't got you're FR'S on go home.
  4. I still can't believe so many countries allow us to have huge bases inside their borders.
  5. Can't remember the name of the place but it's been on tv a few times. Place in Colorado called Beejou's or something similar. They featured a deep dish pizza that was extremely hardy. Kinda perfect crunch on outer part of the crust but it was so thick that it was soft, especially at the bottom. Also there's a layer of cheese a half inch thick above the crust that gets caramelized into the crispy part of the crust at the top. One slice was really all you need but you'll eat another slice just to get to that crust again. So the second time you eat the crust it's cooled down a bit and it's
  6. Chins is the model country according to the Un a few years ago gave em an award.
  7. They have a Johnny's in longview now. I have a Johnny's in Shreveport that is the only one I eat at.
  8. Page pub in longview is best pizza in longview.
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