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  1. i would say it isnt nearly as important as a superbowl win and thats what there chasing...trying to stay healthy for the playoffs i would imagine is the most important thing IMO
  2. Me and my Dad are looking for a deer lease in the Shelby County area...would appreciate any feedback on any good leases in the area...needs to have a fair price for 2 people...in other words no $1000 a person leases lol looking around prolly $250 to $400 a person
  3. Not really defending favre in any way with the coach dispute but, what does it say about a coach that allows his players to override his decisions??? I will defend him on the retire or not retire subject...the man is an awesome quarterback who happens to be really old for a nfl player and i believe he thought everyone wanted him to quit and he didnt want to...when he came back the first time he realized he made a mistake in retiring the year before...and when he came back he wanted to play for the packers and they told him no...discouraged after another injury he wanted to retire again due to not being on a playoff calibur( let alone superbowl calibur team )in the jets...when he got his chance to come back and play for the vikings( which were and are very capable of making the superbowl )he took it...can you really blame him for wanting one more ring? lol I'm not saying he has handled all these situations the correct way but these are difficult situations to cope with and decide on...
  4. i completely agree...i cant remember if i stated that i changed my opinion on the subject on this particular thread but i have on another( im much too lazy to actually look back on this thread and check lol ) I 100% agree with benching him but not cutting him...i still think it was too early to cut him...i think they should have let his hip heal and see what happened but its to late now i guess...i disagree with signing suisham completely too...i hope im wrong but i think we got rid a poor kicker and got a new just as poor kicker...a new kicker is good...jus not suisham
  5. i agree completely and would like to add that they need to play lights out all game long...i as well as everyone else who watched the game saw them almost lose the game in the 4th quarter...i know the saints are a great team but if the cowboys wouldnt have slowed down a little bit i believe that dallas would have held the saints completely in check until the final tick of the clock
  6. yup and he can practise kicking rocks with his tail between his legs on the way home lol
  7. How bout them DALLAS COWBOYS!!!! minus nick folk aka jose cortez jr......i defended folk in a earlier thread but now i have to change sides...hes gotta go...that could have cost us the game and is absolutely unexceptable
  8. yea i know you never said that...what i wuz tryin to say is i figured i would be arguing with the person who said that and not you lol thats wt i meant when i said that this arguement is ridiculous...
  9. you are correct they were sloppy bt thats not what im meaning to say bout kimbo in this fight...he went from avoiding the ground at all cost to taking his opponent to the ground and attempting (albeit sloppy) to gain a win by submission...to you this may be no improvement but i did see improvement in his ground game compared to the non existant one that he had...once again im not sayn kimbo has a superb ground game (i cannot recall even saying he had a good ground game at all), infact it needs a LOT of work lol but it is an improvement and thats all im trying to say and btw yes i do know slamming someone is not ground game but it is in fact one way of initiating the ground game (Hence mentioning those occasions in which kimbo slammed houston in my previous posts)... Considering this all started as my reply to someone else who said kimbo has no ground game and houston would take kimbo to the ground and submit him (which obviously wasnt the case), this argument is ridiculous...and im tired of arguing my point lol i have my opinion on kimbos improvement and i will stick by it and you have yours and im sure youll stick by it...i say its left at that...deal???
  10. allow me to correct myself from what i said in my last post...i saw kimbo slam him twice as well as numerous takedowns...and on one occasion executed textbook ground and pound that lead to a rear naked choke(that was however unsuccessfull)
  11. im not defending his slump i just think its too early to can him...maybe sit him a while and see what happens or sumthin...i just think its a little early to be thinking like this myself
  12. Close but only permissable if you watched the real rudy being carried off the field after the real game lol
  13. haters lol...theres no excuses to be made for this one so keepem coming fellas
  14. hahaha dude thats hilarious...keep em cumn man lol :rofl:
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