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  1. No problem. Guess we will just have to wait and see how things go. I am done with this, good luck in everything you believe, I hope you are correct.
  2. JV coming from you that is commical.
  3. This is not about 5-0. He just is the one on here that defends wrong so much. I am sick because I believe the abuse of people is wrong? Good one. Yes, get the site you want, no one disagrees with you, that's it, good posititon. I sure hope you my friend do not get what you deserve.
  4. Then stop reading. Psychic now are you? Ha. What a joke. You have no idea what my opinion is based on. Just because it is not your does not mean you have any basis either. Small majority? How many a day do you need put up before you realize it is not a majority.
  5. You are probably correct on your first statement. Does not change anything. Could be said about anything. Justification is not worth anything. We are not talking about teachers that have sex with their students, not even similar or close to what we are talking about. Try again. I don't figure it is the screening process. I believe it is more than likely the mentality that causes them to go over to the dark side. LE promotes an abusive mentality. They abuse the constitution and that is always going to bleed over to the individual. It is not the people involved it is the bigger mentalit
  6. I would be a bigot, a prostitute, a druggie, or dead in the street before I would degrade myself as you have 50 by being a cop. Now it is not individuals, it is cop mentality. You bullies defend the practice, you cover it up, and you promote by doing those things. Only recently as more and more cameras are out there is it coming out just how pathetic and abusive the "brethern" is. If it were not for cameras y'all would still be denying it. It is a mentality because the cops are constantly making up reasons stop people. To abuse them. You fabricate made up traffic violations to harrass
  7. The text right after you post one that is not purely moronic? I am waiting for you to break your maiden! ha
  8. Now we are talking. Of course you don't condone brutal force. Do you however really believe that there are a very few who are doing these things? It is not about a few officers, it is about a mentality. These few bad officers are simply ones caught up in the system which promotes abusing people. This is not about any one person, it is about a mentality. Why do you think it presists so much in LEO? Make the connection.
  9. Because it came from some fountain of incorrect information called ScreamingEagle. Who at time of posting had 1241 incorrect posts previous. Some things are known. Sun rises in East. Sits in West. ScreamingEagle blubbering nonsense. :P Even God made reference to you I believe. Check out Psalms 14, first three words..... :lol:
  10. Well since they are pointless to you, I figure you do not have one, and if not you probably did not go through a background check. You should go through a background check just for kicks and giggles, but, you might realize that the background checks do very little or nothing to prevent anyone from getting a gun. Background checks are just a silly political ploy used by politicans. But "to each his/her own."
  11. Again, if you can't seriously contribute move along to the food section or something. Kiddie troll, that is best you could do. `Wow, that was a good one. You got me. Ha. Geez! :P
  12. Again you miss the point. Move along to the kiddie park!
  13. 5-0 This is really beneath you. You know good and well you have no basis for such a statement. I guess that blue blood is thicker than imagined.
  14. You do as you wish Mr. 4 to 3. I will do the same. My profession, my race, my gender, my age, or my religion have nothing to do with this. You must/may be another of the plagued LEO, since you only want to divert attention from the abuse of LEO and focus on the messenger. What a pathetic existence!
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