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  1. VonG

    Most overrated programs

    JT didn't make deep playoff runs?
  2. VonG

    John Tyler Spring Game 2019

    Well he hasn't played qb since his freshman year.
  3. VonG

    John Tyler Spring Game 2019

    How did Isiah Johnson look at qb? He was supposed to be the next big qb coming out of Dogan.
  4. VonG

    Chapel Hill Program

  5. https://www.cbs19.tv/mobile/article/sports/jacksonville-tomato-bowl-renovations-near-completion/501-15c93011-3e40-4b2b-80a4-35ab8c4c7803
  6. https://tylerpaper.com/news/local/jacksonville-isd-nears-completion-of-tomato-bowl-renovations-enters-sponsorship/article_50b23332-2e47-11e9-8166-63649385df79.html Jacksonville will have one the nicest stadiums in East Tx when it's completed.
  7. VonG

    Week 1 OTP John Tyler 🆚 Tomball

  8. VonG

    Week 10 John Tyler @ Mesquite Poteet

    https://mobile.twitter.com/RicklanHolmes/status/1057074952900358145/photo/1 JT new helmet.
  9. VonG

    Jax vs Hallsville

    But don't you think it should be more considering the school is mostly Hispanic.
  10. VonG

    Jax vs Hallsville

    That's still not a lot considering JT's population is majority Hispanic.
  11. VonG

    Jax vs Hallsville

    JT don't have that many Hispanics in football. 100% of the time the one's who do play are the kicker, punter, and a couple who play on the o line. The only reason JT is not like Mt. Pleasant or Jacksonville is because they still have tier 1 talent. If it wasn't for that, they'll be just like the rest of the schools who are going through the same thing.
  12. VonG

    Week 10 John Tyler @ Mesquite Poteet

    We know. JT is still one of the top programs out of East Tx as well as the state. Over 700 wins total.
  13. VonG

    Week 10 John Tyler @ Mesquite Poteet

    Lol. They are one of the best. They are 2nd behind Longview for most wins all time.
  14. VonG

    Week 9 John Tyler 🆚 McKinney North

    JT is a school known for having talent. I don't want to hear no excuses. It has always been next man up or am I'm tripping?