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  1. How do you go from head coach, to ad, now to oc?
  2. I'm starting to get a feeling on why the former JT assistants left.
  3. Lee is getting all new coaches also. This something I can't ever recall Tisd doing. I guess they realized they wouldn't get any good applicants if they couldn't bring in their own staff.
  4. Do you know what JT and Lee coaches are making? If King is still at $133,000, like I said Lee and JT is 2nd and 3rd. Considering they don't have the ad tag makes it even more impressive.
  5. That was my whole point. I think they have a good chance at beating Lufkin. What Lee has coming back it's a toss up to me.
  6. Yep. I know not longview and Allen. Common sense.
  7. Yeah. The thing about other coaches in the area, is that they are ad's. Tyler coaches are not.
  8. Exactly. That would put them at #2 and #3 as highest paid coaches in East Texas.
  9. Just found out Lee and JT head football coaches got a great raise. I can't even believe that Tisd is paying what they are paying these coaches.
  10. I take that back. I forgot about Henderson Lions Stadium. I'll replace them with Lindale.
  11. I mentioned Lindale because it's nice. I also said Lindale and Rose Stadium rounds out my top 5. How many stadiums you know have a great visitor side in East Texas?
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