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  1. JT has 3 players on the 100 list. I don't believe any other school in Texas can say that. Alot of talent has walked the halls of JT.
  2. Westlake has 10 seniors starting on defense.
  3. I checked the TEA website and it said 1859.
  4. Their page said 1300+ students. That's why I asked. I didn't know they have grown that much.
  5. Aledo is moving to 5a d1 next realignment with 1300+ kids. Is the uil about to drop the numbers for each class. Is Aldeo about to gain 600 students.
  6. It was funny to me. Whether they would or not is a different conversation. I got to thinking about something. Every team Carthage played this year they had the better athletes. Every team Aledo played they didn't always have the best players. It's not hard to have a great defense against less competition. That's why Aledo defense wasn't so great compared to Carthage. Aldeo actually played some teams with athletes just as good as their's.
  7. I believe Aledo would beat Carthage. I just don't see it being a blowout. I wouldn't be shocked if Carthage did beat Aledo this year. Their defense was that great this year.
  8. You didn't name a score. You just said smoke. They probably could smoke them. I just don't see it that way against this year's Carthage team.
  9. It's foolish to some but even year someone is betting money. No different than the stock market. You win some you lose some.
  10. I don't know about them smoking Carthage this year. Could Aldeo win? Of course, but smoking them. Nope. I don't see it.
  11. How is that ignorant and foolish when people say that every day about teams playing each other. My team can beat your team. No, my team will beat your team. That's a normal conversation.
  12. Do you think Carthage can play Cedar Hill and stay within 10 points of them? I don't. Aledo did that with only 6 returning starters from last year team.
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