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  1. No they didn't. It was scheduled but got canceled due to Allen having covid problems.
  2. Bryson is having hisself a game.
  3. Sears can take the pressure off of Bryson and Miller. Until the coaches recognize you need a playmaker at qb Legacy will continue to be mediocre.
  4. If Legacy had a qb, they could possibly do something. You should not be up on the turnover margin and be losing.
  5. Until Legacy gets an qb and some recievers that can make plays. They will continue to struggle playing the good teams. Allen will do the same thing next week. Your running backs can't do everything.
  6. Let's go Lindale. I like Van also. Van seems to have had Lindale number lately. I know Lindale won last year.
  7. Tyler should win but you never know. I know Legacy bought out the best of Tyler yesterday. Hopefully they can continue with that offensive fire power.
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