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  1. Don't know because I don't know where all the kids live.
  2. Understandable. For a school with as much pride as JT and having over 2000 students. JT should not have a problem of having at least 150 kids in the program. That's not asking for a lot. If kids are quitting for mistreatment that's one thing. If kids are quitting because he is pushing them to be better. Then that is a major problem. How are you going to make it in the real world when things are definitely not going to go your way. Longview still has a larger black population then JT. They also have a larger white population that enjoys playing football. JT doesn't have that luxury. I
  3. Just breaking down JTs demographics. It's hard to fill a successful team year in and year out. You have less than 100 whites, about 700 blacks, and 1300+ hispanics. Half of the blacks are girls. Which gives you 350 boys. You start breaking the boys down into different sports and I see why he has to add freshman to the jv and varsity. You got band, basketball, cross country, baseball, track, rotc, and some kids who don't participate in anything and you see why the numbers are so low. He has less than 130 kids in his program give or take. It would be hard for any coach to succeed in 5a d1. He h
  4. It could actually backfire against JT. You'll get someone like Ratliff again. There is no guarantee you'll get a good coach. It might look good on a resume but it could be another bad hire. This could set JT back another 5 years.
  5. Are you saying it's time for change at the helm?
  6. I'm not saying Jeremy was the best qb for JT. I'm saying he is the face of the new cujo era. He was the one who put JT back on the map. The only thing Morris had on either qb is a state championship. His stats don't compare to either. Greg just had more passing yards because he had a better receiving core. It depends on how you look at it. But all things considered I'm going with Toka.
  7. That's the same way Cadillac was playing his Jr. year and the beginning of his Sr. season. He'll have 50 yards of open space to run the ball and still trying to throw the football. That's why I was so confused. You have who I consider the face of the new cujo era Jeremy Johnson on the coaching staff. He didn't ever tell him to take off or show him video tape of when he played. Watching Toka videos should of had any future qb for JT ready. His highlights tape showed you how to win whatever division you are in player of the year. When Cadillac realized he could be a playmaker, to me that's when
  8. Pinkard threw for 265 yards against Lee.
  9. JTFAN99 I can hear it now. What we talked about the other day might come to fruition.
  10. COULD THIS BE THE YEAR JT GO 0-10? Just can't seem to get out there own way.
  11. It's funny seeing you type T-High. When I see that, the only thing that comes to mind is Texas High.
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