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  1. You started way back when they started off as a private school. Why you don't rep them if you had an affiliation with them? Lol.
  2. Cumberland is not a private school. It's a charter school.
  3. I do too. I wouldn't be surprised if Legacy had at least 2500 students next realignment.
  4. They still lost. So basically what you are saying is, Longview is only good when they have a couple of football players on the basketball team. Without them they are a sub par team. Gotcha.
  5. It has alot of effect on both high school numbers.
  6. Legacy beat Longview. So I know they are better than them.
  7. I don't see very many coaches wanting this job if that is the pay. You have to teach a couple of classes also. Thanks but no thanks.
  8. It's going up in East Texas. Houses in South Tyler were $150 a square foot last year are now $170+. It's definitely getting harder for the middle class to find affordable housing.
  9. Exactly. You understand where I'm coming from. Not every town.
  10. I agree with 90% of what you said. They won't at any town in Texas.
  11. Damn. A 10.15 can win state right now. You can damn near make the Olympic team right now with that speed. That's unheard of for a sophomore. I hope that's not a typo on your end. That's really impressive. With that time, he would rank 568 in the world right now.
  12. I just read where coaches from IMG and Bishop Gorman put their name in the hat.
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