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  1. It is. I was just saying that it does not make him the best just because he has offers. Good thing about the kid is that he does have the skill set that coexist with his size.
  2. Sad to hear. I remember watching him play against JT in 2010 at Rose Stadium.
  3. I'm confused. I read where Lee is going to have 8 tennis courts when it's finished. I wonder how many JT will have when it's all said and done.
  4. That is amazing but I don't even think he was the best freshman. You know as well as I know it's not always about the skill set but the size is what matters.
  5. If Tisd needs to have another bond called for what ever reason. I'm quite sure it will pass. Tisd has always been upfront about what they do with the money. Same with the city of Tyler.
  6. I not saying that's what they're doing but they have always saved money when it came to rebuilding all these schools.
  7. Hogg nor Caldwell will ever be replaced. Those are historical buildings.
  8. I rather it be that, than you don't ask for enough. Then you end up having to pass another bond because you didn't have enough to begin with.
  9. Tisd had $15 million left over from the previous bond. We passed a bond for $198 million. Lee was supposed to cost $122 million to rebuild. JT was supposed to cost $89 million to replace. We had $213 million total. Lee ended up costing $94.6 million. JT ended up costing $87.8 million. $213 million minus $182.4 million leaves you with $30.6 million. Tisd is known for getting the price reduced. Every bond we have passed, Tisd has saved money. None of the schools costed what they asked for.
  10. Tylerisd will have a whooping $30,000,000 left over after both schools are completed. I say pass another bond for another $70,000,000 and build a new Hubbard middle school (since that's the only school left to rebuild) and sports complex that includes football, baseball, softball, and track. Make the football stadium to where it includes soccer also.
  11. I totally disagree with Highland Park being the best team in all of Texas in 2005. They beat Stephenville by 3 and should have lost to Texas High in the 1st round at Rose Stadium.
  12. What's up BnB? I would like to see JT play Ennis again. It was always entertaining chatting with you in the game threads on smoaky.
  13. Lee social status is not what it use to be. Tisd for that matter.
  14. Zack has a greater chance of playing qb now.
  15. I don't know about that one. The qb can play running back also. Can we say the same thing about the running back playing qb. Also the qb just has that leadership about him. The players seem to rally behind him. That doesn't show up in the stat sheet.
  16. Whitehouse won't have nowhere near the talent JT will have for this incoming freshman year.
  17. He is already there.
  18. If that is true, what a shame.
  19. Rose Stadium is getting new goal posts.
  20. When did Houston become the 6th largest city in the US? I'm pretty sure it's the 4th largest city in the US.
  21. How do you go from head coach, to ad, now to oc?
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