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  1. It's easier to throw rocks behind a keyboard.
  2. Grandview stay focused, and hungry...not going to jinx it but you will be playing for a while...
  3. Basketball only program and how many times have either the boys or girls even made it to the regional tournament? Let alone the state tournament. Great win for Winnsboro, Heavily sophomore team. Watch out for them.
  4. Didn't Jordan have one of his better games. with the flu???
  5. Some of you waskomites help me out. How many times did Y'all throw in your state run?
  6. Yeah, let them stop what has got them to this point. Leading the area in rushing and if I bet leading the area in scoring too. Putting up points like it's their job.
  7. The high that pewitt is on right now is coming to a screeching halt this week.
  8. Defense is still good with so many players back. But you have to think too, Jefferson is in a new offense with a new guy as well. I think NB is a better test for them. I think that one may go back and forth. Mineola might end up like last year's result. Their defense will keep them in games. Just not sold yet as well on anything else.
  9. Pewitt and Redwater still scrimmaging?
  10. Pretty quiet on here. I guess teams didn't do as well as some hoped for.
  11. How did each team do in their scrimmages? Heard HS and WO got after it.
  12. Wow, showing true colors there. I'm pretty sure with that slot t and even going back to the wing t pewitt won a lot of games. A few state runs as well. Can't believe I'm saying this but Lombardi is right. The slot t has kept pewitt relevant for the past few years. If you don't have the athletes to run the spread it is very difficult to run. I want to know what speed you're talking about. Went to a few track meets and never saw the boys compete in anything. I can't remember if they even had relay teams. Slot t did wonders for pewitt and now you guys who tell them to throw it more and open it up is about to get what you asked for. Like Lombardi said, I'll be surprised if they win more than 2 games.
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