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  1. Rich Gannon's best years came late in his career. Steve Young had one of the best seasons of his career at age 37. Brett Favre put together some of his best season's after 35. One of which, he was 40. Peyton Manning was 37 when he put together the best single season in NFL history. It's not uncommon for a QB to still play at an elite level up to 37. Beyond that, that's when the number of QB's still performing at that level becomes very slim.
  2. Big Ben returning is all the more reason Pittsburgh should NOT be listed as a contender (even Steeler fans feel this way). Tampa - Sorry, but until I see Brady win without Bill, and Bill lose without Brady, the respect is Bill's to have. NE won 11 games with a HS QB the year Brady missed. While I'm ready to see the Pats finally get knocked down, I'm still enough of an unbiased sports fan to believe if Bill can win with a HS QB, he can win with a good college QB.
  3. So much about this is dumb. Contenders: Pittsburgh. Based on what? Tampa. Why...because they signed a 43 year old QB that no longer has his coach? Philly being a contender, but not Dallas, is very laughable. Even those that hate Dallas have said for the last several years, the only thing holding them back is they don't have a real coach. Well, now they do. Best of the Rest: The Cardinals and Chargers being in this group is a joke. Philly should be here. Rebuilding and Rebounding: No issue with any team here, but I'd move the Rams, Falcons, and Texans here. Would drop Steelers here. Stuck in Limbo: NE. Sorry, but as long as Bill is there, they are contenders. Would drop Cardinals and Chargers here.
  4. Trevor Lawrence Justin Fields Chuba Hubbard Sam Ehlinger Travis Etienne
  5. Agreed. This is a point I've made several times. It's one thing to do well recruiting nationally. It's another thing to recruit nationally because you have to. Schools like Texas, Texas A&M, Baylor, TCU, etc should not have a nearly 50-50 split when it comes to recruiting. There is far too much talent in state for that. The problem (and it is a problem), however, is that more HS players are leaving the state than ever before. I can understand the occasional kid wanting to go to OU, Ok State, LSU, and maybe Alabama. States that are still fairly close, and teams within the conference. What I don't understand, are the players now leaving for USC, Stanford, Ohio State, Florida State, Arizona State, etc.
  6. As I've said before, I'm just sick of seeing all this talent in Texas go out of state. The best state in the country for HS football, one of the tops in the country at producing NFL talent, a plethora of Texas colleges to choose from, and they still go out of state.
  7. Had someone ask me about 20 mins ago who was still left that I wanted. I said, DE Bradlee Anae, from Utah. I am loving this draft!!
  8. Philly taking Hurts in the 2nd rd makes no sense at all.
  9. Eagles reportedly tried to trade up to 16 to take Lamb, but couldn't get a deal done with Atlanta. Looks like we won twice last night!
  10. I started drinking the koolaid when they hired McCarthy.
  11. Exactly this! Defense will not be the only positions drafted. The more teams move up for QB's, WR's, OL, etc, the more likely Dallas is able to get a couple of their guys in Rd 2 & 3! If that happens, I agree, this will absolutely be a HR draft!
  12. @Stoney, I know you listed a handful of players already, I just wanted to list them by position. Here is a list of defensive players still available, that Dallas had pre-draft visits with: CB: Kristian Fulton Trevon Diggs Troy Pride Stanford Samuels Grayland Arnold Bryce Hall S: Xavier McKinney Grant Delpit Terrell Burgess Brandon Jones DE: Yetur Gross-Matos Terrell Lewis Curtis Weaver John Greenard Trevis Gipson Alton Robinson Kenny Willekes *AJ Epenesa (didn't visit with him, but I'm sure they'd still take him if there) DT: Marlon Davidson Justin Madubuike Raekwon Davis James Lynch Rashard Lawrence Khalil Davis Broderick Washington (LOBO) LB: Zach Baun Logan Wilson As you can see, there is still A LOT of defensive talent available.
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