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  1. Is this your first post on Smoaky? When you create a post, you give it a title. The title that you created says, ‘Newton star RB transfers to USC’.
  2. We can break down all day how Thompson looked, but the real question that should be being asked by anyone that didn't watch the game, 'How did the OL look?'. And to answer that question....bad. So much of what was done offensively in this game was due to the Texas skill position players simply being better than every Rice defender on the field. When it came to the lines, even the Rice DL was in the Texas backfield nearly every play. Even as great a game as the RB's had, they were getting hit the moment they took the ball. This is why you can't become overly optimistic simply for b
  3. The problem with this joke, is the last 7 games have been decided by 7 points or less. Hardly over by halftime. It would have worked better had you simply said, 'Then the game ends, .....'.
  4. Probably because no one screams louder about their conference SOS than the SEC. Meanwhile, the argument for years from many has been about all the teams not playing each other; and if they did all play each other, you'd actually have teams with more losses, with less teams ranked. Low and behold, this is exactly what happened in 2020.
  5. The article shared does not line up with the headline title of the post. The article states that Newton RB DeAnthony Gatson has 'decommitted' from USC. He is currently still in HS (thus, he cannot 'transfer' to USC), and has reopened his recruitment.
  6. 1. Virginia 2. Wisconsin 3. LSU 4. Texas 5. Arkansas 6. Iowa State 7. Louisville 8. UCLA 9. Michigan State 10. Kansas State *Tiebreaker: 34
  7. I put OU at 7. Cincinnati was not in my Top 10. They need to play someone first. BYU was my #10. They have impressive wins over Utah and ASU.
  8. I don't think there's any 1 team that is the clear favorite right now. This years field seems more open than I've seen in a while. So while there are some teams that I don't think should be as high as others (OU for example), I find myself asking this question, 'well, who should be ahead of them (not OU, per say, just in general)?'.
  9. Personally, I think Florida will beat Georgia, but until that actually happens, Georgia is still ahead of them.
  10. Iowa and Penn State have both beaten 2 ranked teams already, and looked very good doing it. A&M has beaten, well Kent State. As it is today, they’re both deserving of their respected spots.
  11. Arkansas looks to be a much better team this year, and this game is generally pretty close. If Haynes were playing, I'd go with A&M in a close game. As it is, I think Arkansas wins a close one.
  12. I figured it was simply because you hate Texas
  13. Someone used to run one of these, where we'd all send in a ballot and they'd configure a Smoaky Top 10. @MavGrad99, was that you? I'd be interested in doing that, if you're wanting to put one together. Perhaps a Regional Top 10, instead of 18.
  14. I'm also very curious as to how you configure your rankings. You mentioned that you divide it up based on W/L, but winless Rice is ahead of 1 win Texas State. You also mentioned that you look at common opponents, yet you have Houston ahead of Texas. Their 1 common opponent, Texas won by 21 more. And certainly you don't actually believe SFA is better than Texas, lol.
  15. 18-12: Retiredfan DaveTV WETSU 17-13: DannyZuco RP3Lobo Lion 16-14: 514 DJones 15-15: H3llR4 Mavgrad99 Bearliever ETXfan DB2point 14-16: Stoney LOL JustAFan 13-17: Lobo97 12-8: ramsn03 11-9: PelvisPresley Baron 9-11: DoubleTeam
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