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  1. If we're talking P5 or non Power 5, then of course, I agree. I think we all look at talent level and say, 'I think that kid would do better at a smaller school. '. What I don't agree with, is saying that a kid doesn't have the talent for a particular P5 conference, but does for the rest. I think that's ridiculous. Remember, Texas A&M 's best season, to this point, was with a team assembled in the B12.
  2. Before I completely laugh at that comment, let me simply ask this.....what exactly is an 'SEC level player'?
  3. I've said for years that I prefer the 4-3 over the 3-4, or that 3-3-5 bull crud I've seen. The best defensive fronts can make an avg secondary look great, while a poor defensive front can make a really good secondary look avg. An accurate QB can pick any defense apart, if he has all day to throw. I think that's what we saw last season. I still believe this secondary is better than they showed last year.
  4. A few updates: Bj Foster having surgery on his shoulder. Anthony Cook to nickel.Overshown to WILL LB.Ossai, Vaughns to play hybrid JACK position.Roschon Johnson staying at RB.Epps to TE.
  5. I'm sure that it's not, lol.
  6. Juwan Mitchell has withdrawn his name from the transfer portal. I didn't understand why he was considering a transfer anyway, seeing as how he is expected to start next season. Either way, good news.
  7. Ha. Gotcha. I don't watch the stuff during the week....People actually have time to do that? LOL
  8. As for KC's run defense, I think you have to look at what they've done the 2nd half of the season as opposed to the season as a whole. As that defense got healthy, it got much better. Over the course of the last 8 games (including playoffs), the Chiefs run defense only gave up 100 'Team' yards 3X (the most being 122). They gave up an avg of 93 yards per game, which would have been good for 5th best on the season. They only allowed 1 100 yard rusher. And while you may think Houston's rush offense isn't as good as SF's, Tennessee's is (probably better). They held Tennessee to 85 yards, and the NFL's rushing leader to 69. I also would not expect Mostert to duplicate what he did against GB. But, we'll see.
  9. The Super Bowl is an all day event for me...well, once church is out, lol. So yes, I watch all the 'crap'.
  10. I think he's the #1 RB on talent as well. I've said that since last summer. I'm glad Texas got him, and I can't wait to see him play.
  11. During a 3 year stretch ('12-'14)... '12: #10 in Receptions #6 in Yards #3 in TD's '13: #8 in Receptions #13 in Yards #3 in TD's '14: #12 in Receptions #8 in Yards #1 in TD's 3 Year Total: #4 in Yards #1 in TD's The guy was arguably one of the Top 5 WR's in the league, during that time, and unarguably one of the Top 10. Again, I'm not sure what your definition of 'great' is, but whatever it is, you should think about redefining it.
  12. I'm curious as to what you consider a #1 WR...
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