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  1. Thank goodness! When I read that report last night, I thought, you were on a roll with making great hires and just ruined it!
  2. Texas interviewed Dan Lanning for the DC position today. Lanning has served as the DC for Georgia the last two years, and was Georgia's LB coach the year prior to that. This would be an exciting hire. Lanning is a young coach, 34, and has done well at Georgia the last couple of seasons. Georgia had the #2 scoring defense is college football last season (they were 16 the year prior), with an improvement of 6 ppg. This season, Georgia ranked #2 in the SEC, behind only Alabama (showed only SEC here as many of the teams ranked above them nationally only played 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 games).
  3. Here's my breakdown of how much the loss of Ingram will impact Texas next year, Let me start by stating the obvious, the primary impact will be depth. Especially after the last two seasons, and the number of injuries we've seen, depth is crucial. That said (and as long as the team stays mostly healthy), I don't think the impact will be as bad as some may think. Bijan is clearly RB #1, and it's not even close. As such, he should be getting the bulk of the carries. During the 2020 season, the # of carries looked as follows, Bijan - 86 Rojo - 80 Ingram - 53
  4. Here's an update to Sark's staff: OC/OL - Kyle Flood (Sark will call plays) QB's - A.J. Milwee RB's - Stan Drayton WR's - Andre Coleman TE's/ST - Jeff Banks DC - Unknown, Alabama DC Pete Golding is rumored to be the new favorite. DL - Bo Davis LB's - Unknown Safeties - Blake Gideon DB's - Terry Joseph
  5. With all the Bama assistants Sark is bringing with him, the one hire that seems to have become underrated, is DB Coach Terry Joseph. This, in my opinion, is still one of the premier hires to Sark's staff.
  6. I'm still not convinced Sarkisian is the right guy (obviously, I hope I'm wrong), BUT, one thing I will say, he is putting together one heck of a staff.
  7. Very excited about this one! I know this kid well. He's a heck of a talent, but has a great attitude as well.
  8. Serious question, I was having a conversation with an Aggie friend of mine the other day regarding the likelihood of players returning/leaving. One thing he shared with me, was in his opinion, majority of the Senior starters, particularly on the OL, are not players that would be a loss if they leave. He went on to say that the young players behind them are even better. I pointed out the benefit of experience, and especially how impactful that is on the OL. He still said he'd be fine if they all leave, because the more of them that stay, the longer before the players with better tal
  9. Sark’s success at Bama was because of Saban, not the other way around. That’s the other part of people being excited about his success as OC at Bama that I don’t understand.
  10. Well, Texas will not get better with Herman leaving. Not with this hire.
  11. I don’t care what Sark has done as an OC. People need to let that go. Look what he’s done as a HC! Two different P5 jobs, and he was awful at both. Some coaches are simply better suited as coordinators.
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