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  1. Jake Smith is out for the UTEP game with a hamstring injury suffered in practice yesterday. Hopefully he'll be good to go in a couple weeks when conference play starts.
  2. I hate to hear about Cupp. I've been waiting to see that kid play.
  3. DT Tyler Shelvin has opted out as well, and S Jacoby Stevens is also now considering it.
  4. LSUโ€™s depth chart from last season, to now.
  5. As for A&M's schedule and record this year, the 4 deciding games (IMO) are Alabama, Florida, Auburn, LSU. I think Bama is a loss. Florida is a toss up. I initially projected a Florida win, but depending on how many of their players opt out, this could go to A&M. I think Auburn is a loss, but wouldn't be surprised at all to see this go to A&M. I think LSU is a win. As I've said many times here already, I think LSU takes a big step back this year as they lost a lot...players and coaches. I think 9-1 is the ceiling, but I don't see A&M winning all
  6. I don't think he is anytime soon either. But let's say hypothetically he gets through year 6, hasn't finished any higher than 3rd in the division, hasn't won double digit games, hasn't made a playoff, or NY6 bowl, does the school start looking to make a change then? I mean, he's only completed 2 years and fans are already talking about how you show him the door if his record isn't good enough THIS season (which is both ridiculous, and not happening), lol.
  7. What indication, at all, is there that Fisher would retire anytime soon? Not only do I not see Fisher retiring anytime soon, I don't believe he finishes his career in College Station. Heck, I'm not convinced he serves out his 10 year contract with A&M.
  8. What are you talking about? So far Herman has had 1 QB (Yes, Buechele started a few games too, while the two battled it out for the starters job). And that 1 QB has done pretty dang good. Ehlinger stats so far: 2nd most passing yards in a single season 2nd most passing yards in a career 2nd most passing TD's in a single season 2nd most passing TD's in a career
  9. Kennedy Brooks announced heโ€™s opting out of the season.
  10. I think so too. And some of them need to be OL. I really wish the Brockermeyer brothers chose Texas.
  11. Arkansas AD said after adding Georgia and Florida, giving them Bama, LSU, Auburn, A&M, Georgia, and Florida... โ€œWe now have the most challenging schedule in the history of college football.โ€ I guess he forgot that just 1 year ago, A&M played all those same teams, accept Clemson over Florida.
  12. Theyโ€™re not giving Arkansas any chance. They may not win a game this year
  13. I said 2 losses prior to the schedule changes, Bama and Auburn. I can see Florida being number 3. I still believe LSU drops off big, and I donโ€™t think Tennessee is very good.
  14. Jordan Whittington was limited to start practice today due to a hamstring injury sustained during summer workouts.
  15. Oh I completely agree. The way the injury bug has hit the last couple years, however, they may have simply been looking to fill the void.
  16. RB Daniel Young has not been working out with the team amid COVID concerns, and may opt out of the season. Adds a bit of reasoning to the staff pursing Towson RB Shane Simpson.
  17. SR LB Caleb Kelly suffered a torn ACL and will miss the season. He missed last season also for the same injury.
  18. Texas picks up a commitment today from 3* TE Gunnar Helm, out of CO. He committed to Texas over Wisconsin and Iowa.
  19. Alabama wins the SEC West. 2nd place will come down to the winner of A&M vs Auburn. Until the season starts and I see otherwise, I do not expect LSU to be near as good as they were last season. I'm sticking with my prediction of 4-5 losses for them (Florida being the toss-up), losing to both Texas schools on the schedule.
  20. So it sounds like this decision was made due to the fact many of those larger districts have also delayed the first day of school, as well as when they'll return in person (for example, ALL of Dallas County will be virtual until Sept. 8th. If that's the case, then yes, it makes more sense.
  21. Crowds are being limited to capacity at any large event. The same can be done at a HS football game. Besides, 'smaller' schools can draw large crowds as well. Kilgore stadium, for example, holds 8K people.
  22. I just don't understand the decision. I want to see football as much as anyone (I will seriously be unbearable to be around this Fall if we don't have it, lol), but what is the justification behind allowing 1A-4A to play, and not 5&6A? Are kids at 1-4A schools immune?
  23. You failed to miss my point. Over the last several years, it hasn't mattered who the coach is, and it's not just UT... Over the last 5 years: 54% of the Top 25 players in Texas have chosen to go out of state. 44% of the Top 10 players in Texas have chosen to go out of state. There are 5 Power 5 Programs in the State of Texas. Then you have schools like, SMU, UTEP, UNT, Houston, Rice, etc. A plethora of instate programs to choose from; and even still, 54% of the Top 25 players in Texas have gone elsewhere. It's not just a Tom Herman problem.
  24. That brings up another point... For several years now, people have argued, 'Well Texas doesn't develop their talent'. And for several years, I believed that as well. Until I looked at it from another perspective, that is. It's easy(er) to send multiple players to the NFL every year when you bring in the best players in the country each year. It's much harder, and much more challenging to do it with lesser talent. Yes, Texas has brought in a few big name players in recent years, but look at the star rating for those players going pro. Most of them were 3 and 4 star players.
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