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  1. Better is all relative in your statement. You can say Temple is more talented but Jesuit is more efficient/proficient, but does that make Jesuit better? They can be the same, one producing due to talent the other due to execution. Then there is match ups.... I think the results will be the same for Jesuit as it has been for others Longview has faced this year.
  2. Congrats on the win and Good luck Tigers!! Show them what it means to come out to the Piney Woods of East Teaxas!
  3. 007 first of all...I was shocked to see the final and figured Thigh would come to play but beating the pack Abe... never saw that coming ... But I do know you are a realist when it comes to the Pack no matter what forum. Shake the haters off....ijs
  4. Shhhh. Nothing to see here. Keep moving. Weak predistrict and district schedule. We got nuttin....
  5. I hear. You know my motto..... enjoy the journey you know I always pull for the Pack and any team from East Texas vs the rest of the state. Look like the Pack will be alright in D1R2. A tough region but it is all about match ups.
  6. Don’t say that!!!, he will come out of the trance when the Pack lose out early in the playoffs....
  7. 007. He drank the kool aid made with Lufkin water. We are working on the antidote..
  8. Exactly. Great story and these seniors will reminisce about this night and the time they played high school football for the rest of their lives.
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