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  1. It makes a lot of sense. They don’t need to run it as fast Pg....they need to do the opposite. Slow the game down, hold the ball, and eat the clock. They won’t have the cats to run with their district foes so don’t. Change the game!
  2. Linden- Kildare JV needs a game for September 3rd.
  3. Hallsville would be a good wing-t school
  4. I have been told it would be split.
  5. No respect to Linden-Kildare?
  6. Coach Gaston will have that defense swarming!
  7. Kerry Strong is the man for the job!
  8. Where did he coach at?
  9. Thanks for all the replies. I know its not as popular as it use to be but I love watching it when it is ran correctly!
  10. Yes it is very hard to stop! it has to be ran right though!
  11. Yeah, that is true. They throw quite a bit don't they?
  12. I know pewitt has had success running a form of the wing-t. Who else runs the old wing-t and has success doing it running the ball most of the time?
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