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  1. You may be an acceptation. We all know there isn't much patience there!
  2. If dekalb wins they will elect Buddy as the Mayor.......If Daingerfield gets beat Daingerfield will talk BAD about my dude Nelson.
  3. better throw it quick. Dekalb will have their ears pinned back
  4. That was two years ago. Right? I remember it well.
  5. I saw where New Boston had one and Dekalb had two of the top 5 rushers in the area last week. 3 of the 5 in one game will be fun to watch! Cant wait for this one! Hopefully the weather will leave so we dont have to move the game at midnight.
  6. Both teams are built for this weather!
  7. Again, what I intended the post to say is that he WILL be the best player. Maybe not this week but by time he is done playing he will be better than anybody else playing in this game. WILL be the best. Highest ceiling
  8. I guess what I meant to say was he WILL be the best player on the field. As he has the highest ceiling
  9. Yeah but their young isnt the normal young. They had a freshman go for 107 last week, he was one of three that rushed over 100 yards. He will be the best player on the field Friday.
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