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  1. Kid must be pretty smart. What is his ACT score?
  2. I get that, I’m not posting anybody’s salary information either because it isn’t my business. I just want them guys compensated for what they do. They have a lot on their plates!
  3. Regardless of what schools can pay or what they can't we can all agree (or not) that 73k is not enough for what athletic directors do. If a school can't pay more than 73 then so be it but in my opinion 73 isn't enough.
  4. I don't know but I d know they gave their teachers a big raise last year. So I would assume he got one too.
  5. Impressive! Keep working hard!
  6. Some find way, just depends on what is important to you. Dekalb for example, is in the same district as pewitt with no industry and they pay great. Bowie pays really good for their size. It all depends on how you spend your money. A lot of schools find ways to make it happen.
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