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  1. I hope we limit mistakes this week, if we do I like our chances.
  2. I don’t know if this has been posted but Highland Park’s QB broke his jaw and chipped 4 teeth in the first half of last week’s game against Denton Ryan. One of his linemen stated he saw him spit out his teeth after a run and never miss a down. A lot of people talk about the Scot players being rich pampered kids. That right there goes down with the Jack Lambert type players. Wow!!! Much respect to that young man.
  3. HP QB broke his jaw and chipped 4 teeth in the first half last week and never missed a down. That’s a tough old school football player.
  4. To anyone who don't like King, you should have lived through the late 70s, 80, and 90s. It was a huge season if we made the third round. FACT Most of the time it was one or two and done. GO LOBOS the future is bright.
  5. I felt really good after looking at Lancaster videos all week, but no way did I expect this. That is old school Lobo hit you in the mouth football.
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