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  1. Why Jasper of course, but in a squeaker.
  2. And I was afraid that Jasper would have to play PG in the state game!!! lol Just joking. Jasper will have several potentially tough teams to get by before Jerry's World.
  3. And good luck to Center. Have to pull for the district teams!
  4. If Hunt comes back healthy then only QF's would be a huge disappointment for sure. Look what Jasper did tonight without him.
  5. Props to Center. You put a real scare into Jasper for awhile. Good luck in the playoffs.
  6. I presume Hunt is still out of the game? Haven't heard his name called again. Certainly hope it is not something really serious, but as you can see, Hunt is not Jasper's only running threat. Just the best most likely.
  7. Must have. Jasper 40, Center 19 near end of third qtr. Fumble recovery, then Andre Limbrick took it to the house.
  8. Call it a wake up call. Jasper needed this. Obviously.
  9. If you have access to internet, you can listen to the game on KJAS.com
  10. Crawford, you were right, Center can hang with Jasper. Regardless who wins, Jasper has gotten a wake up call. And that is good going into the playoffs.
  11. Wow, Center came to play ball. Three Jasper turnovers in first quarter. The third one on the two yard line. Center 14-6
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