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  1. Dang..... no one to even fight with over here. What's this world coming to. GO LOBOS!
  2. Please join me in wishing our very own LOBOFAN07, a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! And many more!!!
  3. I will say, Temple did start it with us. You know we will all come running if things go south.
  4. Have to finish up the week at work so we can leave early tomorrow. There will be no production from me, tomorrow!!!! It is allllll about the LOBOS!!!
  5. Ya'll are killing me! I was mad about something other than football that night.. SMH! It wasn't even my game face!
  6. No one cornered me!! He is making all of that up. That was in Lufkin, also. You were there. And I assure you, they would only corner me once!!! That would be a tough out for anyone, even if I am ol...............Bet! @gtee2 You have pushed me past my limit. Be looking for me.
  7. Don't get that boy killed. And I know where you hang. Keep on!
  8. I think that covers it, although, I am not liking the term "older Bos"! SMH!!!
  9. "Welcome to Lobo Stadium!!!!" I cannot wait for Midway to make a visit!!!! GO LOBOS!!!
  10. And the Big Green Marching Machine got their record breaking 70th, 1st division. Go Lobos!!
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