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  1. If you can't get a ticket in general admission, there will be home side tickets available.
  2. Already said this on twitter.....Our official colors are Green and White, with Gold. NOT GREEN AND GOLD. We are not Baylor colors. Fight me!
  3. We will let you know about the initiation process after you are properly vetted. Expecting to see you at practices and games, to get that paperwork in order. GO LOBOS!!!
  4. We just want everyone to say they think we will win! Quit with all the negativity! Go Lobos!
  5. I do not know to whom or when the memo was received. Obviously no one I saw got the message. We weren't the only ones that were turned around. They even argued with a lady that had diapers and wipes in a clear bag, for a baby. It was handled poorly. But, now we know and will be more prepared on Saturday.
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