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  1. Fun Fact... This is the first year since 2007 that me or one of my brothers/first cousins haven’t played on fridays for the Rams.
  2. If you’re looking for class I’m probably not your guy.
  3. “Get THEM off the field.” Groveton is back to where they belong.
  4. I still think I was apart of the weirdest game postponement in Football history... Both teams there stadium is packed beautiful weather... No referees... Yep no referees.
  5. Wonder if the same idiots screaming at hurt kids to get off the field is gonna be there Friday.
  6. Joaquin is scared of EF?... Buddy we used to play White Oak and have played Corrigan the past 2 years. I promise you Joaquin does not fear any team in Texas... Hell they’d line up and play against the Cowboys if Coach Lawson told em to. Seems to me EF is upset they didn’t get the chance to beat up on a little guy.
  7. You’re probably the one who banned me from whataburger.
  8. I’m almost positive Joaquin has more state championships over all than SA...
  9. I just wanna know what the issue in crossroads is
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