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  1. Fun Fact... This is the first year since 2007 that me or one of my brothers/first cousins haven’t played on fridays for the Rams.
  2. If you’re looking for class I’m probably not your guy.
  3. “Get THEM off the field.” Groveton is back to where they belong.
  4. I still think I was apart of the weirdest game postponement in Football history... Both teams there stadium is packed beautiful weather... No referees... Yep no referees.
  5. Wonder if the same idiots screaming at hurt kids to get off the field is gonna be there Friday.
  6. Joaquin is scared of EF?... Buddy we used to play White Oak and have played Corrigan the past 2 years. I promise you Joaquin does not fear any team in Texas... Hell they’d line up and play against the Cowboys if Coach Lawson told em to. Seems to me EF is upset they didn’t get the chance to beat up on a little guy.
  7. You’re probably the one who banned me from whataburger.
  8. I’m almost positive Joaquin has more state championships over all than SA...
  9. I just wanna know what the issue in crossroads is
  10. Also I’m not sure I’d be holding on to that state championship you guy lucked into... Didn’t even win your district that year and took home a state title.
  11. False statement... 2009 homie it happens.
  12. How come every single time SA loses its because of the refs... Wasn't it you last week saying “every time Joaquin loses they say it’s because of injuries?” What’s more realistic 3-4 starters go down and a season is shot for a small school, or the referees intentionally take games from SA?
  13. Also I feel like the outrage over Michael Brown was a wasted argument because that person was in the wrong 110%. That outrage should have been towards Treyvons murder or better yet the Murder of Eric Garner.
  14. How anyone can sit here and Defend George Zimmerman is beyond me... Idk if y’all know what happened but he was told by the POLICE to not follow the kid. He disobeyed that order. He then made physical contact with the kid. The kid was confused and probably scared and fought back at which point the coward shot him. Was Trayvon perfect? No. Did he die because some idiot felt big that day? Yes... One of my best friends was shot in the face by his younger brother twice while he slept so I may see things a little differently.
  15. Barry is racist... He said I was trying to be “down wit it”
  16. I’m sure surratt gets calls... I highly doubt he answers or returns them though.
  17. You do realize that town size has absolutely nothing to do with classification right? It’s high school enrollment.
  18. Octavian Burrell is the best 1a/2a (whatever you wanna call it) football player I ever seen. I played against Kevin Pope from Mt Enterprise and he was a 2 way starter at SMU. I played against Reginald David from Tenaha who went on to have a great career at Texas Tech and had a cup of coffee in the NFL. I watched my brother play against Jeffery Wilson who went on to have a great career at north Texas currently in the NFL playing for the 49ers. None of those guys come close to the Greatness that was Octavian Burrell he left this world too soon.
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