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  1. Who is the Birdwell that was a finalist?
  2. #2 with about 250 yards passing and a couple TDs. #7 with around 200 yards rushing and a couple TDs. The Hornets are going to be rolling! Don't forget that the Hornet defense has became quite stingy since the beginning of District.
  3. I look for Daingerfield to play well and roll the Mustangs. If Daingerfield can limit the penalties they will be a lot harder to beat moving forward.
  4. Yes, on the Hooks Hornets Athletics Facebook page.
  5. I guess we will just discuss the playoff scenarios after we win Friday night.
  6. I understand that is your plan, but what if we win?
  7. I believe this is going to be a close game and either team can win.
  8. Does anyone know the potential playoff seeds and tiebreakers if Hooks beats Daingerfield?
  9. Daingerfield 35-20 over Paul Pewitt Hooks 42-14 over DeKalb Redwater 24-14 over Prairiland
  10. District Standings: Daingerfield 3-0 Pewitt 3-0 Hooks 2-1 DeKalb 2-2 Chism 2-2 Prairiland 0-3 Redwater 0-4 This week’s schedule: Hooks @ DeKalb Pewitt @ Daingerfield Chisum - Open Redwater @ Prairiland The games this week will give a good idea of how the District will play out.
  11. Hooks has not had a cupcake schedule.
  12. Dude, he played in the game against Redwater. Why would you post something that you don't have a clue about? He played QB and Safety with a hard cast and helped tremendously.
  13. He had surgery and got a hard cast put on last week. It is his non-throwing arm.
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