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  1. I guess we will just discuss the playoff scenarios after we win Friday night.
  2. I understand that is your plan, but what if we win?
  3. I believe this is going to be a close game and either team can win.
  4. Does anyone know the potential playoff seeds and tiebreakers if Hooks beats Daingerfield?
  5. Daingerfield 35-20 over Paul Pewitt Hooks 42-14 over DeKalb Redwater 24-14 over Prairiland
  6. District Standings: Daingerfield 3-0 Pewitt 3-0 Hooks 2-1 DeKalb 2-2 Chism 2-2 Prairiland 0-3 Redwater 0-4 This week’s schedule: Hooks @ DeKalb Pewitt @ Daingerfield Chisum - Open Redwater @ Prairiland The games this week will give a good idea of how the District will play out.
  7. Hooks has not had a cupcake schedule.
  8. Dude, he played in the game against Redwater. Why would you post something that you don't have a clue about? He played QB and Safety with a hard cast and helped tremendously.
  9. He had surgery and got a hard cast put on last week. It is his non-throwing arm.
  10. Hooks started the season with an injured running back and in the Mt. Vernon game our quarterback went down with a broken arm before taking a snap. Both of those players are our best players, so it made it hard for our offense to move the ball, especially against the quality opponents we played. Both played against Redwater and we had some success. I look for the Hornets to get better and this game will be a battle just like the last few years.
  11. Why are they canceling the games other than the first two weeks?
  12. Any live streams of this game?
  13. PG will win this game. Arkansas football is not the same as Texas football. Hooks played Nashville in the 90s when they had Todd Cooley breaking every passing record. We beat them by a field goal in Nashville 17-14 the first year. The next year at Hooks we beat them 52-14.
  14. Hooks had summer workouts yesterday, but have canceled boys workouts until June 15th and girls workouts until June 22nd, due to Covid.
  15. Hooks pre season. Not sure the order. New Boston Jefferson Winnsboro Mt. Vernon
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