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  1. I thought Sam had a better matchup tonight. They should handle Texas State... I hate their series with Oklahoma State was cancelled. I think it was going to be a really good one. I also have a former student that was going to get his first career start Sunday for Sam...
  2. Aaaaand baseball has begun... SFA beats #25 Oklahoma 9-5 ACU beats A&M in College Station 6-5
  3. Compound fracture...Broken ankle...Very lucky to be alive
  4. Kinda torn on that one. At least you don't have to deal with the bats in Moody. Instead you get to play in a tent...
  5. It's crazy NMSU won't even consider dropping to FCS. If the Terry Bowden experiment doesn't work at Louisiana-Monroe I think they will drop back down and I think they are in waaay better shape than NMSU...
  6. I feel like the NIL litigation will be settled before the game comes out...
  7. Tarleton is legit. NMSU is really really bad.
  8. The NCAA officially approved SFA's petition to move their postseason ban from 2021-2022 to this season. No postseason basketball for the Jacks this year. They will be eligible for the WAC tournament in Las Vegas next season...
  9. Current betting odds on where Watt will land... Team Odds Pittsburgh Steelers +175 Tampa Bay Buccaneers +200 Green Bay Packers +550 Baltimore Ravens +650 Los Angeles Rams +1100 Dallas Cowboys +1200 Cleveland Browns +1400 Miami Dolphins +1500 New England Patriots +1500 Tennesse
  10. It was a poorly kept secret that JJ wasn't coming back next year, but it is now official. Such mixed feelings on this. I am beyond happy he gets a chance to chase a Super Bowl ring with an actual contender. I am forever grateful for what he has meant to the city of Houston. He is forever a legend in Houston and you won't see any fans rooting against him in his new city. Still stings to see him leave... From a business perspective, how the heck do you cut JJ?!?!? You can't work a trade deal and at least get something back in return for the inevitable rebuild?
  11. I was wondering if anyone from his last stop would get a call...
  12. I'll post the story from BattleRedBlog but they did a piece (In a joking way) about Deshaun Watson doing everything as a predetermined move to get out. Not an Easterby problem or culture problem, but something he has planned for a while. Kinda funny. Kinda scary.
  13. The circus continues in Houston as President Jamey Rootes puts in his resignation today. Rootes has been with the Texans since day 1 and was responsible for turning NRG into one of the best game-day experiences in the NFL. The man sold out every game and had an amazing run leading the business side of the Texans. Was a right-hand man for Bob McNair.
  14. Wild one in Lubbock tonight. Beard gets tossed with 23 seconds left as refs took control in the last minute. Surprised he didn't get tossed when McClung fouled out. Those were two terrible calls that killed all of Techs momentum. Big XII basketball is a beast this year...
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