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  1. That may be the first one he has fully squared up since coming up
  2. Gonna be a rough one today. Team flight was scheduled to arrive at 5:15 am. Verlander flew back early so he could rest before tonight's opener against the Rangers. Res rest of the team wasnt as lucky...
  3. Angels poked the bear. Astros not letting up tonight...
  4. San Diego is next on the list. I have seen Minute Maid, Arlington, Anaheim, and now SF...San Francisco as a city was fun, but I wont be going back...
  5. Got a chance to tour Oracle Park in San Francisco today. Gorgeous place. Hands down my favorite I have seen, just wish the Astros were in town, or any game for that matter...
  6. topher805

    2019 NBA Offseason

    Houston adds Tyson Chandler and looking to trade for Andre Iguadala. Not cool Morey. Not. Cool.
  7. topher805

    2019 NBA Offseason

    Last time Russ and The Beard were together, The Beard was a sixth man.
  8. topher805

    2019 NBA Offseason

    Fuuuuu... Houston trades Chris Paul and two 1st Round picks to OKC for Russell Westbrook
  9. topher805

    2019 NBA Offseason

    I would prefer not to have in Houston...I know Harden and Westbrook worked in OKC, but Harden was a different player. I dont see it working now.
  10. topher805

    2019 NBA Offseason

    Westbrook to Houston? If that happens, just send the Thunder back to Seattle...
  11. topher805

    2019 NBA Offseason

  12. topher805

    2019 NBA Offseason

    The West is weird now. Ranking the teams right now (2019 finish in parenthesis) 1. Portland (3) 2. Houston (4) 3. LAC (8) 4. Utah (5) 5. Denver (2) 6. LAL (10) 7. Golden State (1) 8. San Antonio (7) 9. OKC (6) 10. Sacramento (9) 11. Dallas (14) 12. NO (13) 13. Minnesota (11) 14. Memphis (12) 15. Phoenix (15)
  13. Cole named AL Pitcher of the Month Alvarez named Rookie of the Month
  14. topher805

    Last Chance U Season 3

    As fun as Kilgore, TJC, or TVCC would be from a local standpoint, I feel like they end up at Blinn.
  15. topher805

    2019 NBA Offseason

    Leonard goes to Lakers, and then they become the West favorite. Right now they arent even top 4...