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  1. EF definitely isn't the only school. Elkhart is being looked into as well by the UIL...UIL Looking at Elkhart COVID-19 Protocol
  2. I think that is the plan. They will build around Bregman, Altuve, and possibly Correa. Good enough to win, and bridge the gap for the next crew. Bregman/Correa could anchor this team for another decade.
  3. That was my first thought. He should have gotten the surgery in July when he initially went on the IL...Done for the year? I think their championship window is now closed for the foreseeable future
  4. Verlander announces he will undergo Tommy John Surgery. Career as an Astro likely done...
  5. Jorvorskie and Reggie were both going in on that...Definitely someone getting close to the program and feeding these guys some dreams
  6. It was amazing to watch. They came out with their chests up like they were leading the charge. They honestly thought they were the big dog that everyone followed. They couldn't even get Notre Dame to follow them and ND sits right in the heart of B1G country. Their self inflated sense of ego was propped up by some east coast bias, that didn't even believe they made that decision. Now we get to see the schedules come out where Ohio State I'm sure will get a favorable draw so they can slide their way into the CFP. I am surprised to hear the Pac-12 is looking to play now. I honestly thought
  7. Depends on if they can get them under control. I just read that the Gov. of Washington expressed optimism in getting things under control there. Oregon is getting some good news. California is bad with no end in sight. I hope they can get this all under control soon because I would like to see Oregon or Washington make a push for the Pac...Just not very optimistic for those guys
  8. I don't think the pandemic is holding the Pac-12 back as much as the wildfires. A lot of places, a N95 mask is the MINIMUM requirement to be outdoors because of the air quality...Pretty sure they will remain out for the fall.
  9. Not going to say Grapeland would have lost in Week 10, but playing in the district opener definitely helps...I can speak for a lot of people when I say you can take your time with these growing pains. No rush...
  10. Big 10 has now realized their place in college football. League officials announced they will have a fall season beginning on October 24... They thought everyone would follow their lead because they are the Big 10...WRONG...Not going to say they overreacted by they definitely pulled the trigger to early on their decision.
  11. So weird to see Alto at 0-3. Tough schedule for sure, but just weird to see. You can also see the improvement from week to week in the scores... I think Grapeland is in the drivers seat right now, but that game against Alto is going to be tough. Grapeland hasn't beaten Alto since the early 90's. Lost something like 14 straight and all by double digits. This looks like a year where the Sandies have a good chance to break through, but it won't be easy. Gonna be a heck of a game here in a couple of weeks...
  12. Zappe for HBU is legit. Dude has thrown for over 1,000 yards in two games this year. If I was Tech, I would be worried about that offense...
  13. Hands down the most satisfying win of the season...
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