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  1. Has to have the results this year or his pieces are going to be really nice for someone else...
  2. Hearing Brown is out for the year. All three of their commits signed yesterday: G: Jaylin Posey 6-2; 190 *** #49 PG Nation (Rivals) G: DeAndre Heckard 6-2; 170 *** (Rivals) TJC F: Nana Antwi-Boasiako 6-9; 225 *** (Rivals) Nacogdoches HS
  3. I was more surprised seeing that the WAC is bringing back football. Wonder if the WAC remains FBS as they previously were or if they opt to be FCS.
  4. Old news. Don't care. Everyone steals signs. The article in The Athletic that blew this up talked about all teams doing this, and it being a league-wide problem, but the Astros are taking the brunt of this. Only thing I'm curious about is whether or not Fiers is so offended that he is willing to return his World Series Champions ring...
  5. USC Michigan TCU Notre Dame Georgia Virginia Tech Iowa State Minnesota Oregon State Oklahoma *Tiebreaker: OU - Baylor Total points - 51
  6. Wonder who the RR Express and CC Hooks will belong to after these contracts end...
  7. SFA looked really good against North Carolina Central on Saturday. I think they handle business against Drexel and Niagra this week. Keep it up and I feel really good about beating Rutgers as well...
  8. Sam Houston leads by 18 in the second half. Loses 67-58...
  9. Right after that broke Shelby County judge granted a temporary restraining order, allowing Wiseman to play tonight against Illinois-Chicago. This is going to be fun...Apparently Penny Hardaway helped Wiseman move to Memphis in 2018, and the NCAA deems Hardaway a booster at the time. In SEC news, Mississippi State is training Sam Houston 34-27 at the half. Sam led 34-17 with 3:00 left, but Miss State ended the half on an impressive 10-0 run...
  10. How quickly people forget about the dumpster fire Prime Prep Academy was...Dude couldn't run a charter in Dallas. Charters are the shadiest and easiest thing in the world to get up and running (Looking at you AAA), and even Prime Time couldn't do it...Go ahead and give him the keys FSU. He will drive you right back to the pre-Bowden era...
  11. Hahahaha... Nolan leaving isn't big. Reid is. I think there will be changes coming in how the Astros do business and perception may change...
  12. Nolan Ryan also out now and his statement wasnt as freindly as Reid's...
  13. Reid Ryan out as head of Astros Operations. Ryan will now serve as a special consultant and executive advisor of Business Relations. Jim Crane's son Jared will step into Ryan's former role...
  14. KU needs a change in leadership. Kentucky is looking mean defensively. Need to find more offense outside of the charity stripe.
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