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  1. They are going to be bad for a while.
  2. Just got home from the UH/WSU game. Not good. Not good at all.
  3. This is a weird story...I'm not exactly sure where I sit on this. There are some graphic details and there are a few things that don't add up. Also, it is important to notice this is a Civil case and not a Criminal case
  4. LSU players must have been dehydrated. That's the only reason I can think of them wandering over to the Texas sideline to take Gatorade pregame...
  5. Heck yeah! We can set them up on the 5-yard line. Maybe that will help keep yall out of the end zone...We do a good enough job of holding ourselves out
  6. I may be open to a trade. Shoot me an offer and I'll check it out...
  7. Tarleton AD loved them. He got the contact info of the company that makes them and is looking to bring them to Stephenville next year...
  8. Everyone went conservative in the second half. BOB went back to his same old shtick (Throw 1st down. If incomplete, draw play or run between tackles for loss/no gain. Pray DW4 bails out the team on 3rd and long) and RAC played a prevent defense. Rushed three the whole second half and let Brees get into a rhythm and pick the secondary apart...
  9. In the last two games, Houston has outscored their opponents 36-1. Granted one of those wins came against a bad Seattle team, Oakland is no slouch...
  10. Fire the DC. Cut Aaron Colvin. I'm good with firing the HC too. We dont deserve Watson...
  11. Could be like Mav and see your bench outscore your starting lineup...
  12. I knew nosebleeds were normal for away fans, but didn't know that was something done for the bands. Not exactly sure I agree with it, but I don't make those policies, and like you said, they are the away team and aren't supposed to be comfortable.
  13. Makes sense. Texas getting drug by a few publications now, but if it was agreed upon, then no reason for LSU to complain
  14. Nothing like opening the season with an inactive player on your roster...
  15. Wouldn't expect the warmest of welcomes...I'm hearing of some gripes from the LSU side about their experience...Players parents being seated in the nosebleeds along with the band. LSU was allotted only 3,000 tickets for the game.
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