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  1. Basketball season already stinks...In just the past week: St. Bonaventure pulls out of Bubbleville due to positive case. SFA replaces Bonnies with San Francisco. Baylor pulls out of Empire Classic two days ago, and Rhode Island is pulled from SFA schedule to replace the Bears. SFA replaces the Rams with Army. Less than 24 hours before tipping off the season, SFA has a member of their traveling party test positive, and the Jacks are sent home from Bubbleville. No basketball this weekend. The best competition of our non-conference slate is gone. We are now scheduled to begin
  2. False positive earlier this season. Showing symptoms this time
  3. Porter up on Mag West 30-28 with 2:00 left in the 3rd... Definitely a race to get shmacked by HP at Jerryworld...lol
  4. Not necessarily. Porter is mathematically still in play. Porter choking against New Caney is looming large right now. Spartans win that one and they are in the drivers seat...
  5. Making the mud murkier in 8-5A DI...Waller beats New Caney 43-22 last night...
  6. Southern Utah is supposedly already in. Rumors about Northern Colorado and Montana...Big Sky has a lot of problems right now apparently
  7. I'm not enthralled with the move either. Apparently the WAC is making a lot of concessions and there is a lot going on behind the scenes to make sure the Texas four are happy... If the rumor about Commerce coming too is true, then there is nothing they can do to make me happy. Not leaving the SLC for a glorified DII conference...
  8. Central Arkansas likely heading to the ASUN conference. Whatever sport the ASUN doesn't sponsor, they will compete in the Big South... This is just the first domino. I think they are running Chicago State out of the WAC, and possibly pushing Seattle out too. SFA, ACU, Lamar, and Sam (Begrudgingly apparently) are still looking WAC bound. Southern Utah also heading to the WAC. Northern Colorado and maaaayyyybbbbee Montana also going to the WAC. ASUN is now looking like they will be a 20 member conference and break down into two divisions. WAC sounds like they are building the same thi
  9. Doesn't sound to be Southland related, but there is still smoke...
  10. Definitely feeling like Barney was right... Almost done with Season 2...Such a good show
  11. Sounds like we will get some FCS realignment news today...Not sure what that means, but something I saw on another board...
  12. Played at Cypresswood today in Humble. We heard about a fight from the cart girl...Apparently someone got their camera out on time and now Barstool has picked it up. What a time to be alive...
  13. UTEP vs UAB has moved from Saturday to Friday, and will now be played in Midland at Grande Stadium...
  14. Getting harder for me to root against other SLC teams...Got a former student playing baseball at UNO (Will be a sophomore this year) and another former playing football at UIW (Freshman this year)...Current senior is committed to McNeese for baseball...Current junior committed to Sam for baseball...So many teams I want to hate, but now have a rooting interest for...
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