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  1. Ohio State is definitely in under these circumstances...Not only are they definitely in, they will be the #1 seed
  2. Maxwell has stated she plans on cooperating and giving names...I think she is suicidal
  3. A little basketball recruiting info about the top prospect in East Texas...
  4. Apparently this is an out of state kid, so the ban from recruiting that school isn't as big of a hit. That said, out of state has me thinking the kid is from Tennessee. Jimbo has hit it hard there and Vols are pushing for relevance again. Not to mention the assistant coach mentioned with Jimbo is now at Tennessee...
  5. You're safe with me. Really leaning hard on El Cunado or Forever Unclean
  6. Seabiscuit...Yobogoya...Forever Unclean...Vinegar Strokes...KTPB...Shiva Blast...
  7. The inside definitely has a Minute Maid-like approach but they did give themselves some uniqueness. The outside is awful. It looks like Greg's tin hay barn down the road...
  8. Well, because of Covid I have done my research and I am completely ready for the upcoming season. By research I mean I have completely rewatched the entire series of The League again...Thinking of changing my tram name to El Cunado or Pocket Dogs
  9. Innnteresting...Very interesting
  10. Ahhh...Another perk to being an elective. A lot less oversight to what I teach...
  11. I can say with 100% certainty, Biden ain't winning Texas
  12. Poor poor Cleveland...However the race for the top-4 spots will be fun...Lufkin, NC, Porter, Magnolia, Magnolia West, and College Station will all be in the running...All five of those teams were in the playoffs a year ago...I see Lufkin as the favorite early with the other four fighting for the other three spots. I plan on watching NC/Marshall to open the season. NC has a TON of talent but I'm not sold on the coaching staff. Also not sold all the talent stays at NC...
  13. This was something that came up in conversation a few weeks ago with me an somebody. I think this is more realistic than people might think...Kind of a middle finger at the GOP for a perceived lack of support. As for who runs then? I'd assume Pence but I would like to see Mark Cuban. Unfortunately I think Cuban only runs with a D by his name...
  14. Porter HS...Brutal start to district with NC, CS, and Lufkin back-to-back-to-back...Magnolia, Mag West to end the year is no cakewalk either... Scrimmage: FB Bush Scrimmage: @ Grand Oaks @ Montgomery vs. Lake Creek vs. New Caney* @ College Station* vs. Lufkin* @ Cleveland* vs. Caney Creek* @ Waller* vs. Magnolia West* @ Magnolia*
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