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  1. You should have. Go with your gut more
  2. Not a lot of people happy about this week. Apparently someone (FCS) bailed last minute and we didn't want only 4 home games. They wanted a fifth game at Homer
  3. lol...Just going off of history...2-5 in your last 7 trips to Conway... I won't be sad to see y'all beat them. 1. They gave us Conque and I will never forgive them. 2. It will be nice to beat the #1 team next week
  4. SFA and NWST is/was a big rivalry, but SFA/Sam is bigger. We aren't playing in football this year and not sure when we will play again. We are playing them in basketball this year. As for the WAC/Southland debate, I'll take the WAC 100 times out of 100.
  5. SFA (Hate this game was scheduled but someone backed out last minute) Central Arkansas Abilene Christian Tarleton
  6. lol... As for BOTPW...It will be a good game this year. I hate our alumni don't go, but they prefer to spend their money on home games in Nacogdoches instead of a half empty NFL stadium. Don't blame them, but I want more support at the BOTPW
  7. SFA Norther Colorado ACU Tarleton UC Davis Just like Sam to skip out on some fall football...
  8. The pass interference also killed them at the end...
  9. Gave up 13 unanswered in the 4th quarter. Brutal loss for the Hornets. On a side note, glad HD was able to rebound quick and get healthy enough to play this week after bailing on Hardin's Homecoming...
  10. Yeah. Saw the report where all they said was lower extremity and he isn't returning today...
  11. Agreed. They weren't great against an average Tarleton team.
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