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  1. I agree. He was a huge spark off the bench most of the year. I give him a pass for his down stretch. A lot of issues with his personal life that really threw things out of whack for him. He was a guy that could come in for Kevon and give great minutes with very little drop off. That kind of production off the bench is so valuable. I think if Charlie starts at the 4/5, you see Calvin take on that same role by coming in early and playing starter minutes...I think you see a lot more of a traditional two man post with some combo of Gavin, Charlie, and Calvin on the court at all times with Sama'zha and Brown giving minutes in relief.
  2. There was a fun debate on the SFA board about who would win in a hypothetical matchup between the 2016 and 2020 teams. That would be a helluva game for sure. As for this team and the tournament, I think they were a team that could make the second weekend depending on what region they drew. I really liked the Ohio State matchup in the first round and Louisville in the second. Not an easy road by any means, but one where we could have made the Sweet 16. The problem with this team was consistency. Too many times would they play down to their opponent in conference play and find themselves in a nailbiter that should have been a laugher. That said, when the 2020 team was on, they proved they could play with anyone in the country... As for next year, I think they are still the favorite for the Southland. Abilene will be there, with Northwestern State and Sam Houston both in the mix. Nicholls lost a lot to graduation and a key player to transfer today. I think they fall to the middle of the pack for a year. SFA will be good and deep. Not sure about transfers and what to expect there. Maybe one or two, but no key players will be out the door. Hart and Walker are the only two names that pop up as possible departures. You are looking at a starting lineup of Deandre Heckard, Roti Ware, Cam Johnson, Gavin Kensmil, and Charlie Daniels/Calvin Solomon. We also get Brown back from injury and McDaniel after a redshirt year. Incoming freshman Posey will be a stud that can contribute from the bench early. This team will be very talented, very experienced, and very deep...
  3. Seahawks, Cardinals, and Broncos have reached out to the Roughnecks over acquiring PJ Walker. Thank goodness O'Brien isn't in charge of the Roughnecks too...
  4. Looks like there have been some edits to the "Be Someone" sign in Houston...
  5. Final AP poll was released today and SFA falls about 30 points short of making the top-25. SFA finishes the season #26 in the nation according to the AP...
  6. O'Brien shouldn't last the week. If Cal has any testicular fortitude, he will fire O'Brien just off of today's events if true. Not only does it go back to O'Brien's inability to separate professional/ personal relationships, but it shows he is completely tone deaf and unprofessional. Even if O'Brien is fired, it won't matter much. The damage is done. We won't magically get Clowney and Hopkins back...
  7. I'm not as mad about Hyde. Texans offered him good money, but he wants more. I think David Johnson is a good replacement for Hyde, but he could have been had for a far lower price. Tampa was looking at a 5th Round pick for him. As for the Roughnecks, I wish they could have gotten closer to the color scheme as well. I like the oil derrick logo, but the colors are too close to the Texans, using silver instead of white. As a fan though, their games are great and cheap. I know they will be back for another year, but I hate how TV ratings died down as the season went along. I want to apply to work for them, but too much uncertainty to make that jump with a family to provide for...
  8. Rumors coming out that O'Brien and Hopkins didn't really get along. Instead of WORKING with one if the best players in the league and a team leader, he traded him for pennies on the dollar. This is what makes OB so bad. He lets personal feelings get in the way of professional decisions. He gave up a star player with THREE years remaining on his contract for an injury prone RB that had lost a step because he didn't like the guy.
  9. That's it boys. Book us for the Super Bowl...Cobb > Hopkins
  10. I have lost the will to live...Corona has taken away everything and then this?!?!? Bill O'Brien is now my mortal enemy...
  11. Terms don't seem very player friendly from what I have briefly seen this morning.
  12. They can put whatever they want by it. The broadcast available online and we can all see Nate Bain steal their joy
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