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  1. League champ gets a weekend stay at the EBDBBNB?
  2. Title is taken... We need a Pete and a Ruxin...No Rafi needed...
  3. Next years team will be special. The big thing will be keeping the team together the next year and not losing a lot to transfer (Solomon, Hart, McDaniel will all be juniors the ineligible season)
  4. Big schools have it too good. With Kansas getting a slap on the wrist coming, do you think the Big 12 is going to ruffle feathers? Bluebloods with high powered attorneys will continue to skate, while midmajors and emerging programs will feel the full wrath. SFA AD Ryan Ivey did an interview with Smoaky himself the other day. Really good interview with a lot of insight on how this came to be and what the plan is going forward.
  5. Part of the deal to keep the hammer from being a complete annihilation was that this deal is final. No lawsuits or appeals from the school. So not only did we self report and completely comply, but our plea deal was absolutely brutal and final. This deal kept SFA from serving a multiple year postseason ban, or worse...
  6. No. Still employed, just not in the athletic department... I agree though, very unfortunate that the current students have to pay for the sins of a previous administration...
  7. I hope that is the case. The more that comes out im shifting from embarrassed to angry. Robert Hill and crew were warned in 2014 and did nothing. There is an article in the DMN where they interviewed the Academic Advisor and Compliance guys, it is just bad... That said, I am 100% behind Ivey to get through this. He is good and he is handling this the right way. He is taking responsibility even though it isn't his fault.
  8. UNC creates a fake class to boost GPA's. Gets caught. Crickets... SFA deserves punishment. We failed our student athletes, but this along with the postseason bans (Punishment for failure to maintain the APR minimum), too much...
  9. From another board... Just released by SFA. I have included the worst part:The Level I (Mitigated) sanctions agreed upon by the NCAA and Stephen F. Austin include the following: Three years of probation; Public reprimand and censure; A fine of $5,000 plus one-half of one percent of the total budgets for football and men's basketball; The return of 50 percent of the University's financial share earned from participation in the 2016 NCAA Tournament; The forfeiture of all records and contests in which an ineligible SFA student-athlete competed, which includes 29 football victories from 2013-2019; 117 men's basketball victories from 2014 to 2019; 112 baseball victories from 2015 to 2019; 31 softball victories from the 2018 season; and adjusted conference championship scores from women's golf, women's track and field, men's cross country and men's track and field. Included in the vacation of wins are conference championships in men's basketball in 2014-15, 2015-16 and 2017-18, as well as the program's First Round win in the 2016 NCAA Tournament. The banners recognizing those achievements will be removed from William R. Johnson Coliseum. A 2.5% reduction in financial aid awards (scholarships) in football for 2020-2021 and 2021-2022; a 5% reduction in baseball in either 2020-21 or 2021-2022 and the loss of one scholarship in men's basketball in either 2020-2021 or 2021-22. Prior to the conclusion of the probationary period, the institution will submit to a data review with APP staff.
  10. From bad to worse. NCAA dropped the hammer today...Ridiculous...Previous admin screwed up. New admin reported. Cooperated fully. Hammered... NCAA is a joke...
  11. I was skeptical of the hire at first. I didn't take long for him to win me over. This guy is great. I don't see him in Nac for very long. He will land a bigger job quickly...
  12. I have a few coworkers that were quick to get it to me in a group message setting. Also a few Kats on Twitter that chimed in quickly... Embarrassed still, but firmly behind the current administration. Coach Carthel posted a stat last week where we have 61 players with at least a 3.0 and 10 players with a perfect 4.0. Team GPA is now a 3.11. He inherited a team with a 2.06 GPA a year ago...Changes are being made
  13. Apparently the NCAA showed "compassion" on the basketball program by delaying their punishment a year. Since this year's juniors missed the NCAA Tournament due to Covid, we will have the opportunity to go still next year.
  14. Haven't heard anything on Hawkins, but he would definitely be a nice piece to have this year. I expect our starting five to be Roti, Cam, Heckard, Gavin, Charlie/Calvin. I have Heckard in, but if Hawkins is eligible, he takes a starting spot depending on attitude... Posey will play big minutes by conference. McDaniel will start slow but be a huge contributor. Brown is the one I am most intrigued about. That is a huge depth piece that we needed last year.
  15. Lawrence will make it to NYC as a career achievement pick. Maybe not deserving to be there on the season stats, but to acknowledge what he did over the entirety of his career...
  16. Dallas needs to move quick. DeShaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes are both getting extentions soon. They are only going to push the price tag up. Mahomes will be in his own stratosphere apart from the other two, but it will still push the sticker price up. The talk in Houston is that O'Brien wants to make Watson the highest paid until the Mahomes deal goes through. Definitely puts Houston and Dallas in an interesting race to get deals done. Franchises want to hurry, players want to wait and see...
  17. Outside of Whittington I guess I didn't think that through. Plus I forgot about Chuba Hubbard
  18. Trevor Lawrence Justin Fields Travis Etienne Sam Ellingher Ja'Marr Chase
  19. I loved the Rodman episode. The series has reiterated my dislike for Pippen and Kerr. Jordan is a different breed. The closest we have seen since is Kobe. 1980's-90's NBA was umm...physical... As a whole the series has been a lot of fun to watch. Lots of good stories, some known and some previously unknown. I do know that it would be extremely difficult for another Jordan to exist in today's NBA...
  20. Thats what I'm hearing. Also hearing Taulia to The U???
  21. Oddyst Walker into the Transfer Portal
  22. Crazy thing is, he doesn't even need Edelman...Evans, Goodwin, Gronk, Jones, Howard, Brate, and Percy Harvin also mentioning a run with the Bucs. Best assortment of weapons Brady has had in a long time.
  23. The Roughnecks owe University of Houston something like $300,000
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