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  1. Lee was No. 2 in the poll. John Tyler was No. 1. http://etsn.fm/etsn-fm-preseason-class-6a5a-poll-no-2-tyler-lee-red-raiders/
  2. Hey 903sown, ETSN.fm is owned by parent company Townsquare Media, which has about 250 radio stations around the country. ETSN is the first of its kind in the company, launched by a few of us in East Texas who have covered high school sports around here for a long time. This is us: http://etsn.fm/etsn-staff/ Thanks for the kind words! Hope you guys had a great time at the combine.
  3. You can come by my office any time and I'll be glad to discuss the validity of the combine with you. In fact, you can come talk to the entire ETSN and APEC staff, if you want.
  4. It is clearly stated that the measurements were taken with shoes on. If that fact is ignored, said college recruiter just doesn't know how to read. Heights were taken with shoes on for one reason: These kids don't play football barefoot, Jack.
  5. APEC facilitated the combine in conjunction with ETSN.fm, the sole purpose being to expose the best of East Texas on the collegiate level. East Texas is often overlooked compared to the major metro areas, especially the players from smaller schools and those who aren't necessarily Division I players, but can compete at the next level. That 5-10, 250-pound DT may not be in the league, but he might be good enough to get noticed at an event like the ETSN.fm Combine and get a chance to play in college somewhere. This combine was not APEC's idea, so let's keep these words to ourselves until we
  6. Chris was not only a talented athlete, but a great young man. He was a pleasure to cover all four years of high school when I was at the newspaper. He was a joy to watch on the basketball court. My heart broke for him when he was injured in the second half of the state semifinals in 2007, but nothing like it's broken now. Rest in peace, Chris.
  7. Was that the final? Was that the final?
  8. Three posts, three different scores for Corrigan-Camden.
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