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  1. True, then they rallied off 34 unanswered. A late score in the second quarter and got the ball back in the 3rd. Couldn’t stop their #10 1 on 1. Idk why we don’t have a second safety sometimes. We were without 4 starters that game though.
  2. @Wild74 what’s the experts saying about this game?
  3. Dang. GW struggling. Maybe DJ can get Atlanta to atleast throw him the ball when they play.
  4. Just watched some Sabine highlights and the QB looks good. Looks like he can take it to the house from anywhere on the field and hard to bring down. Is Sabine streaming games this year?
  5. A few players that can all catch the ball really well. Hard to pick which one is better.
  6. We were in the same boat a couple years ago, couldn’t complete a pass hardly all game long.
  7. Did Tatum just pass a bond for the school? I just wonder how Tatum paid for this scoreboard?
  8. Oh I know. It wasn’t ever you beating your chest if I remember correctly, it was always 1 or 2 others doing it. Cards have a good fan base and 1 or 2 always come outa the shadows. Surprised 1 hasn’t come out yet that I’ve seen.
  9. True. Idk why iske continues to schedule down now, but hopefully he’ll end the long-standing practice of playing teams that have losing records.
  10. We always have GW later and they always figure it out against us. Couple years ago they were still figuring out the QB stuff and Minny beat them. Then all of a sudden they figured out how to pass the ball against us. It wasn’t pretty.
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