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  1. Been out of the loop for a bit. Any schools practicing right now or did everyone cancel the summer work outs?
  2. 1960 lost to Crosby 14-6 in the semis 1970 white oak lost to pflugerville 7-6 in the semis I believe I heard the weather was bad. 2013 lost to Cameron 24-21. A game of two halves where we held them to 3 in the first then they turned around and beat us by 3 in the end. 2016 lost to Pottsboro in the 2nd round. Our QB went down in the 8th game that year with a broken collar bone. He was setting school records almost every game that year. Came back for the pottsboro game but wasn’t fully healed it looked like. He ended the season with 2900 yards passing and 700 yards rushing in 9 games.
  3. White Oak 1958. In 57 with a young team went on to tie at state with Mart 7-7. In 1958 they went undefeated and beat Edgewood 70-12 in the first round. A SEC then disqualified WO due to a player being accused of being 19. Hawkins was the school behind the accusation from what I’m told.
  4. Word of advice to whoever they hire over there. Just don’t change QB’s mid season and all should be fine.
  5. All this essential and non essential stuff has me thinking....I assume roughly 90% of the lib dems are non essential while most essential employees are Republicans still working to keep the economy afloat.
  6. We can’t all get sec 8 housing and internet like GW folks....
  7. I wouldn’t always believe the WHO. They regurgitated some info from China at the beginning that said there wasn’t any person to person transmission. Main thing that kinda shocked me was the 33 yr old Dr. li wenlaing (one of the first to warn others and was reprimanded because of it) died from ARDS caused by the virus he got from a patient of his. He was an eye doctor.
  8. I know one thing....hearing about this corona virus is getting old, like hearing how the eagles are forever young and rebuilding.
  9. Lol nice to see you pop up sometime. U still propping them cupcakes up like they’re the second coming or what? When will the eaglettes mature into Eagles? Another 5 years?
  10. He’s talked about it before more than once I believe.
  11. Y’all finally growing up over there or still young cupcakes? Lemme guess y’all still rebuilding?
  12. Tennis > Golf for all you golf enthusiasts.
  13. When ur school has one of the worst fball programs in the history of THSFB you mention academic state champs and powerlifting. Then talk some smack about fishing. SMH. Is it going to be another 80 years before y’all are even in the running for 1st in district in football?
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