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  1. Harleton ore city SH, and ND. For a moment I thought we dropped to 2a.
  2. Well we shouldn’t go winless this year with our schedule lol.
  3. Should be 0 for 11 according to max preps. I guess we even lost the bye week.
  4. Man I hope. Surely we’ll schedule some puffs and go atleast 4-6.
  5. What happens first this year? WO gets a win, or Tadumb gets its first playoff win since the ice age? Maybe Tadumb doesn’t even make the playoffs again.
  6. Y’all are awful chippy on here already this year.
  7. Can’t ever trust a meteorologist. We don’t hit the ramp until either a naders been spotted or it’s lightning.
  8. @Pax what kid of air horn does Gunter have? Sounded pretty loud on the tube.
  9. Sounded like a dang ship horn. Been wanting to get one for a while just don’t have the right connects and don’t want to drop a couple or more g’s on eBay.
  10. Pottsboros one of the most arrogant teams each year. I dislike a lot of teams around here when playing them, but there’s respect amongst a lot of teams around here. Some pottsboro fans over the years have always been arrogant. From their announcers being really true Homers to some of their fans being arrogant really makes you want to root for the other teams. I didn’t like Malakoffs announcers at first but have grown to like them after listening to a couple games. TBH I want Grandview, Brock, or Columbus to win it this year.
  11. Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe this is the 10th time GW has been to the QF’s?
  12. Man if they lose this week those dream are gonna turn into getting rid of Berry again.
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