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  1. How does Tatum look next year for bball?
  2. Let us know furture games and if they’re radio broadcasts
  3. Update us once it’s confirmed plz
  4. I see GW and Tatum fans are still at it. Just glad to see some fans in this district attacking someone else other than us this year.
  5. On Nfhs network just search TATUM. Hope it’s a better broadcast than last week
  6. Rains is the only program with a losing record. Y’all’s on the other hand 60% of teams yall played have overall losing records.
  7. 11 playoff wins in history? Lol y’all didn’t even hardly go to the playoffs until they started allowing 4 teams. Pathetic. Dude a better decade because the majority of wins came off of teams like eustace. I’ll give you this Teague had a few good years but the last three looks like y’all are back to normal. A losing program.
  8. Now it’s 1989, thought it was the 70’s? Wow man. Ur below Mighty Mouse level.
  9. Do you realize you’re stupid, or not? They say stupid people don’t know they’re stupid. I thnk I’m gonna take the high road. Cheers to you and your losing program!
  10. Dude you really are a fool. 1990 (0-10) 59-383 Danny Baker
  11. I know y’all played Cameron and Rockdale a few years but that’s like 2 or more hours from Teague. I doubt they even lay claim to y’all’s program in the cen Tex area. They may try to push y’all off into another area.
  12. No wrong again. Soft area means for example the majority of teams yall played against this year are from losing programs.
  13. Been down this road man. Your comments/ opinions are irrelevant. Both schools WO, & Mart claim it as a win. It was before the penetrations rule was in place. If I was you I’d be glad my losing program of a school (Teague) is farther away than the populated cities of ET because a program like y’all’s, wouldn’t survive here.
  14. Ok so we’ll forget that then. We’ve been to the semis in 13 and went 70-45 this past decade even with an 0-10 season.
  15. At first a few years back I took him seriously and was like, look who is this dude? Then a couple comments later I was like oh ok I get it.
  16. And we hear this almost as much as the cowboys comments. Here’s a better suggestion. Move to a winning program and come back but until then your opinion and comments are irrelevant.
  17. Well, I don’t mean to be mean, but am I wrong? They’ve both commented inaccurate info today alone.
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