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  1. Great stuff Pax. I know it has to be a job processing all that info. I’m taking Gunter by 17 , but I’ll take 14 too. TPW
  2. They’ve won a pair of 4A state championships running this stuff
  3. I want to see what Pax is thinking about this one.
  4. Gunter by 17. Eastland is about to see a relentless defense, and I don’t see them handling Gunter’s offense TPW
  5. Then tickets will be sold at the gate like last time Waskom was home team I’m guessing.
  6. Game day Nick !! Good luck today. I’ll be there. Looking forward to it.
  7. Let’s go big blue !! It’s game day!! tigers will roll. tough people win!!
  8. I like your prediction for this year much more than last years.
  9. Good stuff Pax! I just hope they keep rolling. Their passing game is fun to watch. The quick screens to Ethan Sloan. The twin towers are deep threats too. The run game and defense is just vintage Gunter football. They are definitely my favorite team to watch. TPW.
  10. We called both schools and were told no gate sells or we wouldn’t have made the drive. Will hallsville sell at the gate as well? thanks. We have to see this game !!
  11. Now. Let’s talk tickets. Last week both Waskom and daingerfield said no sales at the gate. My brother in-law drove from lake Cherokee to Waskom to get tickets. A very long drive. We get to lobo and they are selling tickets at the $&@?$&@ gate. What the heck how are they doing it this week. Has anyone heard ?
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