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  1. Let’s hope and pray for his recovery
  2. Yeah, but don’t they have a chance if they beat NAC and lose to Marshall and p tree ?
  3. True. Can’t figure those hs players. Jekyl/Hyde. Lol
  4. They have to beat NAC and get a little help. Have to breakdown who plays each other to know for sure.
  5. That can be attributed to coach Josh Strickland. He’s a former bobcat and knows what it will take !!
  6. Game day is upon us !! The Eagles will be flying high again !!
  7. Responded to the wrong person. My bad. I think hallsville is gonna win and stay alive for a playoff spot.
  8. I wouldn’t count the raiders out of a deep run. I think they’ve played a tough schedule. Speed, health, and a little luck go along way come playoff time.
  9. Lots of horses in this race!! Gonna be fun to watch
  10. I agree. Get this win with no additional injuries and get healed as much as possible during the bye week.
  11. Bobcats win this one. They will be fired up after tasting a win. If their “d” steps up any, it could be a blowout victory for coach Strick and the cats. good luck hallsville.
  12. The refugio effect….saw a documentary about his views on keeping starters in to avoid a lapse late when playoffs arrive. He keeps #1’s in for 4 qtrs and scores 70-80 at times. Gunter has good varsity players from all grade levels because coach Fieszel gets them playing time. They play a lot and really contribute, especially come playoff time. His system is working great. If someone beats them in the playoffs it’s usually a very good team and a late round game. TPW!!
  13. Hard to get motivated for a gm like that.
  14. That’s what I heard. Don’t know what degree it is. Hope he gets well soon
  15. I’m gonna say Lindale by at least 17. Will be more if they nail down who will be the running back for this one.
  16. Bummer. He is a good football player. I hate that this happened.
  17. Prayers for him. He is a very good player. Hope he can heal in time to salvage some of this season. Someone will step up , fill in , and do a great job. We will have to wait and see.
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