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  1. You're going to need to be more specific there. I sense a trap/loaded question.
  2. Lock up Trump because you don't like him personally? Ya, that sounds fair. Trump hasn't broken any laws. The "tone has been set" because the Rs finally have someone who actually fights back and that's just not acceptable. "We've been betrayed by both parties." On that we can agree! But Trump isn't the one who betrayed us, his being elected is a result of that betrayal, and the reason he made minced meat out of the rest of the Republican field in 2016. Trump aims to Reverse the betrayal, not continue it, and he's catching hell for it too.
  3. @JETT you should establish a scholarship fund then. You spend your $ how you see fit and let the rest of us do the same.
  4. Expressing an opinion isn't "getting involved with." We can all see the absurd double standard that's been going on. Rs get a sentence fit for violent criminals while Ds and coup participants get a pass.
  5. In his defense, and really in defense of all of them, regardless of party, you have to be pretty full of yourself to think that you're the best choice for POTUS. Not a whole lot of "humble" politicians out there, especially at the national level. As far as his use of twitter is concerned, I'm all for it so long as he's not getting into dumb arguments with folks like rosie odonnell or other hollywood types. That's beneath the office. He has to use twitter to bypass a national media with a clear leftist bias and agenda, and I'm all for that. It's harder for them to twist his words and outright make up lies about what he said when it's right there in black and white for the whole world to read.
  6. Related to Trump only because they're allies. Not in jail for anything actually related to the campaign or administration. Flynn will walk, stone should get s new trial because of the democrat activist kangaroo court.
  7. Uh huh. They're slow walking this hoping Trump loses the election and then they'll sweep it under the rug. "Arrests may come as early as monday or tuesday." It's saturday now. We've had almost 4 years of this now, longer than that if you include them letting hillary skate. Worse thing that's happened to these people is they've lost their jobs, or worse, been re-assigned to another departement. Swamp is too deep and is protecting itself. Still waiting for One Single Indictment. Just One. To date, it's still at ZERO.
  8. Still not holding my breath for those arrests that were supposed to happen "as early as monday or tuesday"...it's friday now.
  9. Beer vendors should be allowed for fans of age in the stands. J/K...sorta
  10. Not sure to whom you're referring with your "trump attacking people doing their duty in the military" comment. If it's future defense minister of ukraine vindman, he wasn't doing any such thing. He was an active participant in a failed coup against the president, and should consider himself lucky to have only been fired. He deserves worse.
  11. He was also at odds with Trump on policy when he was serving as chief of staff and it seems was only acting to thwart the MAGA agenda, which is why he's gone. If he feels so strongly about it, he should run for president.
  12. "Well informed" by cnn and the washington post, the same folks who have been lying to them for 4 years. Funny post barry!
  13. It's worth noting that an asss is also the symbol for the democrat party, so technically they're all assses.
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