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  1. On the day that Americans are celebrating the Independence of their country liberals come up with nonsense like "all countries matter." Leaving no doubt what kind of lunacy we're up against.
  2. Wasn't there a country in africa that sent off samples taken from flowers and fruit that came back positive for coronavirus. Here's your sign! Glad you survived the "plague" Carth! Wouldn't be the same around here without ya!
  3. Nope. Just real common sense. This type of nonsense been going on for far too long.
  4. Sounds like ctown's using some of that california "common sense."
  5. Sounds like grounds for another investigation to me.
  6. Sorry for your loss, but that still doesn't mean the world stops turning and everyone should be required to wear masks in public. Oh, and I wouldn't be using the morons in california as an example to follow on pretty much anything.
  7. Approx 24,000 citizens of panola county. According to the watchman there have been 25 deaths. That's a whopping .0001% mortality rate. Again, this is no just cause to shut down the world, or require, by force of govt, people to wear masks.
  8. Mortality rate doesnt warrant the hysteria...BOO!
  9. What's wrong is infringing on everyone else's liberties because some are scared of the boogieman. If the world is so scary, stay home, and let everyone else go on about their lives.
  10. Exactly! The time has come for Texans to say, in unison, F**k Off!
  11. If the Wash post is saying that Alito and Thomas are retiring then one can reasonably assume that in reality, it will be darth bader and the wise latina.
  12. Trump forcing the uniparty frauds to expose themselves. 2 wings on the same bird.
  13. what in the wide world of sports is a dog faced pony soldier? Are there also cat faced pony soldiers? How about a pony faced pony soldier? Deep Thoughts....
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