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  1. https://www.panolawatchman.com/sports/ryan-silapan-carthage-vs-gilmer-is-the-must-see-game/article_eb7d6a9a-1b0b-11ec-b3f9-8f3cb73d68fd.html
  2. If they know with whom, what and where you spend your money, that will make it much easier to target those which they oppose. We're in the midst of a full blown marxist takeover.
  3. It means everything is going according to plan.
  4. SSDD same group of rino's who didn't like being exposed for the frauds that they are.
  5. WOS had their chance in 2013. Even had wind blowing so hard it was nearly impossible to throw the ball. We still won playing ground and pound. Just be thankful they didn't catch the Dawgs the next week at JerryWorld where weather isn't a factor. WOS is a really good program and I made the drive down to Beaumont to watch that game, but if you really think that program is on par with the Dawgs I want some of what you been smokin'!
  6. Aledo is definitely one. They're a notch above Dawgs....for now.
  7. I'm not starting anything, much less a war. I'm just trying to provide a reality check for you. "Fair team?" "Good team?" Hahaha! Dude there's only one or two programs in the whole state at any classification that are on par with the Dawgs the last 10-15 years, and WOS sure isn't one of them.
  8. I wouldn't believe it even if it were the day before the election. Until Ds are prevented from cheating there won't be any freaking R landslides. They'll be lucky to squeek out a W with rino ticket.
  9. He tickled my funny bone that's all he accomplished! Hahaha just hillarious!
  10. You're delusional. "Fair football team?" Hahahaha And YES, it's true. If I wanted to waste my time doing so, I could lookup your posts from last season. You might have picked Dawgs for one game in playoffs. Carry on sir!
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