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  1. Polls don't usually sample a big number of people. I been trying to tell people there are dems in carthage but nobody would believe me. I feel like i found bigfoot!
  2. Picked the Kdogs. I want mine smothered in ranch dressing.
  3. Two-Tiers. Intent wasn't a factor in many many other cases. Interesting the word intent keeps being thrown around in this one. It's good to be a democrat!
  4. And last but certainly not least PROJECT PROJECT PROJECT!
  5. Surratt goes for it on 4th and forever from our own 20 in State Champ games, may as well do it on homecoming: Seen this stuff for quite a while now and I'm still amazed.
  6. "Some of whom may face disciplinary action." Not LEGAL; DISCIPLINARY." Again, it sure is good to be a democrat. SMH
  7. Rush is human, like the rest of us, and has made his fair share of mistakes. Did he 'fess up to his misdeeds? I believe so. End of story.
  8. One only needs to open their eyes, and most likely change the channel, to see the evidence that the obama admin, dnc and clinton's were behind this whole stupid "russian collusion" charade. The babbling old fool mueller is gone now, and he found nothing, because there was nothing. Just another invention of the left. All the "evidence" of Trump russia collusion was pure fiction, and that's a fact jack.
  9. And all the evidence also points to them being the one's who actually colluded. It's good to be a democrat.
  10. Not even a single vote for CH? Sad. If Lion70 was still around they would at least have one vote.
  11. I don't think congress has declared war since pearl harbor, but I wouldn't put it past them to hold a vote declaring war on President Trump.
  12. Yep, we did. Last week last year something like that haha
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