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  1. This is gonna ruin me. I'm working from home now and when and if they ever let (make) us go back to the office I'll do so kicking and screaming. I do feel bad for those who can't work at all though.
  2. RIP Joe Diffie. One of my all time favorites. When I heard about Joe it didn't really come as a surprise. I've seen some of his newer shows on youtube and it was obvious he wasn't in very good health. He had ballooned into a pretty big old boy, but there's just something women like about a pickup man.
  3. It was a beautiful sunny spring day today. Saw folks out boating on the lake. This being cooped up nonsense won't last much longer.
  4. Or where his left hand is....
  5. Many of these same "worldwide health experts" parrot the democrat party and it's insistence that boys are girls. They can't even get this right yet I'm expected to believe them on something like this? No thanks. I'll continue to carry on with logic and reason.
  6. To deliver memes or anything else for that matter to greezy tenaha folk? Haha, don't think so.
  7. The intel, defense, and political communities have all taken their shots at ruining this man's Presidency. None have yet to succeed. Why not let the CDC have it's shot? Am I saying that this virus is a result of some CDC conspiracy? No. It's been fairly well established now that a combination of two drugs has been effective in healing those afflicted with this virus and the President sees this and speaks optimistically about it. What do we hear from CDC bureaucrats? Whining about not wasting years and years on clinical trials to prove what seems pretty obvious. With regard to any "conspiracies" I'll only ask this: Where did the virus originate? Wuhan, China. What's in Wuhan, China? Oh, just their main Bio lab. Does China want Trump to be US President? We all know that answer. They have been hammered by Trump's tariffs and their economy has suffered, while ours had been great. Trump's insisting on changing this trade imbalance and they've been in trade talks, which brings us to today. The Chinavirus has just nearly crippled the US economy and evened the playing field. Congress, were they not fools, would send China the tab for this multi-trillion dollar boondoggle they're about to pass.
  8. If hillary didn't take care of that first.
  9. That's all they've had time for. Have they done ANYTHING else since taking control of the house EXCEPT try to get rid of Trump? Nope.
  10. Ding ding ding! We have a winner!
  11. You posted that AFTER you'd already declared them idiots... Initial statement was "yes he's an idiot and so are the people that voted for him ((just my opinion)". .SMH
  12. Except for calling Trump voters idiots, you mean....
  13. Cmon man! They piled all kinds of garbage into this thing lol. At first I was a little upset that they were playing games with this, until I realized most of the problems are being experienced by people in heavily democrat states/areas. If they wanna screw over their own voters then by all means, let them. They get the government they voted for.
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