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  1. He had to be told to simmer down on his dictatorial tendencies. He would still mandate masks to be worn on ALL federal locations. So, if you want to go visit yellowstone in the middle of august, you'd need a mask. Not only a dictator, but a retarded one at that.
  2. Biden says he wants to issue a nationwide mask mandate and you call Trump a dictator. We've a long ways to go with you it seems.
  3. When .500 is good enough for 1st place that's saying something. Maybe that the NFL as a whole is trash. Should be the MFL (Mediocre Football League.)
  4. Sounds like you're still not paying attention.
  5. Utter brainwashed nonsense. In 2016 Rs controlled senate, Ds had the presidency. Now the Rs control the senate AND the Presidency....Based on long-standing historical precedent, the Rs should fill the seat... Now.
  6. Home sweet home. Back to .500. Home being .500, not jerryworld.
  7. Lol, It was a joke. Just poking fun at those who actually say that the Ok sign is racist. Just plain silly. Now back to the topic at hand. Yes, fill the seat. Now.
  8. democrats refuse to accept the "when the senate and presidency are controlled by the same party" part of the equation. They must be using that new math.
  9. https://news.yahoo.com/history-side-republicans-filling-supreme-184809078.html Fortunately for democrats, Rs are too spineless to do it, though I've no doubt whatsoever that democrats wouldn't even hesitate.
  10. Trump's an old white guy who fights back against the opposition and won't kneel to the marxist mob. For some folks, that's textbook definition of a "racist" right there. SMH
  11. Make em push mow, like I did. Seriously, I didn't have to make my oldest, she thought it was fun. Youngest escaped it because I had a riding mower by then.
  12. I'm trying to stay out of shawshank. I didn't notice a guy in the pic. Didn't look that closely.
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