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  1. "Trash candidate" that got most votes for re-elect ever. Back to you not knowing what the hell you're talking about. With all that hate burning you up that's got to be one hell of a fever.
  2. RINO's in GA got in bed with the chino-dems.
  3. Cheney's a pariah who will lose her next election. The rino's need to accept that the base is no longer buying their phony BS.
  4. "Data shows wind power failure was chief cause....". Now who's been pushing wind power? Leftists or conservatives? Even you should be able to answer this one honestly.
  5. If you know of a better word to use in that sentence then let's hear it. Even small t word trump triggers jettus.
  6. This should be easily proven or disproven. It was either cancelled or it was not.
  7. I'm all for an "all of the above" strategy when it comes to energy. The problem is that radical leftist regulators are letting their ideology trump common sense.
  8. So easy, a caveman could do it.
  9. Never said landslide. If I did, it was before the chinavirus hit. Chinavirus achieved it's goal. Crash economy and ushered in cheat by mail scheme. Keep laughing at Texit. Over 404,000 now. That's just the people who know about it. The longer your china-owned banana republic is in power support will only grow. Hide and watch oh clueless one.
  10. Remember "trust Sessions?" I was like, what the hell ya'll smokin? A bump on a log has been more active! "It's happening!" Uh, NO, NOTHING'S happening. SMH.
  11. Cateful Danny. Anyone not towing the party line gets the Q label nowadays. I'm called Q Dawg now, even though I've said over and over again on here that nothing on Q is actually happening. It's quite funny.
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