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  1. Anyone notice they built a wall around around DC and secured it in one week? They're letting the inavasion happen intentionally. Prepare accordingly.
  2. Not that the chicompromised courts will rule in our favor. We'll eventually have to take care of these things ourselves. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/01/texas-attorney-general-sue-biden-admin-illegal-deportation-freeze/
  3. As with most things, they've redefined the meaning of the word. The new definition of unity is to submit to their will and insanity.
  4. Not my President. And if you had any functioning brain cells left, you'd know he's not yours either. Trust me, patriots are preparing accordingly.
  5. @JETT believed in russia collusion. Believed russia hacked voting machines. Wanted Trump to take military action against China because of the virus. Cheered for and counted down the days until ChinaJoe was sworn in. Jett's been very useful.
  6. Careful what you wish for. Better start learning to speak chinese. You really have no clue what just happened.
  7. Not sure about the driveway, but he did ask to buy ChinaJoe stuff at Canton. He can pretend all he wants, but he's 100% pro ChinaJoe.
  8. Didn't predict landslide. Did predict cheat by mail. Thank you, you've been very useful.
  9. "Anyone but Trump". Given his opponent was ChinaJoe and you've been counting down the days until his being sworn in, I'd say that makes you Pro ChinaJoe. Thank you, you've been very useful.
  10. as usual, you don't understand. Thank you, you've been very useful.
  11. All idiots are useful. Some are more useful than others.
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