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  1. My wife's entire family has had it. A couple were hospitalized but 0 fatalities. Her grandad is 92 and recovered. That's a 100% survival rate folks. Jus sayin.
  2. King George labeled the Founders as treasonous as well. Pay no attention to the the marxists and their propaganda. 397,000 + now. Added another thousand in last 2 days.
  3. They're experimenting with just how useful the useful idiots can be.
  4. I'm already in another country. Failed state banana republic, ie Venezuela north. Thank God I'm a Texan. We'll do our own thing.
  5. Who cares? They'll just pull the same stunt, but even more brazenly since they already got away with it once...No make that twice. Shouldn't leave out the GA runoff. It will all be done virtually and by mail in 2024 to "avoid personal contact and virus exposure" by 2024. 2020 was THE LAST CHANCE and what happened will have reprocussions for decades.
  6. Not too sure about this. Those fools out there may make football illegal in the not-too-distant future. Should've stayed in Texas. Not necessarily with Texas, but IN Texas. Best wishes regardless. He's a special player who made me scream Yes! more times than I can count.
  7. I started a thread about this yesterday. Ya'll fence-sitter's let me know when ya'll finally realize former usa's a banana republic and I'll sign ya up for a True, Constitutional, Independent Republic. Getting close to 400,000 supporters now https://tnm.me/ over 1,000 have signed up since friday alone. This is no joke. For some reason the counter has stopped working. Guess Brennan and Co. have been busy.
  8. $4 a gallon in a year. Bookmark it. The libs will be like "Dawg was wrong. It's $4.75. Flagged as false."
  9. I saw that. Kind of surprised me. Ds will probably just ignore and stop deportations anyway.
  10. https://tnm.me/ 396,000 + now. Wish I would've checked #'s before the election. I do know that over 1,000 have signed up just since last friday. It's time to part ways with the failed banana state.
  11. Yes. Waste of time arguing with that chinabot.
  12. Next they'll be telling us to just put a plastic bag over our heads and seal it shut so we don't breathe in the 'Rona. In related news, Brawndo's got electrolytes. It's what plants crave.
  13. Just unreal. The govt of the former usa is getting more illegitimate with each passing day. https://www.independentsentinel.com/chief-justice-roberts-will-not-preside-over-djt-trial-look-at-who-will/
  14. Right on cue Old40Chiner chimes in. You're still full of ####. Nothing has changed.
  15. They've had time to destroy the evidence and fabricate evidence by this point. They also know that the courts are Chicompromised.
  16. No baseball title in Dawgville since 2009...We're due!
  17. Dead voters vote D. Always have, always will. Even if they voted straight R in every election they were alive.
  18. The dead voters sure didn't know what they were voting for!
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