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  1. having seen carthage and gilmer both play. Carthage gets the W. probably 10-14 point game.
  2. A Bunch of unknowns.. seems kinda the norm these days...guess we will see. gonna get interesting that's for sure.
  3. Say a team (Team A) wins but the next week has a positive test( the kid had symptoms but didn't get tested until the next week) and has to shut down does the other team (Team B) take its place..cuz technically that team (Team A) shouldn't have played? Is it just a forfeit?..and then again if both teams playing have a positive test that means that its a double forfeit and a team gets a "by" to the next round possibly to the championship. all crazinees.
  4. not a joke but if they win has huntington ever been 3-0 ?
  5. Dang late in the game for big games, but i know due to all that is going on that it is new territory. Don't know if there will be many current HC's going for this could be wrong. I bet its an Inside Hire unless there is a better qualified coordinator that wants a shot from a bigger successful school.
  6. He was DC as well after leaving for Tyler lee for year. He then moved on to Overton. I have no Idea where your getting your info but this guy was an assistant at Carthage on the baseball team that won state. Guy likes all sports, has a heck of a weight program and a dang good coach. Let the man coach and sorry that "your man" didn't get the job. No reason to trash just because you don't know him from Adam.
  7. Hopefully they offer it to Lester.. no need for outside interviews. Great man and Coach.
  8. Lester should be the guy..great man and coach.
  9. Thoughts on Hire. I haven't Kept up with Hondo.
  10. Doesn't matter what happened at Overton. Hopefully hes in Texas to stay. Stick is a Great Coach and Man be interesting to see the staff he builds. Sorry if you man, or the guy you wanted or thought deserved it missed out, But IMHO This is a fantastic hire.
  11. Z and G Harrell are good. It the third brother.
  12. They don't always choose who's best. Hell some are "hired" before the committee is even formed. its all just a show. They think they chose who they want when in fact its what at least 4 on the board want. They need to only be able to approve the superintendents/ Committees choice and have no say over who gets the job. But never the less this doesn't happen often at small schools. Heck it happens in big areas too. But i'm trying to figure out who the big splash is.
  13. So now to Mansfield and Plano. Any ideas on those?
  14. yea I saw that. I have a good idea of who and where it could be and have for a few weeks, Just holding my tongue.
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