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  1. Makes sense now. Stinks but it makes sense. Ou and a&m in Texas would have been a Massive crowd and more viewership and a better game for sure.
  2. My question is my North Carolina and not a higher ranked team. Just leave me scratching my head.
  3. So I thought A&m was supposed to play ou.. or was I mistaken?
  4. Cushing wins this one..but probably losses in the 1st round. We shall see. May change my mind depending on how things go during the game.
  5. Guess speed won it tonight. The turnovers didn't help. Joe in for a quick exit if you can't execute. Timpson gonna go deep if they can stay healthy and don't overlook anyone.
  6. At any level especially small schools hardly anyone is at 100% . Just hope people don't use that as an excuse when the game doesn't go there way. Both teams make playoffs. West sabine should win next week putting them 3-2 in district. Cushing should win next week putting them 3-2. Head to head goes to west sabine. so 1= Tenaha, 2=Lovlelady, 3 = West sabine, and 4= cushing.
  7. The Old ground and pound vs speed again. Happened many a times. Friday we will see who gets the W. Variables are if Joaquin can handle the speed enough to contain it and If timpson can consistently read guards to opposite back and close up the gaps. Gonna be a goodun.
  8. Cushing loses this one but wins next week to secure a playoff spot. When is the last time cushing has made the playoff? Gonna win #7 against Colmesneil. Been a real long time. Just wondering also how they will be 7-4 going into the playoffs?
  9. Be the biggest test for Carthage's D in the Run game. They stop that they get the W. Be the best team each other has seen to date.
  10. Lets see with this game where both teams are. Be the biggest test yet for Henderson.
  11. having seen carthage and gilmer both play. Carthage gets the W. probably 10-14 point game.
  12. A Bunch of unknowns.. seems kinda the norm these days...guess we will see. gonna get interesting that's for sure.
  13. Say a team (Team A) wins but the next week has a positive test( the kid had symptoms but didn't get tested until the next week) and has to shut down does the other team (Team B) take its place..cuz technically that team (Team A) shouldn't have played? Is it just a forfeit?..and then again if both teams playing have a positive test that means that its a double forfeit and a team gets a "by" to the next round possibly to the championship. all crazinees.
  14. not a joke but if they win has huntington ever been 3-0 ?
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