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  1. Wow...Never thought even this would happen. Interesting.
  2. Hrm..can't tell if Atlanta folks are in shock of the hire or disappointed.
  3. "Old man" Carl Erikson used to help on pole vault at track meets when he was around. Used to run events off too. Private paid lessons are also a thing.
  4. Anyone on staff that may continue to build or is this 100% outside hire?
  5. How did the younger groups do ? And what do they have coming back for Next year?
  6. Sorry i didn't have a link before and I just thought my phone glitches after it was posted and was taken off. So per Matt stepp.
  7. With this coming open does it stay in house or do they look to the outside?
  8. did they hire yet.. this has gone on a long tangent. lets bring it back.
  9. hrm.. one already looking to move. maybe a current cow mascot?
  10. Was OC there and Alto was down on talent. maybe looking for a bigger better job. Could be a good guess,
  11. Maybe.. possibly get a hint. Lol
  12. Got ya..interesting, head man or coordinator.
  13. Yea, Kilgore lost to Paris in a tournament but it was early and Palestine lost to Kilgore already. and Palestine being in a weaker district i don't know if it hurts more than helps. We will see when the playoffs come.
  14. Hrm.. just up the road or down around 259/79?
  15. interesting. wonder if the kat of the black variety is in the running as well.
  16. Beaumont West Brooke 24- Pasadena Reyburn 3 Nederland 18-Sislbee 13 Kountze 16- Beaumont united 4 Any more crazy scores out there? This due to rust and it being early or about being outmatched?
  17. may have been on the fence about it or some other shufflings higher up changed their mind about staying at the current location
  18. Plus Terrell is on that East Texas/Metroplex bubble area. They are ranked as well. Could be one of these teams in the state finals vs Boerne, CC Calallen or Pl Calhoun
  19. Possibly or got someone in mind and they had not applied in the window previously.
  20. With Kilgore, Paris and Palestine and Athens ranked high who has the best shot at making the deepest run this year?
  21. I know the sup there is great and an old AD/HFC. Plus less stress probably. I don think they could match pay looking at the area. Just interesting.
  22. lol..kinda like being the yellowjackets but school colors aren't yellow and black something like that.
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