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  1. Like @Eagleborn said, there are a lot of PWO's this cycle. And "they" may not expect him to compete for the starting job, but I guarantee in his mind he's going to compete for it. I doubt he turns down those other offers if they told him he had no shot. PWO is an opportunity to compete and turn yourself in to a scholarship athlete. If the kid can afford to pay tuition, it's a good chance to go where you want to go and make a mark.
  2. I like how they included the 88 Dallas Carter team on the top 100. I mean, they were really good, but you'd think the forfeit might have taken them out of the running.
  3. Man, those seemingly small rule differences really do ####.
  4. What about Houston area teams in a neutral site game? That could open up some possibilities for competition.
  5. Ain’t no y’all here. I’m my own man. I’ve never said Trump was the best. I don’t fawn over him or own a maga hat. I’m a realist. I see his successes and his failures. He’s done a lot of good for Christians, free speech, the 2nd amendment, and appointed conservative judges. I’m nowhere near lost. Known Jesus for a long time. He guides my decision making, including my vote. When it came down to Trump and his faults vs Joe and his faults, I went with the guy who’s policies more closely meet my beliefs. Abortion is a no-go for me. If you think I’m lost, then so be it. I’ll answer for my decisions
  6. What BS? That I understand people need relief? That the bill is terrible? That the president had a hard decision to make? Or that you just enjoy trash talking anyone who doesn't share your hatred for the president? Congrats on your successful business. I'm sure many people would rather have that than a $600 check. But I'm sure you don't begrudge anyone getting some needed help since you voted for Single-payer-healthcare Joe.
  7. Sometimes I use a curse word to describe my job when I'm with my buddies. Should my company fire me?
  8. Nope, it's terrible. But I can also understand that he was in a corner. There was a looming government shutdown with a pandemic. Lord knows you all would have lost your freaking minds if the government couldn't take care of us. So I can understand that he pointed out all the #### that was in the bill, but signed it to get the checks and unemployment benefits out alogn with keeping the government "running". Side note, have you read a single article about it that spells out all the pork as the reason that Trump said it was a bad bill? I haven't. They all say that he wouldn't sign it b
  9. Hey, if Barry said it, it's good enough for me!
  10. I have to agree with @BarryLaverty . If it isn't on school grounds, at a school function, or bullying of another kid at the school, it's none of the school's business. That being said, i also agree it is fair game to future colleges and employers to see what kind of decision making ability and character you possess. Like it or not, one tweet or snapchat may be all someone sees of you. I tell my kids all the time to be very careful about what they post. If you wouldn't say it to your grandmother face to face, don't put it on the internet. In today's cancel culture, what you tweet at
  11. I think it's funny. But I also think it's funny that you choose to focus on the $600 amount going to citizens while not commenting on all the BS that is in the bill. Do you agree with all the other money being added in to this "Coronavirus Relief Bill" that provide zero benefits to US citizens dealing with the shutdowns?
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