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  1. The hook is already set. You can either enjoy the bait or just take the bare hook....
  2. Not going to say I agree with him, but are you going to say that healthcare professionals are above reproach? That it isn't possible that there is misuse just because of they job they do? They are people. There are bound to be some not wonderful people in the industry. Doesn't mean that ALL doctors and nurses are. But they have to practice conservation just like everyone else. I applaud all healthcare workers for their sacrifice and bravery. I was in the military. People signed up to put their lives on the line for the country. Does that mean they were all wonderful people who never did anything wrong? No it does not. So stop with the bull like Trump called all healthcare workers thieves.
  3. A premiere ETX coaching job and you guys have it narrowed down to 2 candidates who are right here local. Why would they limit it to that kind of search? They are gonna get candidates from all over! Why y’all looking for a Gilmer man. Far as I know Surratt had barely ever been to Carthage when he was hired there. Have a full blown coaching search.
  4. Anyone checked on @coachkells? Nevermind, didn't see his post earlier.
  5. Wonder if any big schools will pass on him due to his antics? Maybe a trip to Juco for a year would do him some good. Probably not, because some coach wants/needs to win real bad this season and will think he can turn him around.
  6. Y’all reckon we should put an APB out on @TCU44 ? Vanished after the first quarter Friday...
  7. Guess it’ll get ugly in the second half...
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