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  1. Not excusing anything that occured here, but they pushed a vending machine in front of a door. It's not a lynching. From the looks of the HELP WANTED signs on every door in town, that's not any different than general industry... Again, everyone wants to put this out there as they don't like getting yelled at. I'm sorry, but that's been going on since the beginning of time. Are we just supposed to believe that the problem is that coaches and fans just started chewing out referees in 2018? Kinda sounds like referees are being affected by the same problems the rest of the popul
  2. He does have a point though, all those were with one guy under center, I believe. Surratt has done it with 6 different QB's...
  3. Nobody wants you banned...you are comedy gold...
  4. I agree with you 100%, but how often is this stuff happening and how is it happening? There is law enforcement at every game I go to. I've done plenty of yelling at refs at all sporting events, but I have never even come close to thinking about taking it to the parking lot and I've never seen it happen.
  5. Side note, anyone know why Nate Newton isn't coming to the tailgate? I know he has been several times. Hope he's doing alright.
  6. I really do expect this to be a great game. I think Gilmer's offense will be very difficult to stop. They are very dynamic. Carthage will need to get pressure with their front 4 routinely while maintaining gap assignments to prevent being gashed by QB scrambles. The receivers are very dangerous. Offensively, Carthage really needs to get the ground game going. They may can win a shootout through the air, but it will be better to be able to run the ball, in this game and going forward.
  7. Name those powerhouse programs that WOS beat that Carthage couldn't compete with. You realize that during the time they were 3A, WOS was 3A also? In 2013 Carthage beat WOS on their way to a 3a D1 State Championship! You are talking like WOS didn't have the opportunity to win those years because they were playing much tougher competition...they were playing the same teams!!!! 2010 both teams were in the 3A D2 playoff bracket when WOS lost to power house Brookshire Royal... 2009, same bracket...WOS first round exit...Carthage won a title I'm trying to leave this alone, but
  8. This is the kind of ridiculousness that makes me think he's just trying to push buttons. You can say all you want about WOS. You can say Carthage hasn't looked good this season. You can bring out stats and heights and weights, but just to say some BS about being a "fair" football team with a good coach. He's gotta be trying to get under some skin. This season's team is yet to prove they are great, but that goes for every team at this point in the season. When you talk recent history in Texas High School Football, there are few schools that can match the Dawgs pedigree. WOS ain't in that
  9. I was trying to find a way to joke about it without pushing this thread to the political forum....
  10. Went way back to find an example of one team losing to a team they beat the season before....
  11. What's the statistics on physical encounters in the parking lot? You think the pay may be more of an issue? That's a pretty big time commitment.
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