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  1. Man, it’s high school football. Teenage boys. Every game from here on has potential problems. Anything can happen. As a parent of a CISD student, I can tell you that the contact tracing is a dang mess. I got one quarantined right now. The methodology is a joke. But I don’t think any school has it right.
  2. They don’t really seem to care too much about football over at Hallsville.
  3. Sure sign we have too large a government that the incoming president needs to transition before the vote is certified which is over a month before his inauguration.
  4. So four people say he did something wrong, and that’s enough for you to say he needs to go? Or is it the R by his name? If he’s found guilty, lock him up. But when someone comes out and says President Harris violated a policy, you won’t want her thrown out on her rump over 4 whistleblowers unverified reports.
  5. Are the threats confirmed? Lefties have a habit of making up stories of people hurting or harassing them. Also, there’s still no riots, looting, and burning down buildings.
  6. We know the death number is probably inflated due to counting deaths that weren’t really from Covid. And we know case numbers are under reported due to lack of testing, false negatives, people who are asymptomatic and have it without knowing, so that changes that 3% number to something lower. The fact still remains that we are allowing fear to rule our lives and allow a government to overstep their bounds to impose their will on citizens without going through proper channels.
  7. It will be cell phone footage from under a jacket! Like a pirated movie!
  8. Happy Veterans Day! It was an honor and a pleasure to get to serve my country. Thanks to all of you who served and to the families who supported you. God Bless America!
  9. The media called it guys... Get with the program. We are recording the names of all these Trump supporters!!!!!
  10. We were wrong. We have to wait until mighty Joe gets in office and hatches his brilliant plan of stapling masks to faces and locking everyone in their homes. The street patrols that beat everyone to death who come out will be fun!!! BTW, haven’t you seen, the election is still going!
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