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  1. 2 P E classes or 2 subject matter classes........Football only or have to assist with a spring sport....... Will make a difference to a lot
  2. 20 years ago, if someone said Tyler boys would finish tied for last and the girls last in this district track meet, they would be looked at as being crazy......…...They have fallen a longggggg way.
  3. What position did the dad want his son to play ?
  4. A 10th grader that breaks 11.00 is fast.....no doubt That being said, in the 100 and 200 at the high school level, a few factors can lead to a better time - handheld timers historically give faster times than automatic timing, wind can help, starters can allow a rolling start
  5. In case you didn’t know......athletes can be developed to be bigger, stronger, and faster........Preston has had a lot of success in track and field - he gets football players faster by having them run track where at a lot of schools they would be home in front of a TV or gaming device .....Weight room workouts at Carthage are well attended year round - bigger and stronger.
  6. With Castles calling the defense instead of Darren Preston, and no Surratt running the offense, the Gilmer game would have been a tossup.
  7. S S would not want a really athletic center or guard, would he ?
  8. D will definitely be good.....But one d-lineman graduating and Coach P probably losing another d-lineman probably will hurt a little, at least for a few games.
  9. Carthage could benefit by the next coach agreeing to play a non-district game between two schools 30 minutes apart.
  10. 1) A not very good one.....or 2) A very young coordinator(age range of 28 - 33 roughly) wanting a stepping stone job.....or 3) A decent one near retirement that just wants to work/coach August to Nov/Dec.
  11. UT women’s basketball coach just might fit in nicely for a few years in Austin. Seems to know how to coach and the young ladies seem to love him.
  12. Rivercrest at Linden-Kildare should be a good one in 2A Friday.
  13. yeap.........…..same Shaka ………...I did not say he was a good coach for Texas...…..but I do believe he tried Just like Michael Jordan scoring 40 points on someone in his prime...…..It wasn't that the other guys were not trying, it was Michael was better. There are just a lot of guys at better coaching basketball for Texas than Shaka's ability/liabilities allows him to be, in my opinion
  14. I agree with your statement........and IMO Shaka coaches hard and the guys play hard for him - just doesn’t work.
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