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  1. Do you mean the 2 who argue with themselves here on Smoaky ?
  2. Tickets will be sold at the gate according to Carthage Athletics on FB…….Get in line by 6:00 and bet you get a ticket.
  3. Who holds the record for most Super Bowl wins as a head coach ?
  4. I have not had my normal Tuesday night phone call with Little Belichick yet………but my guess is the TE for Carthage will be targeted a lot Friday - not your normal TE.
  5. Him and Lion are cousins……Lion has admitted such……..So take that into consideration when you read his posts.
  6. Carthage starts selling tickets Tuesday morning……I don’t think any will be sold online - at least on home side
  7. Hmmmmm……How we getting to that score in OT ? Hard to win by 4 in OT.
  8. Northeast Texas guy here that was at the game…I don’t think the poster is talking about the actual touchdown play………I remember in the 2nd half, away from the play, a Lobo WR and a Bryant DB get locked up(Lobo was blocking)……..about the time the play ended several yards away, the Lobo threw the defender to the ground……Probably 50-60% of the time a 15 yarder gets called……..It was probably around the 25-30 yard line, about 10 yards from the Bryant sideline.
  9. My guess is if Gilmer scores more than 35, Carthage’s offense and/or special teams gifted Gilmer at least 2 TD’s - meaning returns for TD’s or at least have the ball inside the 25.
  10. I was in attendance.........Outsiders point of view --- scheme wise, Bryant was really well coached on both sides of the ball..........But Bryant's offensive line lost the battle with Longview's front........And basicly across the board, Longview was a half step to a step faster than Bryant. Longview's offensive line was not getting a great push on Bryant, just a seam here or there with good running by the QB and TB ----- that being said, on 3rd and 6 from midfield, why run a FB dive ?
  11. Figured you would be eating a STEAK BY DOUG tonight at IHCC.
  12. Lawrence broke foot…..Gregory Covid……Gallup calf strain…..Collins drugs…………7 - 10 May be a good year.
  13. If La Vega can challenge them, I think Austin LBJ can also ……. 28 - 7 last week.
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