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  1. Be interesting to see if Preston shares him with Surratt a few plays a game or not in the fall...…...Guessing if he gains 10-12 lbs of muscle by August he would be a decent blocking TE and probably decent catching the ball.
  2. They should go after Chris Smith......His wife is from Atlanta......Probably a reduction in pay for him, but cost of living would more than make up for it.
  3. Heard they are hiring Andrew Grider as the AD/HC, with Scott Surratt agreeing to come back as OC, Darren Preston as DC, and Chris Smith/Justin Watson as dual offensive line coaches.........Heard the group wants to Make L-K Good Again(MLKGA).
  4. Oh, okay. I thought battle was one and battles meant more than one. Guess I learned something today.
  5. What years were these battles Carthage has had against Marshall, in the last 40 years ?
  6. Some players may be like me in regards to singing - sound terrible. They may not want to be picked up by a microphone and heard on ESPN or whatever.
  7. “The Today Show” on NBC just did a short segment showing this.
  8. I forgot nothing as far as what you said or my response. Zay Woods, Kylon Lister, and Austin Morgan started on defense in every game played in 2020 - all are seniors. When Texas football comes out this summer, you can book it that Scott Surratt will not list 9 returning starters on defense. I know the man.
  9. One reason you are given a hard time on Smoaky is a lot of the others do their research and watch a lot of football and know you stretch the truth and sometimes just don’t tell the truth. Carthage varsity was on the field “playing” 13 nights in the fall of 2020. Carthage varsity had 3 seniors in the fall of 2020 that started every game on defense. 11 minus 3 is 8.
  10. What 6A team and what was the score ?
  11. 60% of Bama’s explosiveness would be an improvement - typed by a Horns fan.
  12. LSU would have scored over 40 more often than not. But that might not have been enough.
  13. I can see Sark using Whittington to “go in motion” a lot. Maybe even Dixon some, like Surratt did with him a lot in Carthage.
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