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  1. They are basically telling their fan base - if you want to see us play Argyle and Carthage, you are also paying to see us play North Lamar and L-E, whether you come to the last 2 or not.
  2. Ingram, Johnson and Robison would be ahead of Young on the depth chart.......and Whittington could move to RB if needed.....so barring 2 or 3 injuries, not a big lose.
  3. Most “stadium capacity” numbers are for what the stands will hold. If they include players, coaches, refs into what is counted as attending, then the 120 yard football field and area around it may up the capacity number.
  4. Compared to years past, it stinks not getting to play on your home field. In 2020, I think it awesome that most, if not all, of your normal fans/family get to see the game compared to the select few if played in the home stadium.
  5. Here is an idea, because of social distancing in 2020........When team “a” and team “b” play football at team “a” stadium, have the 2 bands gather at team “b” stadium - have battle of the bands, marching, whatever, for as long as they want that night.
  6. TexasBob says P P total capacity is 2150.......So, roughly 1300 home side, 850 visitor M. P. Is 4000-4000
  7. A few smaller schools in East Texas only have 4 to 6 rows on the visitor side. A utility truck with a lift would work fine at those places that have parking behind the stands.
  8. Today........ 6 innings and 3 Earned Runs Season.........11 starts.......70 innings.......3.90 ERA
  9. 15 American League teams.........13 teams are 1 - 1 ........... crazy.
  10. Some fans should consider those somewhat new cooling gaiters - where you put cold water on them, wring them out and pop them........they can be wore strictly around the neck but also pulled up for a face covering.
  11. Who is going to call Coach Surratt at Carthage first, for that week 1 game, Kilgore or Henderson ???
  12. Lots of schools have over 2000 students..........So, going to such schools, a football player may cross paths during a week of let’s say 800 of those students if he goes to actual school. If he goes to class online but goes to football practice, he may cross paths/practice with 150. Some parents are bound to point this out to administrators.
  13. I guess some athletes, like cross country, could do their athletic work early in the morning or late evening, but do online classes to stay away from the masses.
  14. Non school football - the cost would be too much for most parents(helmets, shoulder pads, cleats, uniform, etc......plus footing the bill to pay for a field)......most schools would not allow a select team on their field.
  15. Heck of a 300m hurdler and 400 meter man.......wouldn’t be surprised if he is good at tennis and golf.
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