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  1. Daingerfield and Paul Pewitt probably has the most beer bet on the game than any other - at least when considering the size of schools.
  2. Imagine you are a 35 year old OC or DC at a 4A school with 3 kids and a wife that makes $12 an hour......You are being paid $75,000 at your school. You are offered $85,000 to be an AD/HF at a 3A school. You probably consider going. You are offered $65,000 to be HF only. You probably aren’t going. Just examples on money, not saying they are exact by any means. Separating the AD and HF job does not mean you can’t be successful. It just limits your choices. Gladewater may be extremely successful if they split the job.
  3. Dak versus Hurts for the same money......Dak for at least the next 3 years Dak for $35,000,000 or Hurts for $5,000,000........Hurts all day long.
  4. Brother’s buddy got gas in Ohio today for 94 cents a gallon
  5. I agree for those schools with coaches who try to install most of the playbook by the first game..........Some coaches may opt for more of 1975 to 1995 type game for the first few weeks(limited number of plays from a limited set of formations), including defense, and gradually add more as the season progresses
  6. If the schools post signs near the entry areas of the fields that say they are closed to everyone, 90% of the athletes will obey. With a little talk from law enforcement, most of the other 10% will stay away.
  7. As a golfer, I usually enjoy the 75 to 85 degree days in April and May(even though I play year round)........But 95 degrees can’t get here fast enough this year - in hopes the heat slows or even stops the spread.
  8. I am hoping Cam Johnson is okay with being the 6th man again, “with starters minutes,” and we have a good enough starting 5 to do that. With Ware being capable of playing both guard positions, Cam can come off the bench and have any one of the PG, SG or SF come out. Not arguing about him being a good/really good starter.......just my hope.......and conversation.
  9. They beat a Duke team on Duke’s home court when Duke was #1 in the nation ........ I think 2019-20 thought they could beat anyone. Not saying 2019-20 was as good day in and day out, but belief was not a problem.
  10. Jones is/was probably better than who the Cowboys will find to replace him. But so far, he has been no where near a superstar. In my view, he is in the 60-65 percentile —— better than average but not by much.
  11. Southland Conference plays their Saturday games at 2:00 and 4:30(one at 4:15). Might be why they don’t play regionals at SFA any more.
  12. What kind of promotions are they doing ? I am assume it is not a sellout ?
  13. I just hope we can keep Walter Matthau, I mean Kyle Keller, for a few more years...……...He had a few troubles last year, but I love how he(and his assistants) get his players to buy in to playing defense.
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