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  1. Carthage does okay without ex college football players as coaches.
  2. 2nd place in Carthage/Jasper/Center district gets WOS in Round 2. Should be a good one.
  3. Came out in the 2nd half walking on crutches........had ice pack on lower leg/ankle before half.......probably will be checked out today Carthage should be fine with getting players back healthy until week 2 of playoffs. So, hopefully he is good to go in a little over4 weeks.
  4. 2 guys from WOS were walking out the gate in front of me........Carthage is good but they are thru after round 4
  5. When you play 2 safeties 18 yards off the line of scrimmage on every play except near your goal line and also on offense snap the ball with only a few seconds left most plays, you are saying - we hope to beat you but we really just don’t want you hanging 50 on us.
  6. Brand new Whataburger on your way in to Atlanta on Highway 59...……….Rickey's Rib Shack just a few hundred yards past Whataburger on the same side of the road...…………..2 good places to eat.
  7. 99.9 % of the people come up with 11 -5
  8. Ace Whitehead and Lampasas says hello.
  9. If you are standing in line next to me at the concession stand or sitting near me in the stands........if I sneeze or cough, would you rather I have a mask on or not ?
  10. You think Carthage’s defense looks big now, wait until you see them against PG next time and maybe against WOS.........Five man front with #75 at nose guard and #11 at one of the DE spots.
  11. I think Lindale has a connection in administration with Carthage...………..Maybe Carthage's coaches gave Lindale some pointers/advice for this game.
  12. My guess is they wait and see about the weather Friday.........weather should be fine Saturday if Friday nite is too bad.
  13. Google - UIL football playoff bracket 2020
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