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  1. I am so confused....if he did nothing wrong, why was he suspended for "one half"? And if he did something to warrant a suspension, why is only one half when he probably would only play a half against Rice anyway?
  2. Great job Dylan, that being said, I cannot even tease Dad, but a young man is truly a refection of his Dad and this is a prome example. Dylan's Dad is is one of the finest men I have ever known. Dylan has not lived his life by accident, he had a role model, not just his Lord, but also his Dad> Dylan may recieved the award but it should be shared with his DAD because that is where he got his work ethic and his itegrity. God Bless and looking forward to a great future and a prowd member of the Army of Buckeyes!
  3. Gilmer vs Graham Friday night in Mansfield 3A D2 Semi Finals
  4. 21-7 gilmer , 4 seconds left in first
  5. Outside people cannot appeal any thing, much less judgement calls.
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