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  1. Wasn’t meant as an insult…more of ..we’ve been asking that question for a while…with the exception of HK, we’ve not ever been known as a qb “factory”
  2. Every game from here on in is like a ‘Final’...just in R2. I’ve never seen a Region so packed as this one is. No disrespect to R1, 3, or 4, but the ‘survivor’ of R2 should win it all. This game will test LV’s D secondary to the max...LV will have to shorten this game by sustaining drives. It will be tough, but I think a W is possible. Go Lobos!!
  3. I guess I’d rather take the tougher way to the trophy...there’ll be no slacking off this way..pedal down, full throttle Lobo football..certainly won’t have to ‘backup’ to the trophy table that way!! Go Lobos!!
  4. This is hard to watch..can’t believe that this is a Tyler High football team
  5. Should be a good week to get game time experience for the 2’s and 3’s
  6. I don’t know what’s worse ..the radio broadcast with the fake noise in the background or the telecast that’s fading in and out with no sound...
  7. As a FORMER taxpayer in the fine city of Tyler and a father to 3 grads from REL AND married to a grad, I don’t really have a dog in this fight. I understand both sides of the fight but, in reality this board doesn’t have the ‘right’ to arbitrarily change the names of the schools. They proposed and were able to PASS a bond to rebuild both schools under the auspices of the previous VOTE that was taken by the taxpayers of TISD. Therefore, I think this issue should be put to the same vote of the taxpayers for a true and proper decision. That being said....it AIN’T gonna happen!! So flip a coin and name one of them Azalea High (The Peddlers)and the other Rose High(The Trailblazers) capturing the essence of the beauty of the city that exists year round In Tyler!!
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