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  1. This is the same UIL that made San Angelo Central bypass Abilene, Midland, and Odessa only to play in the Lubbock-Amarillo District...some true brilliance..that must be a fun 5 hour ride....enjoy ETexas..we got it good
  2. is there any other season....Just two..football season and off-season..Go Lobos
  3. Actually, Longview Lobo students have been raising the Longview "L" for many, many years.. "Thumbs Up" was introduced by the staff of Clint Humphreys, particularly Coach Doug Cox. It was meant as a symbol of unity, team first concept and was something that Lobo Football Players earned the right to display..it caught on with the fans over the years and thus somewhat displaced the symbol of what former Lobo students and fans had previously known..both have a GREAT place in Longview lore and heritage..so Lobos raise your hands high...regardless of your choice..."L" or "Thumbs Up"
  4. i do know what to do ...been doing it for over 40 years..
  5. "Lufkin L"...not sure what that means..I do know what 'Thumbs Up' means...did u earn yours or did u just inherit it..do u actually know where it began... just wondering...
  6. the year..1972...the game..Longview vs. Plano..venue..Cotton Bowl...that was the coldest that i have ever been at or on the sideline of a game...freezing rain..28 degree temps..wind ...there is nothing worse than being at a cold game and LOSING...go clock go.....tough ole night
  7. As long as the Metro areas of the State continue to grow, this trend of downsizing from classification to classification will continue..not sure how it all shakes out, but i'm sure glad i don't have to live in West Texas...can only imagine how much fun that drive from San Angelo to Amarillo must be..especially after a loss
  8. Truly a most prophetic and honest observation of what i have seen from this team for a great deal of the second half of the season..i too am a alum of Lobo football and have pondered this same apparent lack of effort at certain times..its almost as if there is no worry, no excitement and no element of urgency.. i assure u Lobo nation, if this team has any asperations of advancing further in the playoffs, they will have to step up their effort and quit tippy-toeing and get their collective behinds in gear....throw the records away..these two teams seem awfully well matched and quite the mirror
  9. can't believe that they have matured into this good of a football team..credit Mike Owens and his staff
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