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  1. 1997.... same type game Lobos beat Killeen Ellison 14-0 @ Pennington Field..similar weather on their way to a showdown with Katy.
  2. 07..do you have any insight why we would be playing in such a small venue. Was this a lost flip or an agreed on place?
  3. Don’t you know by now....we’re at our best when we’re eating our own..... Prosperity breeds a healthy appetite!!
  4. Have not read anything on this thread but I know Gilmer, regardless of their record is a team to be reckoned with in the playoffs. Experience and heritage take over in the first round of the playoffs. Been that way a long time. Hopefully, talent and consistent play will take them through the next round. Congrats Bucs!!
  5. For those trying to avoid Dallas traffic, simply plot your GPS to Greenville and take a left at US-380. Stadium is easily accessible from there! A touch slower, but an easy drive nonetheless!! NO Dallas TRAFFIC!!
  6. This situation will be settled by lawyers..it’s just about the ‘how much’ now. I can think of a few programs that will be in line to talk to Coach Wasson if he chooses to continue!!
  7. Settle is what attorneys do...they don’t want to go to court ..ties up their time and your money.. No dog in this scrum, but it seems to me that a whole bunch of these kids have been raised tender heartedly and get offended at the drop of a voice being raised. I guess I’m just old school. Hope the coach continues if that’s his pleasure and If not, happy trails!! That’s a nice sum to offset TRS $$
  8. In reading all these comments, it occurs to me that not a Lobo fan on here would have ever imagined that we would be playing in this game this weekend. I certainly didn't. These kids have consistently performed to an ultimate level after finding their 'way' this year and put themselves into this position. Pundits only write on what they perceive and that I guess, is a good thing. I know one thing...Longview will come out Saturday and give nothing less than their best effort and have a better than even chance to beat Midway. I've read all about the 'rookie' qb, small linemen and backs, we h
  9. You may be too young to remember Jeb Blount. Graduated in 1972. Went on University of Tulsa, then was Jim Plunkett's backup for the Oakland Raiders (Super Bowl Champion) . I know that this dates me, however he IS the most accomplished Lobo qb in our history so far. Then there was Steve Judy ('68) TCU and some guy named James Street ('67) UT who championed Texas to a National Championship. That being said, Haynes King is on his way to being the most prolific passer in LHS history. His raw talent is off the chain. He has now 'played/started' the equivalent of a ten game season. He will only
  10. Kudos to your Panthers .. class act, great talent, could have gone either way .. always a great game!
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