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  1. Yards just don't equal scores..Lobos will have to play a complete game next week to beat KC.. Go Lobos!
  2. 07..counting on you to answer..what's the most points scored by the Lobos in a playoff game?
  3. This team is going to keep pushing us..score then onside kick..we have to keep the throttle down!
  4. Looking at video of Lobo entry..doesn't look like anyone on the visitor side??!!
  5. There's football..and then there's Lobo Football. Watching a few small clips of them, I see that their offense is capable of racking up some points. I just know that our D is quicker, faster and meaner than any they have seen. We are balling right now and I don't expect anything less than BIG win Saturday at Lobo West!!
  6. Will need constant updating tonight as I am out of town. This game is as important a game as we've played in a long time. We just need to show up and play serious Lobo football. If we do, we win!! That simple!! Go Lobos!
  7. Not that I'm much for jumping ahead...but I saw if we win we play next weekend at Lobo West..(Kincaid)???!!
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