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  1. Actually I was... I'm just now getting to the thread ! 07, will you be at the game tonight?
  2. Saturday morning reflections... I didn't go to the game, thus I listened...THAT is a tough listen..js. I was fortunate to listen to a crew in Tyler during their championship run a few years back, that was phenomenal..wonder who the color guy was for that duo..hmmm. Upgrade needed! I have read most all the comments that have been posted here..please remember that these are 15-18 year old kids giving maximum effort and that they probably read this also..negativity isn't conducive to all our banter.. This team is a fairly decent team that has suffered several key injuries..that being
  3. I saw that zone read run/pass option run to perfection by Lamar U against NSU a couple of weeks ago. It is highly effective a couple of times a game. Extreme pressure on a CB.
  4. Best not be looking forward on their schedule..you know they got Caledonia then Bugscuffle up the next two weeks..I call it Deadwood by a missed PAT
  5. Randy is right...except I think it's a 900 lb gorilla...I may be in the minority, but he stands to lose the whole locker room with a bad decision..so he plays what you're seeing!
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