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  1. Congrats to Newton ! One heck of a dog fight - Canadian had a heck of team . The two blown calls kept Canadian in the game in the 4th Newton was the better team that's why they won.
  2. Good post ! I'm a Dayton fan just been on here representing Splendora since you were in our district until you dropped down this year - good luck and bring back the win for SE TX.
  3. Agreed - right now they're going to be playing in only their 2nd playoff game in school history ( 74 yrs) they are definitely not looking past anybody just glad to be here .
  4. One game at a time - no-one claimed Splendora to be world beaters -
  5. Win or loose I don't plan on eating any crow nor should you - just a couple of fans expressing their view points - Crow eaten is reserved for the over the top over zealous fans . I agree it would be a big upset if Splendora wins - if Vans wins they have to earn it - it wont be a cake walk - should be a fun game !
  6. Should be a competitive game although they are the underdog they are flying under the radar and on an emotional high from winning their first ever playoff game in school history -
  7. If you think Splendora is a product of a creampuff schedule your in for a big surprise bro !
  8. Yeah were not used to playing basketball this time of year - pulling for our SETX brothers WOS & Newton now ! ( it isn't the same without liltex though )
  9. Good luck Sulphur Springs from a Dayton fan ! What - no momma jokes on this site - ha ~
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