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  1. You are such a bright person their Barry, and yet NOT one of the convictions is for having anything to do with election fraud with Russia, the first accusation you parroted, then it wait for the Mueller Report--which lead to nothing, then it was obstruction, then it became Quid Quo Pro, and now Nancy and I am sure Barry will be following soon, it's bribery. OMG try winning an election instead of making up things. If you have a better candidate for AMERICA--then please use that, instead of all these false accusations. If everyone that lied to congress was in jail, there would be NO MORE BEDS available. Poor Poor Barry, only feels good when he is degrading the President of the United States. Telling others to seek help--that's laughable, considering you are the one that really needs it. SMFH.
  2. Thank you, they even made a movie about it, so you won't have to try and read it, you can look at the action pictures. IF
  3. β€œIt's funny how humans can wrap their mind around things and fit them into their version of reality.”― Rick Riordan, The Lightning Thief
  4. You don't think that obama being black and a socialist had anything to do with him winning the election-OMG--well trust me when I say that I have this beautiful beachfront property in the Marfa, Alpine, Fort Davis area.
  5. 4,300 families were separated before a judge ordered officials to halt the controversial practice. wow that is about .43% of the families of ILLEGAL immigrants being separated. Because their parents were bringing them into this country ILLEGALLY. SMFH In the United States--listed below--2.7 million kids have been separated from their families because a parent has broken the law and gone to jail. Where is your sympathy Barry for US citizens and their kids? Oh that's right, it doesn't parrot the MSM like you, and doesn't HATE on the current President--which you love more than anything else in the world. Maybe Barry, your priorities are wrong, maybe we should be protecting US citizens and not foreign nationalists ILLEGALLY in our country. SMFH DA https://www.alternet.org/2013/08/27-million-children-under-age-18-have-parent-prison-or-jail/ By the best estimates, about 2.7 million children under the age of 18 have a parent in prison or jail. According to sociologists Bruce Western and Becky Petit (pdf), that means one in 28 kids in the United States (as of 2010) has a mother or father, or both, in lockup
  6. Least ye all forget, obama was the first black man to win the presidency. How the media tossed him slow pitch balls to answer, never dug into his legislative career. 2 years a senator, great experience to be President. That community organizing real helped the country. He was protected by the media because he was black and a socialist. Others named here are black, but they have a much more moderate stance than the media, so they get attacked. And why is this new guy from Massachusetts running for president--because he is a great friend of obama and the cycle continues.
  7. Barry is correct, remember when then Vice President Biden told us that he wanted the prosecutor looking into his son's company to be fired--the Ukraine had 6 hours to do it, or they would lose their billion dollars of aide--in the form of blankets. LOL
  8. Really, you really believe that the socialist obama wasn't protected by the media because he was "black". If you believe that, then I have some beach front property I'd love to sell you in the Marfa, Alpine, Fort Davis area. SMFH
  9. Your problem Barry is you have forgotten the Constitution because you listen to the MSM and parrot them continually. What evidence--hearsay is NOT evidence. Even at the county courthouse in your area--you have to have PROOF before you can convict someone--All you guys have is a bunch of life long, deep state bureaucrats that don't like the way a new administration is doing business. I guess we should have impeached obama when he was telling the Russians that he would have "more flexibility" after the elections. Or I guess that one case of political blackmail is viewed differently when your party does it--see Vice President Biden--withholding a billion dollars from the Ukraine. But I guess it depends upon whether or not you are blinded by hatred--see mirror. Now you have changed to personal gain--what personal gain did he get? Everyone already knows that most politicians are corrupt--except the democrats believe theirs are angels--well I guess they are "Devils Angels" (use different word for Devil)
  10. I didn't vote for President Trump, but I am not about to allow a bunch of political hacks, including yourself, to try to overthrow our government because you don't like someone. I didn't like obama, but I sure as heck didn't try to overthrow the vote of the people, because he was just as much of a liar as President Trump is, but he was loved by the media because he was a different color.
  11. For what sad mess? The fact that the economy is running great. That unemployment is one of the lowest in modern times for all "demographics". That we are actually negotiating trade deals that benefit Americans (that they democrats won't vote on)--see USMCA. The only mess I see has been created by a disloyal America press corp and a bunch of socialist trying to keep power from the people. Democratic Party!!!!!!
  12. McCain was nothing more than an entrenched politician, just like many more of them. It was more important for John McCain to keep his job in Washington than worry about the American people. Speaking of partisan sycophants, I see that you are still parroting the MSM. Your vision of corruption is so sad. You are willing to get rid of an elected official over per hearsay--it would be like Kirt saying that Osup said, that Hagar said that Barry was a left wing loony. That is yours and the democrats way of saying they don't like someone in office. Such a political hack you are. SMFH.
  13. Poor Poor Barry, blames everyone that doesn't think like him. That is the communist way. Go Barry Go!!!!
  14. Prove it and you can have your impeachment. Otherwise, it is just your opinion and you know the old saying, opinions are like holes, everyone has one. LOL.
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