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  1. While you say that, in my opinion--if you don't vote, and it doesn't matter who you vote for, don't complain and you're a traitor to they Constitution of the United States.
  2. Just have to ask, looking at your membership, you say your location is in Hudson--the one right outside of Lufkin. Man, did I have a bunch of friends from that area years ago. Do they have football yet?
  3. Would you like a person if all you heard everyday from the media was negative? So in reality, you have a bunch of students that re getting just one side of the story--do you take the time to discuss his good contributions to society? Do you provide a different point of view than the media's? Or do you just allow your students to rant and rave and show their hatred to the President of the United States? There is a difference in defending the President and defending the President as part of a democracy--do you do either? As much as I hate, personally, I am always taking the opposite view of the majority of students in a class--I have taught over 20 years of government, and while I am fiscally conservative with taxpayer funds, I am truly left of moderate when it comes to social aspects. 90% of my students have loved my classes, 2% tolerated me, and 8% learned what they needed to, despite me. LOL.
  4. Just another waste of oxygen that could keep the climate from changing. SMFH.
  5. I believe that there are 3 scheduled debates this year, 2 presidential, 1 vice presidential. At least that is what I have heard on numerous news channels. But just remember--it's okay if a democratic runs around calling everyone that disagrees with them "a dog faced liar". But if President Trump tells the truth about anything, and I mean everything--the media and the local parrots go crazy and complain about it for a month of Sunday's. Those on the left have NO TOLERANCE for those that DON'T think like them and follow the message like sheep. Which is sad, because many of them are probably good people, down deep.
  6. From June 30, 2020--Joe Biden just loves him some Chicken Faces “You’re a lying Chicken face,” Biden said, apparently irritated that the reporter kept asking questions as he tried to leave the event, before adding that he was “constantly tested for Chicken pox.”
  7. I just have to ask--what government standardized tests were your students taking? I mean if you live in Texas--in 8th grade there are 4 tests--Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies (usually more history than actual government) Then in high school, standardized testing consists of English 1, English 2, Algebra, Biology, and United States History--Unless your school gave a special standardized test for government, like maybe their own EOC--there hasn't been a standardized government test in Texas in the last 25 years that I have taught here. There was of course that 3 year hiatus in Colorado from 2010-1013, and even they didn't have a standardized government test. Or I could be misinterpreting what you said--meaning your students did well on standardized tests given by the state? If so, I am sorry for misinterpreting. LOL
  8. Exactly why is this a good ruling? Please explain. I don't see where allowing tax dollars into religious groups is good. Because once the government starts giving money to religious groups, they are going to have to play by the government rules--meaning sooner or later the government will control the religions of the country. That's a GOOD RULING? SMFH.
  9. If only the tax system was set up that way--but it's not, so until that changes--we live in a world where all governments screw us. LOL.
  10. Wrong again, almost every school district in Texas allows for transfer students. That way they can get the ADA (average daily attendance) funds. So you really don't have to move, especially, since most of us DON'T live in WEST TEXAS--where school districts are actually 20-50 miles apart. I know of a couple around the Metroplex that don't allow for transfers, but that is because they want to stay small and not have people around them. They hate change. And yes, while I do work for a LOCAL government, I have spent over 20 years working in private industry also. So that I can contribute to the wonderful pension system of the United States, Social Security. I am doing my part to get that back also. so I have another 8-10 years of working in the private sector to get--as you say--MY money back. I don't have a problem with you taking your money and spending it at a private school either, unless you are willing to allow the state to run your religious/private school, you don't get your tax dollars back. Keep it LOCAL--YOU make your school district better!!!!! Especially financially!!!!!!!
  11. PS--it takes more than just your tax dollars to PAY a year of education for a child!!!!!!
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