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  1. I am going to bet that Barry and others won't read this article. I mean you can read the tweets by this person, someone who sat on a jury, are you sure you can trust the jury's verdict. Nope, Barry will throw out the emoji, and say it's not from a reliable source. But reading tweets and re-tweets from a person's account is pretty accurate. I guess she had her account hacked. SMH.
  2. Hey, look the MSM parrot is back with calling for a job, when the Justice department can only recommend a sentence, but the actual judge will determine what Stone will get. It can be 0-50 years in this case. But let's blame the Barr, because 4 obama hires quit. Sounds about right. SSDD!!!!!
  3. I hit my 80 last year on March 2, which is Texas Independence day. I am going to continue this year and next--getting 25 years in Texas, plus this year and next year will raise my 2 lowest years by over 5K per year. It'll be a hefty raise to may average for my retirement. Then it's off to find another job. Because college for 2 kids doesn't pay with retirement. Especially that $168 bucks I had to shell out this last semester. Daughter got some good scholarships. LOL.
  4. Thank you on the agreement. It's nice to agree on some things, but not everyone has to agree on everything, but we should all listen and try to comprehend what the others are saying, then without yelling, give your disagreement.
  5. Yes there are 49 other states, and I have taught in several of them. All states have some stupid testing that takes up most of their time, and most states don't pay well. And to top it off, reading comprehension seems to lack with some of you, Considering I put it in the second sentence. But don't read all the words, just the ones that make you think you are right. SMFH. And for any of you have have been teachers, you know what I am talking about. Those of you never in the business have been listening to Hannity way to much.
  6. Gonna have to call on this article. I know that some conspiracy theory believers think this is really happening in America's public K-12 schools, and there may be individual teachers that try to teach this ####. But most teachers are there to help the kids, I don't know a single teacher that does it for the money. And most teachers DON'T have time to indoctrinate anyone, because they are having to do to much paperwork for every 504 and SE kid in the world. Because nervous breathing now is a disadvantage. So putting up articles like this, well that is just pure and simple . All this is trying to do is divide our nation even more. And some think that the Democrats are the only ones trying to divide the nation. SMFH.
  7. While the leaks of the classified people is treason, I am going to take a different route than most on here and say, President Trump is partially to blame in this one. When he stepped into office he could have fired everyone, one of the things that made him famous. I understand that you need some hold over to get started, but it has been 3 years, every obama appointee or hire should be gone already, bring in your own. If President Trump bought Bloomberg's business, would he keep Bloomberg working? Heck no, should have gotten rid of them within the first year.
  8. No problem Barry, I wish there were more programs for our kids, but others would complain if helped too much. I am very much a vocational teaching proponent. I think that kids should learn a skill that will help them earn if they decide to go to college. Plus in public schools we should be teaching them how to clean themselves, cook, and other things that they have "no clue" about.
  9. I will also agree with that, I believe that women should have the right to choose, but the government should NEVER pay for these types of things. If you choose to buy a house you can't afford, then that is your choice, and the bank will take it from you. If you choose to have an abortion, that is your decision, just DO NOT expect the taxpayers to pay for it. You got into this mess, it is your responsibility to fix it.
  10. Barry, As an educator, I understand your concern. I know that at my school, which is a title 1 school, very low socio-economic school, that many students have living arrangement problems. Some are caused by parents that spend their money for rent on other things not needed, some times the kids just take off and leave, whether it is like what others have said, or they find more "comfort" from others not their relatives, and sometimes it is just a terrible thing that happens. I know that I have had parents at the school late into the evening looking for their kids that did not get home on the bus, walking, or riding with a friend. It is sad to see people in these conditions, but I know that our community has lots of places that will help, if the people will just ask or show up. These people are NOT being turned away, they are just not asking or wanting help. We have a lot of programs even within our school to help kids and parents, but people have to take advantage of the programs, without feeling guilt. While others think that your article is "BS". I would believe that it is somewhere in the middle of what HUD says and what the other government agency says. I hope that you and your school are doing things to help students also, but if your cafeteria is anything like ours--well, it is lucky that many of our teachers buy snacks for students in need.
  11. I believe there have a been a few cases about that. But I am not sure, will have to look it up later. I agree, the male should have a say. But in the end, it is not the male that has to carry the child for 9 months. I don't know what the solution is, at least not until the Supreme Court decides when "life begins". Conception? Heartbeat? Birthday? We only celebrate one of those things, and that is why many take it to far. While I argue for choice, I will say that I would prefer a ruling that says life begins at the heartbeat. But until then, we just have to live with what the courts have given us. That is part of being a society of rules.
  12. Word through the smoke signals was that the workers were Shawnee, a dreaded enemy of the Cherokee.
  13. Don't know where ya'll live, but here in the Mills area, we are already paying $1.84 a gallon and that is at Brookshire's. I have paid over $2 a gallon in over 3 weeks. Even down near Galveston at the Buckee's just north of the island, I paid an ungodly amount of $1.94 and thought that was highway robbery:) Hope ya'll catch up with us. Best part of the Brookshire's price, is the points that I save from shopping there, especially purchasing gift cards for Christmas with 5X the points, racked up 2 $1 offs in January, meaning I was paying less than a dollar for gas. LOL.
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