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  1. Come on guys, they talked about all those wonderful programs that they are going to instill. Couldn't we all use an extra $1000 a month from the government, of course you'll pay $1500 a month in taxes. How about those democracy bucks. So we are up to $1100 in free money, well money they print, because there will be NO value. I mean, "you're damn right I am gonna take those guns. Because that AR-15 is a weapon of war, the newest term thrown out by the leftists. And they call conservatives Nazis. SMFH Even Crazy Uncle Joe asked how things were going to be paid for, of course, Warren can't let you have a thing, she wants to tax your wealth, isn't it enough to tax our INCOME, before we can spend our own money, let's see how wealthy you are and take some of that also. But the media loves her, because she looks a lot like the last Piece of , And Bernie's on FOX right now, saying that people can keep your doctor. We have all heard that "LIE" before.
  2. I hate to see the liberals leave this board, well because they make me laugh. Some argue well, but mainly because I like to laugh. I am wondering if these "professors" are former coaches that got fired and are mad about it. I hate to say it, but there are actually people like that in the world. If'n I get fired, it won't be the first time, and it sure won't be the last. LOL.
  3. While I understand your analogy, please remember that the "bearing strait" is actually the "Bering Strait". When it comes to geography, one should know that I am the spelling police in that matter. LOL
  4. If someone is truly seeking asylum from their nation, why would they need to travel 3 countries away to get it. Wouldn't you want to get to the nearest country to escape the persecution that you had, get their protection? I think it is a good ruling. Maybe it will stop the caravans long enough for more of the wall to get built and for the back log to not get so jammed packed. Considering there are 800,000 cases waiting. I didn't realize that Mexicans or Canadians were being persecuted so badly. (tongue in cheek)
  5. https://www.ssa.gov/OACT/ProgData/intRates.html Here is the interest rate for the Social Security system. I understand I did not include that, because it hasn't been that much. except during the 1970s. But then interest rates were high for everyone during that time period, buying or selling. I would bet, and I will figure it out later, that if you took that same amount of money, like kirk said, you'd have made more in a mutual fund, plus you'd get to leave it to your family. Whereas, the way social security works, when and if you die and leave any of the money you paid into it, your family won't get most of it, it will be returned to the general fund, and some yahoo that is on Social Security disability that is only 30 years old will start receiving your money. That is the biggest problem that I have with Social Security, it is not handed down generation to generation, it pays off the newest folks, those that haven't paid into the system for a life time. Example. Say a legal immigrant comes to the United States at age 50, works and pays taxes until he is 65. He is going to get his social security check, but he sure didn't pay into the system for a lifetime. And what if he was getting the average, $1400 a month. Who's money is he taking, it sure wasn't like he put that much in over 15 years. I can promise that.
  6. Hagar, It doesn't matter how much one person puts in or how much a person does NOT pay into the Social Security system. It is a ponzie scheme. You take money from investors (taxpayers) and you pay off one group (retirees) with that money, in order to make them think it is a great deal so they invest more into the system. Making million and billionaires pay more doesn't stop the ponzi scheme, it just allows the government to have more money to buy more votes with. Will not even make it solvent, because as you know, if you give a government MORE money, they tend to overspend it on worthless things, such as researching the marsh field mouse, or cow #### effects on the atmosphere. But no matter what people think, the US government is running the largest PONZI scheme in the world with the Social Security System, and the American people are fooled into this system, because they think they are getting a huge return on their money from the US government.
  7. They should completely reform the system, or do away with the system altogether. People have gone to jail over a ponzi scheme, yet our government gets to run one right in front of our eyes and everyone thinks it is just magical. SMFH
  8. Really, you don't think that you will get all your money back, much less think you'll get only 50% back. Since we all know that the % has changed throughout the years, especially the last 50-60 that you actually pay into Social Security. https://money.usnews.com/money/retirement/social-security/articles/the-history-of-your-social-security-payments The original Social Security contribution rate was 1 percent of pay, which was matched by employers. The tax rate grew to 1.5 percent in 1950 and gradually increased to top 5 percent by 1978. The current tax rate of 6.2 percent has been in effect since 1990. However, higher earners don't pay Social Security taxes on all of their income. The Social Security tax applied only to earnings of $3,000 or less in 1950 and earlier. The tax cap has increased over time to $51,300 in 1990 and $132,900 in 2019. Earnings above this amount are not subject to the Social Security payroll tax or factored into benefit payouts. So if you made $51,300 from 1969 until 1990 you put into Social Security roughly $2565 per year, while your employer put in $2565 per year. making that a whopping $5130 per year for 21 years, for an estimated $107,730 From 1990 until 2019 that's 29 years. If you made the max at $132,900 all of those years, and paid the 6.2% each year at the top level, like you did from 1969 until 1990, you would have paid in $8,239.80 Per year, while your employer paid in the same = $16,479.60 per year. That would give you a grand total over 29 years of $477,908.40 for that time period add the $107,730 and you have a total of $585,638.40 for your 50 years of working at the highest level that SS taxes can be taken out. https://www.fool.com/retirement/2018/01/14/the-average-social-security-benefit-in-2018-and-wh.aspx The average monthly Social Security payment this year is $1,404. That figure accounts for the 2% cost-of-living increase that recipients were given for 2018. Now when we multiply that number over 12 months, we arrive at an annual income of just $16,848. So at $16,848, that almost 600K will last you how many years. 34.76 years. Now, I don't know what your job was for 50 years, but $585,638.40 is the most you could have put into social security working 50 years at the Highest rates. Meaning that you are retiring right now. At 65, you'd use up your money by the age of 100. But if you lived longer, who would be paying that bill. But since most people in the country don't make the max, that means that your SS input would be lower, and plus, if you paid at the top rate, your monthly take out would be much higher than the $1400 a month. We have to remember that the amounts that were paid in 50 years ago were much smaller, because people made less money back then also. And if you retire early, at 62, my goodness, the average person, without their own personal savings could outlive what they paid in. I know that my father did. He lived 10 years after what he paid in was used up. SS is a ponzi scheme that DOES NOT work anymore. And many of the retired folks today will out live what they EVER paid into the system. That doesn't mean that we shouldn't take what we can get. At the same time, we need to reform the system, and what you pay in is what you get, and then you're done. Not keep giving you a check because you are old and retired.
  9. Sorry Hagar, but not a big fan of the ponzi scheme they call social security. I believe that it needs to be reformed or ended. I understand that it was a program during the depression, but it has become a catch all, especially since anyone could get on SS Insurance disability during the obama years. It is a system that doesn't work, and will be broke before I can collect anything that I have placed into it. But I do believe that your theory could hold water, especially allowing unhealthy ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS into the country without a complete health check up. But who pays for that. Since 1900, most democratic ideas have done nothing but give us more government run programs, and like I asked last week. Please liberals, name one the works.
  10. You want to think even more cynical, why are they all pushing for this Medicare for All thing? Imagine, if your theory is correct, then wouldn't it be beneficial for the liberals to be in control of the medical services of the country. Then, as we know this doesn't happen (sarcastic), they could decide who gets treatment and who doesn't? Once you start adding up the ideas, your theory isn't so crazy. But then again, I am sure someone is going to say that I am a conspiracy "nut". LOL
  11. I am not sure that believe in individual sales, person to person, as required to do background checks on people. Imagine the logistical nightmare that would present. Individuals calling the federal governments database. Heck, the federal government can't tie its shoe without a ton of paper work, imagine a private citizen trying to get a background check on a person.
  12. True on your last sentence. LOL Of course who would have thought years ago what people would have thought about beavers too. LOL
  13. Personally, they should be enforcing them already, but we know how all states are with "federal" laws. Some follow, Some don't. But the United States has had a background check since at least 1998. https://www.thetrace.org/2015/07/gun-background-check-nics-guide/ I was always taught, and still teach, State laws "trump" local laws, National laws "trump" State laws and local laws. So why are states NOT enforcing the laws of the nation?
  14. Read on down the list. Delta State--the mascot is named the "fighting okra". SMH To go along with the veggie list, how about the "fighting Pickle" of The University of North Carolina School of Arts. And I just have to ask about this one--am I actually reading this correctly? Scrotie — of the Rhode Island School of Design
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