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  1. Control of the masses--that is very sad, I mean they go to people's homes now and stand outside yelling all night, who would keep this from happening in California--the police? I doubt it. I would imagine this would lead to a lot more violence.
  2. I am guessing you just can't make anyone mad these days--or you'll get canceled!!!!! At least people are finding out the truth about that administration.
  4. There are accusations that the real reason corporations are pulling out of big blue cities with high minority populations comes down to racism – they are trying to get away from the violence in those areas, but pretending they're leaving because of politics. This quote, I could see where larger corporations could be using this logic--they get to leave, but not just for "business sense", but because it is a just cause. Yeah Right. LOL.
  5. Welfare is racist, since minorities disproportionately use it, and it treats people as if they are incapable of supporting themselves. https://fortunly.com/statistics/welfare-statistics/#gref 4. Among the population that receives welfare, 43% are white. (Urban Institute)--this should be an increase to 71%--because a lot of Hispanics are considered white by most race oriented questions. You are either white--Hispanic or Not Hispanic. But taking that out--57% of non-whites would be on welfare. But the story below, shows how more Hispanic and Blacks were coming out of poverty
  6. I know we have probably talked about this prior, but who get to decide about the "medically diagnosed suicidal ideation and/or harmful attempts"? I know there are doctors out there, hopefully few and far between, that will work with a family to diagnose people who other family members might think are capable of harming themselves. And what is someone is called by a neighbor who thinks they are crazy? Are we going to allow the police/state to come in and take their guns, until they can prove they are not? This has been a problem with "red-flag" laws. I will say--I do feel that having a ba
  7. Welcome to the world of politics and politicians.
  8. https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/savingandinvesting/is-biden-likely-to-give-you-a-fourth-stimulus-check/ar-BB1fvxiz People are calling for more stimulus money to be sent out to people--some want it monthly--but this is the funniest thing I think--Wasn't that the same thing that they said in 2009--and 12 years later they reuse the same ole lines--where is all the money coming from? Back in January, 56 House Democrats led by Minnesota’s Ilhan Omar sent Biden a letter urging him to consider recurring stimulus payments. “We are experiencing the worst economic crisis since the
  9. As I stated yesterday--if they are a politician--it's not if they speak, it is WHEN they speak.
  10. Depends upon which military you were in. USA--not much El Salvador--$15.6K Venezuela--$15.6K Yemen--$15.6K
  11. Those country bumkins that go the city by accident?
  12. I really think that we did figure out things. In reality, how fast are most vaccines done--years, I know this could have side effects that we don't know about, but still, to get a working vaccine in 10 months--that is pretty darn good. But I will agree, the lockdowns went way too far. Not that I really stayed home, I was out, I wore a mask like people asked, but I still did the normal things that I would do--and with 1 very bright spot--I didn't have to spend a lot of time with my in-laws, because they didn't want us bringing the Covid to them.
  13. That is a true statement--but to change that amendment, you have to follow a process, set up in the Constitution. And executive orders do NOT override the Constitution, no matter how many liberals or conservatives want to believe that. But the Constitution is pretty absolute, for those that BELIEVE in the Constitution.
  14. I actually saw the interview he did, it was a decent interview. My whole problem with this thing is it is taking sooooooooo long to have a trial--this is not a speedy trial or justice. Texans need to know if he is guilty or not--it would make it much easier to decide. Can Paxton beat a Bush--that is the question--someone else probably needs to get into the race that has a different last name. LOL.
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