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  1. Austin Westlake asst.
  2. The pressure involved with Westphalia should not be comparable to Cameron. The Cameron AD/HFC is a challenging job, and it certainly takes the right person to handle the pressure involved with that position. As far as volleyball goes, I think there may be someone with head coaching experience that was previously in Cameron's district that might be in play.
  3. I'm sure Buckholts has a few opens seats.
  4. Crystal ball prediction: experienced offensive coordinator.
  5. The absolute right decision was made to bring Rhoades back to Cameron. It's one thing to get a coach with a proven track record, but it's another thing to get one that knows the community and kids. Cameron is a place where a good coach is going to win games; it's simply a proven fact with the history of the program. This would have been the equivalent of York returning in the 90s. The big hires now will be the coordinators. In terms of talent, I'm not going to say Cameron is quite as loaded as 2012, but there is certainly adequate talent to win and win in the playoffs. The Yoemen ha
  6. You may be on to something.
  7. A recommendation will be brought to the school board on Monday.
  8. Don't overthink things.
  9. This is a great opportunity for someone to win as the talent is there. I envision this going to a highly-qualified candidate that has a proven track record of winning.....much like when Rhoades was hired in 2009.
  10. Troy is traditionally a tough team to play, but I think they may have a rough road ahead of them the next several years.
  11. Cameron's AD/HFC position is now open.
  12. My preseason top 20 rankings will be released within the next month or so.
  13. 1. Jim Ned - STATE CHAMPIONS - W 29-28 (OT) over Hallettsville 2. Hallettsville - State Finalist - L 29-28 (OT) to Jim Ned 3. Mt. Vernon - State Semifinalist - L 24-17 to Jim Ned 4. Brock - Regional Semifinalist - L 19-16 to Jim Ned 5. Columbus - State Quarterfinalist - L 23-21 to Hallettsville 6. Malakoff - Regional Semifinalist - L 37-34 to Mt. Vernon 7. Grandview - Regional Semifinalist - L 24-21 to Malakoff 8. Mineola - Regional Semifinalist - L 12-7 to Mt. Vernon 9. Llano - State Semifinalist - L 53-28 to Hallettsville 10. Pilot Point - State
  14. Correct. I knew from your tweets that they were going to have a walk-through the day before, which is why the stadium is being cleared and whatnot. My point was to maybe not host all games at one site. I LOVE the one-site format as a fan of the game any other year, but it's been one of those years. I'm sure that was certainly on the table for the UIL and they had to make difficult decisions along the way.
  15. According to a post by Shiner ISD on Facebook, the 2A schools were only given seats in the end zone. To me, that is completely wrong as I had the option to purchase hundreds of general admission tickets within the 30s for several days before the state finals were set. It appears now that the nose bleed section is the only thing available. Better than nothing, I guess. I know with 3 games and 6 teams things can get very tricky, so maybe they should have spread things out a bit more and played some games on Saturday???
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