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  1. Yes Sir, that's him. His Dad had to call him down a few times for running too much because he was running muscle off, that's the kind of work ethic he has. I was sick when I heard he was moving. We could sure use him. LOL
  2. Thanks Trueblue. I was worried after last week. I felt like we were at a crossroad, and wasn't sure if we could or would turn the corner. We didn't even look like the same team last night. The effort was there and I'm thankful, but we still have a lot of mistakes to correct.
  3. I'm following you guys this year. Had a kid move from Garrison to Rusk that we are family friends with. He would be a good addition to any team and he's a heckuva good kid. I'm pulling for yall!
  4. We are struggling right now. Can't make the plays when they are there, losing composure, missing assignments, and just over all really flat. Hopefully, we will find out who we are in the next couple weeks because we seem lost at the moment.
  5. Waskom is impressive. I haven't seen Timpson play this year, but I know they are for real. I just don't see them having enough up front on either side of the ball to deal with Waskom. It's going to be entertaining either way. There will be a field full of good football players for sure.
  6. We will be fine when district rolls around, but everyone is right about us not being able to play with Waskom. They are a different animal. I just hope this tough predistrict schedule will help us in the long run.
  7. I'm sure ya'll will get it rolling, Alto is never down for long. Too much tradition.
  8. Garrison vs Timpson Garrison vs Joaquin Joaquin vs Timpson Pretty much any district game.
  9. They may have the best running back in our region and he is only a sophomore.
  10. 1. Timpson 2. Garrison 3. Hearne 4. Joaquin 5. Holland 6. Beckville 7. Centerville 8. Grapeland 9. Shelbyville 10. Hawkins I think Shelbyville might shock some people this year. Grapeland usually has good kids, but with a coaching change, who knows. I don't see Carlisle having enough in the tank to be in the top ten this year, but they are well coached and could fool me. Alto gets an honorable mention due to their tradition. I just hope our district doesn't beat each other up too bad before playoff time.
  11. Knees to the head and more knee injuries. Trying to fix one problem usually make another one worse.
  12. Yes Sir. Proud of our boys. New Deal was hotter with the sticks than we were today. As always, a play or two here and there and it would have been a different game. Hats off to New Deal, they are salty.
  13. Will the state tournament be live streamed? I have to work
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