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  1. If Garrison can play a complete game and quit turning it over 5 or 6 times, we have a good chance to win this game. The trend of playing 3 quarters and then the wheels running off has to change somehow. The freshman QB is a baller, but was a little banged up for the Shelbyville game, I like him playing there. #5 is our best running back if you can get him in space. Our offensive line is still having breakdowns at times, we have one that takes about 3/4s of the plays off, it's hard to watch. All that being said, our district mates are pretty dang good so we'll have to see who wants this ga
  2. Yes Sir. Way too much firepower for country boys.
  3. That’s a bad draw for any team. lol
  4. Man, seems like y’all are due. Seems these small school athletes run in cycles.
  5. Shelbyville put everyone on notice last night. Going to be a fight every week and one pretty good team is going to be sitting at home come playoff time.
  6. Yes, those aren’t the kind of streaks that you want to be on. Y’all had a good team that year, but it’s kind of unfair when the two best teams in the state are in your region. The Alto vs Groveton that year is still one of the best I’ve ever watched.
  7. Joaquin beat us up in 1990, then drew Alto in the playoffs. Alto and Groveton were wicked that year. We returned the favor in ‘91, then EF beat the brakes off us in bidistrict.
  8. I think this is going to be a good one. It’s a statement game for both teams. It’s unusual, but Joaquin is bigger up front this year and both have good speed at the skill positions. Special teams and turnovers might decide this one. Both squads will get after it, should be fun.
  9. We have a better chance to die of an ingrown toe nail than this virus. I'm disgusted with our governing bodies and the sheep who follow them.
  10. That is a brutal schedule. We should be battle tested by the time district starts.
  11. Any information when and where on the Shelbyville and Tenaha games yet?
  12. They did both win, but it was opposite. SA won D1 and Garrison won D2.
  13. Do you know the date and time yet? These should be good games.
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