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  1. this is what I saw. The boys didnt take care of the ball. Too many turnovers Covering the pass was a chore. Too many big plays Too many untimely penalties Pottsboro is a good team but I feel, overall, the Bears was the best team on paper. But hey, thats why they play the game. Gwater coaches did a great job and the kids, most of the year, played well. Congrats to the Pottsboro.
  2. Congrats to Beckville. High School Football is an amazing thing. Seeing outcomes like this upset, keeps me from being a gambler!!!
  3. This entire saga at MV has been hard to wrap my mind around. I hate all this drama for the kids. To be horsewhipped and almost hung due to ineligible players, then to clear them and now to start the mud slinging again. GOOD GRIEF Live the American Dream- Be a DRAMA MOMMA
  4. Yes Again, I don't give two cents about the NFL. Too much greed, individualism, stupidity, egos, etc........... Owners really own nothing. Players........., well the more they make, the more they feel they are above the law. Just watch the sporting news. Almost daily there is a story of some rich football athlete breaking the law and mostly, getting of the legal hook. And to say my last words, the pro football dudes who retire and then go broke........ they make me sick when they go on TV and cry about how life ain't fair. Another definition of stupidity. I am now off
  5. Hallsville people should be all over this topic. There is a man there who has/had a streak of 40+ years of never missing the Bobcats. Not real sure where he stands now. Longest that I've ever heard of. I believe his last name is Hunt and if I got the story right, he even missed his daughters wedding to attend a game.
  6. They say that Dallas is "Americas Team" That must be true......... Elliot is doing what is cool for Americans, pout and not be a team player. NFL players are just playing for the money and not for the true spirit of the game and the fans. I have washed my hands with the NFL(no future left). Owners have no balls and players are too greedy
  7. Adrian Peterson from Palestine was a great high school athlete. Maybe the best Ive ever seen. He has 250 yards rushing against Hallsville, but lost the game. TEAM beat individual
  8. 7 on 7, to me, is a stupid game of tag. Too many times ,in too many sports, kids are expected to play during the summer. You wanna know why kids are burnt out and quit sports. Its the schools fault for pushing kids to perform during the summer instead of having time to be a kid. Good grief...... weights, 7 on 7, summer baseball, summer basketball, summer track, summer volleyball, travel this and select that.......DANG Let the kids have time to rest up. Go fishing, have a vacation, a little break in the action. All work and no play makes Jack(Jill) a dull boy(girl).
  9. Coach H is a heck of a coach and even a better man. Not sure what caused the change at Mt. E but they lost a good man. In my opinion Best of luck to him and Mt. E
  10. Coach Melinda Smith at Union Grove. Has been coaching for 50 years this season, still active. All years at her home town, Union Grove, except a couple. Thats coaching longevity
  11. You are misinformed or stupid. Both schools agreed on cancellation Be sure and get facts straight before you post
  12. Takes 2 of 3 from Highland Park Hallsville once again goes deeper into Texas High School Baseball State Playoffs!!! A common theme for Coach Mitchell and the Bobcats. Congratulations to Hallsville and awesome job to Coach Mitchell
  13. Once again the boys track from Union Grove has won the district track title.
  14. Football was very good to me. Paid for all my college. I wasnt the biggest or fastest. Broke a leg, hand, dislocated fingers, and one concussion. Would do it all over again!!! It taught me discipline(along with my parents and brother), hard work, dedication, toughness and committment. These are qualities most of the young kids today run from. The decline in football is due to parents not letting kids grow up, giving them everything(or no support) and not making their child respect people, coaches, teachers, elders, or life. Football today, jr. high, high school,
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