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  1. I like the update. Sharp, Crisp, not too busy, but the more you look at them the more you see that help make them not generic
  2. The current system is broken when athletes and coaches and a department as a whole are punished over the wrongdoing of a paper pusher who is no longer employed by the university.
  3. May be a big swing and miss...but that felt like a really solid draft for the Cowboys.
  4. My gut is telling me by the time August rolls around the majority of the country will be operating somewhat "normally"
  5. I was working off the fact that K-State was ranked ahead of Notre Dame from Week 4 until they lost after Week 11. I think A&M would've been the same.
  6. I’m going off of what the team was that season...not wanting to dig into what if scenarios of who would’ve been fired/hired or played etc. that’s how the article I recall being written so that’s what I was basing it on. Take that years A&M team and put them back in the Big 12 instead of the SEC. For the sake of looking, let’s put A&M in place of TCUs conference schedule (thanksgiving vs Texas). Sept 15 @ Kansas Oct 6 vs Iowa State Oct 13 @ Baylor Oct 20 vs Texas Tech Oct 27 @ Oklahoma State Nov 3 @ West Virginia Nov 10 vs Kansas State N
  7. I'm honestly not stirring the pot here. I read an article on this topic recently. Can't remember where it was. Could've been Ian Boyd, could've been on The Athletic. I honestly don't remember. But I thought it was a well written article that brought up some good points that maybe we could have a civil discussion about. So the premise of the article and the discussion is this...would the team that A&M fielded in 2012 won the national title if they had still been playing in the Big 12. 2012 Big 12 Football Standings 1 Kansas State 11-2 (8-1) 2 Oklahoma 10-3 (8-1)
  8. I'm not arguing that teams belief at all. I would be disappointed if they didn't think that. I'm saying that me, as a fan, watching them I never doubted that 2016 crew. They hit another gear around the middle of February that year where they just throttled everyone and didn't blink. I don't know that anyone played them within 20 from mid February. It took them going 0/3 on scoring and Notre Dame going 3/3 in the last minute and change for them to get knocked out. And Notre Dame played in the Elite Eight. I was not surprised when they beat West Virginia the way they did. Just think that team ha
  9. Wish we could've gotten to see this team in the tourney. Don't think they had the ability of Underwood's last team to make a deep run. Walkup and crew just had that feeling that they could beat anyone they stepped on the floor with. This group didn't have that...but I think they are better than Keller's other bunch that gave Tech all they wanted in Dallas. I can guarantee not too many big boys were going to be happy with drawing them in the 1st round.
  10. Wouldn't surprise me if we see Kiner-Falefa play 3rd, a bunch and Frazier play 1st a bunch. Guzman gets the short end of the stick because he has options left.
  11. I feel better about this team than I have in a bit...think the pieces could be there to make a run at a wild card and really contend again thereafter
  12. SFA doing it's best to get a huge crowd for Saturday. Would be a nice finishing touch to put it on Sam to finish the year.
  13. Ken Pomeroy trying to make an argument (and its valid) that SFA has performed better than the average bubble team.
  14. Finally starting to get back into baseball mode! Excited for the real season to get going
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