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  1. This is his son once again. And i would like to say with all due respect margaret davis isnt right. They were waved into that parking lot with flashlights by "PG SCHOOL OFFICIALS" whether she condoned it or not.
  2. May God receive you in his loving arms.

  3. This is Daniel and he died my sister has a broken ankle. Visitation is monday 6-8 funeral will be tuesday at 4. He died doing his favorite thing in the world and that was watching me and the rest of the LE team play.
  4. Dear Everyone, This is his son. It is a very sad time for out family and I would like everyone on smoakhouse to know that my father has passed on to a better place and that he died crossing the street after doing his favorite thing in the world and that was watching me play football. He and my sister were hit by a car and he did not make it but my sister has a broken ankle. I know that he loved this site and many people on it. Thank you all very much and please keep our family in your prayers. I will stay on here for the next couple of days before signing out for the final time. Thank you.
  5. COOOOOOL!!!!! I love target practice!!!!! Bout to wrap this work day up n hit the door.
  6. Does LE have a new drum called PG??? I heard some kids talking about beating PG "all night long"?? Anyways it should be an enjoyable game for the visitor side and hopefully PG will walk away injury free and live to play another week. j/k Good luck to the Hawks but hopefully just a little better luck for LE... either way I think both make the playoffs.
  7. Don't worry Redcreek..... It will all be over soon.
  8. Oh it is almost time!!!!! Can't wait to see the new stadium and break it in the right way with an LE homecoming victory. :thumbsup:
  9. All of the "Gray" areas will be black and blue by halftime....
  10. That is the key... against Henderson LE wanted to pass more, but the O line was allowing more folks to rush through, than the southern border. They did look better against Paris and hopefully look even better this week against PG.
  11. I heard the Hawk Booster Club hired a group of enforcers to keep train horns out of the stadium....
  12. WooHoooo!!!!!!!! 2 more days and there will be a Hawk plucking contest..... Errrrr, I mean football game going on in the Grove!!!!
  13. What game are you wanting to go to?? MV to Atlanta take 259 to 77 all nice country roads with zero construction.
  14. Hmmmmm??? Let me guess it was a choice between turf and..... visitors ammenities..... I see you have turf.
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