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  1. Not going to make the game tonight. Is 1240 carrying the game?
  2. Yep Bobcats hang on to the ball and win this one. 42-24
  3. Is KQAT carrying the boys or the girls tonight?
  4. Bobcats sweep Corsicana and move on.
  5. Hallsville 1 PT 0 Final Reich strikesout 17 (according to radio announcer)
  6. Yeah that sounds right to me. Safe travels for all.
  7. Just looked it up. nice field with artificial turf. 4000 is seating and it looks like about 3000 are on home side. I hope Hallsville is home.
  8. Thanks for the headsup US. I wonder which team is home and the seating capacity of the stadium.
  9. Good luck and hopes for a long run for both the Bobcats and Tigers.
  10. Bobcat 3-0 halftime Hopefully the Bobcat halftime adjustments are better than Tiger's
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